Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Hanging with the Goons NJ Style

I tripped back to New Jersey recently, with my fella in his roadster, to hangout at the Hot Rod Hustle with a bunch of goons.  Got to meet a bunch of great people, listen to some good music, and see some awesome cars and bikes.  

 photo 21B4C003-00CF-4234-B0F1-AF7C5432CDC5_zpsifmflvmn.jpg 

Car shows are great, but my favorite part is always cruising around on back road adventures.

 photo 95F57A59-F79D-46F1-A469-D6EDCC3603EA_zpsw55hw6ay.jpg

 photo C52472C0-F2D7-4EC9-B488-859952B213E5_zpsrjyq2mau.jpg 

  No worries if you missed the NJ Goons show, you can always catch the PA Goons Hot Rod Bash in September!

 photo 2DF7ABF3-B214-4F29-A8EB-08951628854D_zpsa9zyntbh.jpg 

There's still lots of Summer left for fun adventures!

See ya soon!!