Saturday, July 25, 2015

Just Minty

 photo C4B85077-33D4-40B6-8C75-66DD21F73775_zpseq3zur7y.jpg 
What's a girl to do when she comes for a weekend visit to the country cottage to find her fabulous boyfriend has painted the garage doors atomic minty green???

 photo IMG_1108_zpsqmldqb3w.jpg
Well if you're MaryDeluxe, you do a jump for joy!  Yay for atomic minty green and a fella who loves a bit of color in his life! Now that I'm looking at this picture, I'm so not impressed with how high I was able to jump...I swear in my head I was 6 feet off the ground but apparently reality is a cruel bitch because I'm more like 6 inches off the ground!  Actually, I'm not jumping at all...I'm levitating!

 photo 88BB3CF3-514F-4E42-878E-BFD6D51AD21B_zps7xaufyrc.jpg 
I also spent some time Sunday helping the Fab-Fella lay out the walking path.   Yes boys and girls, MaryDeluxe got stoned! Don't judge!

 photo 703846A1-B6D9-45B2-8975-A946FC51BEE4_zps4zapfhcf.jpg 
Atomic minty green doors and a turquoise 1955 Pontiac Safari is a great back drop for a silly girl to do some silly posing!   What, me silly? PPPlease silly is my middle name. 

 photo CB7A9596-0366-496A-8CAF-2717870AD0FE_zpsefzm617b.jpg 
The Fab-Fella also added some rebar  legs to "Pinky" the vintage cement lawn flamingo we found at auction.  It's rare to find vintage lawn ornaments that haven't gotten broken over the years and with their original paint too!  Sorry bun wearing hipster guy, it just wasn't your vintage cement lawn flamingo day.  Sorry not sorry!

 photo IMG_1105_zpsryxsngw5.jpg 
Here I am showing off my awesome summertime farmer tan.  Perhaps the  Fab-Fella and I can put some projects aside for one weekend and spend some time down at the sea shore?  A girl can dream can't she!


P.S. Messy hair don't care!

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Summertime and the Livin is Easy....

If you've been a long time reader, you are already very aware of how much I love Summertime!  LOVE IT!!!! I garden...that's what I do.  I've been spending lots of my free time at my fella's place in the country that I playfully refer to as "my place in the country"!  I get tired of being in the "big city" all the time and I often escape to my place in the country!  LOVE IT!  He usually just smiles and looks at me adoringly.  What can I say, I'm a bit sassy and he loves it! 

 photo 758B0765-C542-4B8E-BC2F-7A572324BCC0_zpsmophe701.jpg 
~Homegrown Blueberry & Zucchini Muffins~
These were so good that I ate to many of em and made myself sick...after being so good with the Whole30 my system was like WTF did you just do.  Lesson learned.
 photo 95F7305D-FE82-44D3-B4B1-40CFA68E3465_zpsowd1l9fd.jpg 
~Vintage Fruit Salad Cotton Sundress~
I've had this dress for like ever and thanks to my healthy new lifestyle over the last 6 months, I'm wearing it again with room to spare.  Just in time for Summer!

 photo 89B19B26-F252-4BD3-B7D5-0EFA0549CF27_zpsqlrj0nv9.jpg 
I have high hopes for this 1957 Liberty trailer.  But for now the front porch is a shady spot to lounge when I'm at my country home on the weekends.  I see a Trailer Tramps Clubhouse in my future.  Anyone wanna be in my Trailer Tramps Gang? 

 photo 45C57B64-D056-4F8D-829E-6DA789EA658A_zpskoc6wjqq.jpg What can I say....I love color and vintage Ray-Ban sunnies! 

 photo 0F1962B3-CD2A-4DEB-994F-1372C932E19C_zpsvdjwxidx.jpg 
A vintage hammock score made by my honey.  I lounged, he worked! Perfect!

 photo B1618F2F-BB2F-4803-9836-FF8B66E21259_zpsi1iayyav.jpg 
The vintage bungalow front porch got spiffy this Summer.  I found the glider and chair at an auction this Spring and just had to have it for the country house!  

 photo 9292718B-64E2-42A9-992E-6077EDD1EB97_zpstuswdotq.jpg 
On the other side of the front porch you can find the 1930's porch swing I picked up on a junkyard outing I went on with the fella.  He was looking for car parts, I wasn't even looking but I can spot good junk anywhere....I said hello front porch and he said awesome!  He picked out the paint color, I painted it and he hung it up.  The perfect team!

 photo AE0108ED-098E-40B0-9AEF-09DB63C1A6FE_zpswjgz2m8o.jpg 
The country house cottage got new cedar shingles this Summer and new flower beds!  

  photo 96BC9FE3-7D14-48BF-B218-E79A1BA7472C_zpsczahzktq.jpg 
I also scored big at my favorite local greenhouse's parking lot sale!

 photo DF341E3E-FF3C-4027-9560-D049B8B37899_zpssgpghrma.jpg 
The 4 pond fish that I purchased last Summer had tons of babies this Spring and Capt'n Gus enjoys watching them.  

 photo E89DDDAF-DD4E-466F-A35B-806827EAE716_zps2vu3pkps.jpg 
~Country house succulents~

 photo B9C64D62-B1A8-4C04-9924-39D3D2B74061_zpswxkdq7li.jpg 
Lots of good music has been listened to this Summer when I visit the cottage!  I have now added looking for old records at flea markets and thrift shops to my list of things I keep an eye out for.

Lots more Summer fun yet to come!
See ya soon!


Saturday, May 23, 2015

Life is Good....

I'm still here and life is good...
I'm back to being me!  Actually I'm the new improved version of me.  I'm like the bionic woman of sorts....stronger, wiser, happier, healthier...ya know just better!  
 I'm not going to question how the universe works.  It gives bad things and it gives truly amazing things.  I have learned a valuable lesson: do not allow crappy people into your life, ever.  Damaged people cause damage!!! Avoid them at all costs!

 photo E1ED6164-F6A7-4ECC-AB84-D779D4AB54BA_zpsu9t5yzep.jpg 
 This fella here is quite amazing.  Thank you universe for allowing our paths to cross again after so many years of our paths not crossing.  Pretty cool stuff here universe. 

 photo 2368912E-42A1-4CC4-8B5A-F8E0FFE20ED3_zpsci57uupv.jpg 

 photo C0407750-764D-4A62-8DFB-78BEC45874BB_zps6kcferck.jpg 
We also have a new of many projects!  Her name is Cookie..she will live again, I have no doubt about it.   Beep Beep!  One of the many fine qualities my fella has...he likes projects and just like me, he likes to save old stuff..because old stuff, has always been way cooler than new stuff. 


Tuesday, April 7, 2015


Back at the end of February, I decided to give myself a food detox and did a round of the Whole30!  My eating was not so great in some ways and I really wanted to see if changing what I consumed would really help with regulating my hormones and thyroid.  I wasn't sure how well I was going to do but I actually surprised myself and made it 30 days and then some! I'm taking a bit of a break right now...and by break I mean I'm using honey in my tea, ate a sandwich roll the other Friday, and had some pasta a couple weeks ago! For the most part I'm still sticking to a whole foods diet. No premade packaged foods, no diet soda or diet green tea, no baked goods, no sweets, no beans, no alcohol, no rice, no dairy and no artificial sweeteners.  And yes, eating clean does regulate hormones!  Added bonus, I lost 6 pounds without counting calories and I'm back down into a weight range I'm happier at!  Plus my butt fits back into my smaller sized vintage clothes I haven't been able to wear in four years...just in time for Spring!

I've discovered the awesomeness that is cauliflower rice !

Eating loads of salads all kinds of different ways!


Eating lots of eggs!  I look forward to having my own chickens again some day...Spring of 2016 would be my prediction!


My Whole30 experience was a very positive one for me!  I definitely lost my craving to have sweets and carbs all the time.  I also feel great.  I never experienced "tiger blood" or "headaches" while doing the Whole30, so I'm not sure what those claims are about? But I do recommend giving it a go if you're looking to make some changes in the foods you're eating and how those foods make your body feel.  I think you'll be kinda amazed at what you discover from doing this 30 day food project!  I know I was and plan on doing another Whole30 again soon!


Saturday, January 31, 2015

Vintage Inspired m.adonia Purses

YEEHAWW cowgirls!!
 I just received my vintage inspired  "Round Up" kiss lock purse from m.adonia this week and I absolutely LOVE it! 


I'm a lover of vintage kiss lock purses and these vintage inspired ones by m.andonia don't disappoint.  They are just as cute on the inside as they are on the outside!



I'm happily in love with the rest of their vintage inspired western line too!!



I'm not even going to write about their classic vintage collection!  You'll just have to go visit and take a look for yourselves!

Happy Trails!!

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Random Vintage Eye Candy!!!

Happy New Year DeluxeVille Readers! 
Thought I'd end January with some fun eye candy of what I've been up to.  At the end of January it will be officially a year since I've been living back at DeluxeVille...and to be honest with you, it feels like I've never left some days!  In fact, it amazes me how much difference a year can make in your life.  Thank you Universe for all the soul healing things you have sent my way this past year. 

I have recently painted the back of some of my kitchen cabinets and rearranged some of my fun dish wares!  I removed the cabinet doors because I really like seeing my pretty things!  Cabinet doors are so overrated!!

I dislike Winter but I accept the fact that I live in a state that has one!  So to make life better, you should always have at least one or two fun vintage coats that you get to wear!

I love my bright little kitchen on a sunny Winter afternoon! 
Nothing makes me happier on a sunny afternoon then hanging out in the kitchen drinking a cuppa hot tea and listening to some good tunes...
 "Depleating" some vintage pleated curtains I've been carrying around with me for years what to do with all the awesome atomic fabric? 
...while I "depleat" a vintage atomic pleated set of curtains I've been carrying around for eons.   Now I have to decide what I'm gonna do with them.

Look, more vintage yummy dish wares that deserve to be seen!

And just so you don't think that all I've been doing is decorating DeluxeVille these last few months, I haven't been.  As I wrote previously, I met a really extremely awesome fella who I've been enjoying gettin to know.   I've never met a fella who has more vintage crap than I do.  I'm the perfect vintage junk loving sidekick for him and he's drama free, which is the perfect sidekick for me!  (See, there the Universe goes again giving me soul healing experiences when I wasn't looking.) We spend a lot of time eating fish sticks and french fries together and listening to old country records.

Saturday night date night!

I'm sure I'll be sharing more about my favorite fella and our adventures after Winter passes and we decide to stop hibernating!  So stay tuned, lots more random vintage eye candy coming your way!


Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Just a Thought

If you would have told that girl, at this time last year, that she would and could be happy again, she wouldn't have believed you.  But that girl believes you now.  Amazing what a year can do to heal your soul.  I can't remember what he looks like anymore.  Other than my dogs and chickens I left behind, there's nothing about my previous married life that I miss.  I sure don't miss him.  My life is so peaceful and quiet.  It's almost dang perfect.  And I've recently met a new fella who I've been dating and getting to know.  He's sweet and kind and kisses me on the fore head when he hugs me.  We go to diners and some times he slurps his coffee when he drinks it, which makes me laugh.  I use to catch such hell for slurping my tea around someone in my past life.  Now I look across the table and sure is funny...imagine getting upset just because someone makes a slurping sound when they drink something hot.  I'm so lucky to be sitting on the other side of that table, across from someone, who some times, slurps their coffee too.

Mary "Slurpy" Deluxe