Friday, March 21, 2014

The Vintage Clothes Are Coming!

I was over running around in NJ yesterday and stopped in to visit my friend Kim at her Mom Jackie's house!  I met Jackie by accident last Summer when the antique shop that I had my booth in had an open house and I was there running around in a vintage dress.  Jackie spotted me and we had a brief conversation about vintage clothes and at that point she secretly adopted me!  It wasn't until my first show in August that I met my BFF, Jackie's daughter Kim.  Okay so my point is...Jackie has been collecting vintage clothing for a really long time and when ever I go to visit I'm always thrilled when she shows me some of her finds! Yup, that's a picture of her closet below! 

So, I asked Jackie if she wanted me to try selling a few things on Etsy for her...I will just say this, it was hard to pick just a few things.  I figure if things go well, I'll pick out a few more things to sell for her!  If you live local to the Lehigh Valley/ NJ area you can check her booth out at Harvest Star Antiques! 

Sorry, I'm keeping this cute 1950's novelty print skirt for myself.  Isn't it cute!? Yup, Jackie's closet!
Hello cute 50s novelty skirt! I'm keeping you for myself... From Jackie's closet!!

But look at these cute dresses you can buy at DeluxeVille Vintage on Etsy!  Yup, these are from Jackie's closet!!!  Let's hope Jackie's dresses sell fast so I can go back and raid her closet for some more things!!!


If my boobies were smaller I would buy this one...wear it with red keds and a cute denim jacket and ride my vintage bike all over town this Spring.  I got to give the neighborhood something to talk about after all!!Gosh how I love little novelty print cotton dresses!

Be well everyone!


  1. OH MY! That starburst one is amazing! Contemplating buying it and taking it in! It is fun making friends with vintage, I have a new swap system going with one of my girlfriends, it is awesome!

    Also I went Adamstown a couple weeks ago par your blog post a long time ago, and I was not dissapointed!! We had a great time, and were exhausted! SO much to look at! Thanks for blogging about it!

    1. Oh awesome! Glad to hear you had fun in Adamstown! I always love hanging with people who get the whole "collecting" vintage/antique old crap thing!

  2. that last one is totally adorable and I could picture you - or me - pedaling around in it. Alas I'm also in the "I bet my boobs are too big for it" section, but I look forward to seeing what else you have listed! Good luck with it - Mod B

  3. So adorable! Ugh, why do I have to be so broke right now?

  4. I like to dabble in all sorts of things, call it a healthy dose of OCD and ADD. From engine rebuilds to furniture restoration, gardening/house plant propagation to cooking....... Sewing is something I've got a knack for also and if i'm not mistaken my mom has a dresser full of patterns from the 50s up thru the 80s, my better half always wants things she cannot find so I'm thinking it's time to pull out the old Singer.