Friday, August 14, 2015

St. Charles Kitchen the Beginning

Found...One complete set of St. Charles cabinets!



Why would I need a complete set of St. Charles metal kitchen cabinets??  Well, if you want to live in the country house bungalow someday, you're gonna need to put in a kitchen!  I know that my boyfriend wanted to do a vintage kitchen in the bungalow and when I ran across this set on craigslist, he was on it!  Not only did the seller have this kitchen but also two other St. Charles kitchens.  So like any smart person out there, he bought ALL the kitchen cabinets!

st charles old ad

 I can't tell you how in love I am with those glass front cabinets!   When you collect vintage things, you need to have lots of display options that are safe from furry paws.  The set also has the mixer stand cabinet depicted in the St. Charles ad above.  I will have to say the hardest part was not the lay out of the bottom kitchen cabinets but the top ones!

1948 st charles

We mixed and matched cabinets from a few sets.  As you can see the bungalow is pretty much a blank canvas.  Which is actually really nice because some doors and windows will be getting moved and walls will be coming down and it doesn't matter.  This is the best kinda house to play with!  This little 1930's bungalow is quite the diamond in the rough....but I expect to see it shining again in the near future!


My boyfriend happens to enjoy mid-century vintage as much as I do and he is also beyond handy, so we work really well on projects.  I have big ideas after all, and he figures out how to make them work.  He picked up an awesome Roper gas stove years ago and has been holding onto it ever since waiting to use it in the bungalow kitchen.

I think the hardest part might be deciding what color to repaint the St. Charles cabinets.  We are leaning towards some shade of turquoise.  We both like color so, go big or go home!

 Lots of work to come!!