Wednesday, July 4, 2012

4th Fun

 Chicken butt 

I recently got an Iphone and have been enjoying playing with it and texting again!  My previous little smart phone died about 4 months ago and I switched back to my old school pink razor phone (remember those!) from soooo many years ago.  My two year phone plan ended in June and I wanted to wait it out so Sgt and I could share a plan and save on our monthly bill.  My 4 months of no texting, inaudibleness, and missed calls paid off and Sgt bought me a new Iphone for our anniversary!  I've been playing with the features and downloading some free apps!

Like many other areas of the US, we've been in the mists of a heat wave.   It's hot, hot, hot and since Sgt and I don't have a pool of our own (and the neighbor was home) we headed off to the creek for a refreshing dip!  Here are a few Instagrams from our creek time on the 4th! 



Really wet

Creek sneaks 

Sgt even had me make a video about Summer and the river.....notice how he left out the most important thing to have at the river till the very end of the hello, hello over here Sgt...don't forget to bring your wife!  He's lucky I'm such a sucker for that smile of his!

Happy 4th!



  1. I like that video! I have to say only a real man wears hot pink swim trunks, right.

  2. Cute cute cute ^.^ Love the video, makes me want to go OUTSIDE...

  3. RAZOR PHONES!!! My husband and I were just reminiscing about ours the other day! That's awesome.

  4. hooray iphone geekery!I'm not into a lot of fancy gizmos but I'm such a nerd for my iphone.

  5. What more could one ask for ??? A creek is just as cool as a pool! LOL! I remember having to wear tennis shoes at the lake swimming, and I always thought it was mean of my parents to make us!