Monday, May 23, 2016

The Farmerette


If you've been a long time reader, you will know that I LOVE to garden! No matter where I'm living, in order for me to be happy, I need to have my hands in the dirt.  This year I will be tending my biggest garden yet and planting some veggies I haven't tried to grow before.  It's been a chilly and rainy spring in the north east this year and I'm behind by a few weeks in getting my plants in the ground.  My cold weather garden is doing well, but should be much further along, and my warm weather veggies are waiting for the overnight temps to be higher.  Thanks for the wacky weather mother nature!

I found two varieties of sweet potato slips at a local Amish garden center.  I also found some elephant ear bulbs! I've always wanted to add some of those to my garden for a tropical look.  Now to figure out where I'll be planting them... Guess I'll be digging up some more lawn again!


My boyfriend and I are also finishing up the chicken coop we are building for our flock of 10 hens!  It's a really cute little chicken palace that we've been building from as much free salvage supplies as possible.  Look for a post on the chicken coop build coming soon! 


Here's to a Summer full of sunny days and fun projects!
See ya soon,

Tuesday, May 17, 2016

It's Been Awhile








Here's what I've been up to the last 6 months! A new place, a new job, new town but same ol' me! With a new place comes lots of new projects and decorating!  Been having lots of fun settling in to my boyfriend's 680 sq ft. apartment. The best part is, we both have a love for mid-century vintage, and since we both have been collecting for a long time, we've got lots of fun things to choose from to decorate!   I'll be sharing some of our projects in future posts! Until then, enjoy the eye candy!

See ya soon!

Saturday, August 29, 2015

The Farm House Dress & The Roadside Find

Two awesome things happened into my life this week, an old blue chest of drawers I found along side the road for free and a cute 40's handmade cotton farm house dress. 

 photo CDF21323-ADF1-4E55-ABF8-B1C711E7BDA0_zpsewsupobp.jpg

I can't begin to tell you how much I love a well worn cotton dress.  This is the softest most comfortable dress ever.  I absolutely love it!  You can also never go wrong with plaid.  I'm excited at all the different ways I can wear this dress.  It will definitely become a staple in my wardrobe!

 photo F7803457-3E49-4260-A9C6-720C7F80DD7E_zpsenizo7xf.jpg 

And how about this old blue chest of drawers!  Not such a bad roadside freebie!  Fits great under my steps and is helping to keep my sewing things organized.  Geee can I just tell ya how much I love driving a little truck!! 

I picked up these two cute vintage purses this Summer too!  I can never say no to barkcloth and a nice tooled leather purse is a must have in any vintage girl's wardrobe.

 photo A345A2C2-CFAC-4ECD-9D7A-72E6E5A9951D_zps3q38rheh.jpg 

Until next time!

Friday, August 14, 2015

St. Charles Kitchen the Beginning

Found...One complete set of St. Charles cabinets!

 photo 5D1448A5-8714-4FF1-8366-550F63E03533_zps0qiubebg.jpg

 photo EFF7F35D-B13C-4EB7-8BA4-6B39E790847D_zpsh23o9svr.jpg

Why would I need a complete set of St. Charles metal kitchen cabinets??  Well, if you want to live in the country house bungalow someday, you're gonna need to put in a kitchen!  I know that my boyfriend wanted to do a vintage kitchen in the bungalow and when I ran across this set on craigslist, he was on it!  Not only did the seller have this kitchen but also two other St. Charles kitchens.  So like any smart person out there, he bought ALL the kitchen cabinets!

 photo 65075593-C1B4-4EA1-AE3B-F21E9D4B88A6_zpsghzhehip.jpg 
 I can't tell you how in love I am with those glass front cabinets!   When you collect vintage things, you need to have lots of display options that are safe from furry paws.  The set also has the mixer stand cabinet depicted in the St. Charles ad above.  I will have to say the hardest part was not the lay out of the bottom kitchen cabinets but the top ones!
 photo D85C34F2-9120-4DC2-9467-2EBFA705B4A4_zps7sde7zb6.jpg 
We mixed and matched cabinets from a few sets.  As you can see the bungalow is pretty much a blank canvas.  Which is actually really nice because some doors and windows will be getting moved and walls will be coming down and it doesn't matter.  This is the best kinda house to play with!  This little 1930's bungalow is quite the diamond in the rough....but I expect to see it shining again in the near future!

 photo 17E49E43-861F-4762-9938-E1C19FB8AD5A_zpsgrba2lm9.jpg 
My boyfriend happens to enjoy mid-century vintage as much as I do and he is also beyond handy, so we work really well on projects.  I have big ideas after all, and he figures out how to make them work.    

 photo F78776F9-4FFC-466B-ADA4-A203BB4A8B28_zpszhhylfvi.jpg 
He picked up an awesome Roper gas stove years ago and has been holding onto it ever since waiting to use it in the bungalow kitchen. 

 photo 1948-st-charles-kitchen_4_zpsilpo38yd.jpg

 photo st-charles_zpsdq9h2in4.jpg 
I think the hardest part might be deciding what color to repaint the St. Charles cabinets.  We are leaning towards some shade of turquoise.  We both like color so, go big or go home!

 Lots of work to come!!

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Hanging with the Goons NJ Style

I tripped back to New Jersey recently, with my fella in his roadster, to hangout at the Hot Rod Hustle with a bunch of goons.  Got to meet a bunch of great people, listen to some good music, and see some awesome cars and bikes.  

 photo 21B4C003-00CF-4234-B0F1-AF7C5432CDC5_zpsifmflvmn.jpg 

Car shows are great, but my favorite part is always cruising around on back road adventures.

 photo 95F57A59-F79D-46F1-A469-D6EDCC3603EA_zpsw55hw6ay.jpg

 photo C52472C0-F2D7-4EC9-B488-859952B213E5_zpsrjyq2mau.jpg 

  No worries if you missed the NJ Goons show, you can always catch the PA Goons Hot Rod Bash in September!

 photo 2DF7ABF3-B214-4F29-A8EB-08951628854D_zpsa9zyntbh.jpg 

There's still lots of Summer left for fun adventures!

See ya soon!!


Sunday, August 2, 2015

What I Got For $51

I LOVE checking out a good estate auction.  I especially LOVE a good box lot auction!  Some of my most favorite vintage things have come out of the bottom of a cardboard box.  Some times I even find a treasure in my box that will pay for my whole auction bill and then some! 

 photo 3E2F16BC-BF71-4D20-B25B-9353704E88F6_zpsyddi78jj.jpg

I went to an auction recently that had 350 miscellaneously stuffed boxes!  I usually give myself a budget to stay in and once I hit it, I stop bidding.  Giving myself a budget really helps me focus only on bidding on things I really want and not just ALL the cool vintage stuff!  My budget this time was $50 and as you have read by my title, I overspent by $1!  But I'll forgive myself for that dollar because I brought my own water and snack to the auction!  So lets see what I got for $51!

 photo AA0123EF-237C-4E1E-9529-05630B69C517_zpsmyttm14o.jpg

I bought one box full of old games for $2.   I really, really wanted the Simon Game!  When I was a kid I wanted one of these games sooooo bad (I think I was attracted to the colors!) but never got one, until now! It's never to late people!

 photo IMG_1130_zpsos0ubd3p.jpg 

 photo IMG_1136_1_zpsygohjn9g.jpg

I spent $12 on a box full of all kinds of stuff!  I bought it for the small patio umbrellas with the clamps on them.  There were three total.  It also had a picnic jug, window screens, artwork of cats with big eyes, a Griswold grinder, Victorian utensils, 5 Mattel children records, a box of nails and a plant hanger! 

 photo IMG_1131_zpsvmi3l8g8.jpg

The umbrella that made me buy a $12 box lot!  Love those colors! I so think that $12 was worth it for that fabulous umbrella.

 photo 5F088C7D-9A10-4CC9-9559-088F87B010E4_zpszjmnhvfp.jpg

I bought a box of glass and china things for $1.  It had the Anchor Hocking striped pitcher in it.  I found the new old stock Anchor Hocking drinking glasses in the house on a table to be sold individually.   The glasses were my big spend of the day.  I really wanted to keep the set together so, I bought the glasses for $35....ouch there goes my budget!

 photo F0FA6F02-32EA-4C81-AF1E-B9F469EC0C21_zpsnyjcgen8.jpg

And the last thing I bought was a box of textiles for $1!  It also had towels in it that I plan on donating to a local animal shelter. 

 photo 3F5A5A9F-8320-4386-93B4-5A1E953940A8_zps4rbdefhp.jpg

If you've been paying attention, you might be wondering what I bought with my other $1 in the $51 I spent.  Well the first thing I bought was a 1950's portable grille that I don't have a picture of!  So there ya go, everything I bought for $51. 

There was a few things there that I wish I would have had the money or the need to buy, but I just couldn't justify the purchase at this point in my life.  One of them was this very cool western child's toy box/hassock. Sweet huh?!

 photo 4285A845-78A2-4331-B2C6-F7194CB6BCB7_zpsahfoirnh.jpg 

Yeeehaw!  Oh well, easy come, easy go!!

See ya soon,

Saturday, July 25, 2015

Just Minty

 photo C4B85077-33D4-40B6-8C75-66DD21F73775_zpseq3zur7y.jpg 
What's a girl to do when she comes for a weekend visit to the country cottage to find her fabulous boyfriend has painted the garage doors atomic minty green???

 photo IMG_1108_zpsqmldqb3w.jpg
Well if you're MaryDeluxe, you do a jump for joy!  Yay for atomic minty green and a fella who loves a bit of color in his life! Now that I'm looking at this picture, I'm so not impressed with how high I was able to jump...I swear in my head I was 6 feet off the ground but apparently reality is a cruel bitch because I'm more like 6 inches off the ground!  Actually, I'm not jumping at all...I'm levitating!

 photo 88BB3CF3-514F-4E42-878E-BFD6D51AD21B_zps7xaufyrc.jpg 
I also spent some time Sunday helping the Fab-Fella lay out the walking path.   Yes boys and girls, MaryDeluxe got stoned! Don't judge!

 photo 703846A1-B6D9-45B2-8975-A946FC51BEE4_zps4zapfhcf.jpg 
Atomic minty green doors and a turquoise 1955 Pontiac Safari is a great back drop for a silly girl to do some silly posing!   What, me silly? PPPlease silly is my middle name. 

 photo CB7A9596-0366-496A-8CAF-2717870AD0FE_zpsefzm617b.jpg 
The Fab-Fella also added some rebar  legs to "Pinky" the vintage cement lawn flamingo we found at auction.  It's rare to find vintage lawn ornaments that haven't gotten broken over the years and with their original paint too!  Sorry bun wearing hipster guy, it just wasn't your vintage cement lawn flamingo day.  Sorry not sorry!

 photo IMG_1105_zpsryxsngw5.jpg 
Here I am showing off my awesome summertime farmer tan.  Perhaps the  Fab-Fella and I can put some projects aside for one weekend and spend some time down at the sea shore?  A girl can dream can't she!


P.S. Messy hair don't care!