Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Summertime and the Livin is Easy....

If you've been a long time reader, you are already very aware of how much I love Summertime!  LOVE IT!!!! I garden...that's what I do.  I've been spending lots of my free time at my fella's place in the country that I playfully refer to as "my place in the country"!  I get tired of being in the "big city" all the time and I often escape to my place in the country!  LOVE IT!  He usually just smiles and looks at me adoringly.  What can I say, I'm a bit sassy and he loves it! 

 photo 758B0765-C542-4B8E-BC2F-7A572324BCC0_zpsmophe701.jpg 
~Homegrown Blueberry & Zucchini Muffins~
These were so good that I ate to many of em and made myself sick...after being so good with the Whole30 my system was like WTF did you just do.  Lesson learned.
 photo 95F7305D-FE82-44D3-B4B1-40CFA68E3465_zpsowd1l9fd.jpg 
~Vintage Fruit Salad Cotton Sundress~
I've had this dress for like ever and thanks to my healthy new lifestyle over the last 6 months, I'm wearing it again with room to spare.  Just in time for Summer!

 photo 89B19B26-F252-4BD3-B7D5-0EFA0549CF27_zpsqlrj0nv9.jpg 
I have high hopes for this 1957 Liberty trailer.  But for now the front porch is a shady spot to lounge when I'm at my country home on the weekends.  I see a Trailer Tramps Clubhouse in my future.  Anyone wanna be in my Trailer Tramps Gang? 

 photo 45C57B64-D056-4F8D-829E-6DA789EA658A_zpskoc6wjqq.jpg What can I say....I love color and vintage Ray-Ban sunnies! 

 photo 0F1962B3-CD2A-4DEB-994F-1372C932E19C_zpsvdjwxidx.jpg 
A vintage hammock score made by my honey.  I lounged, he worked! Perfect!

 photo B1618F2F-BB2F-4803-9836-FF8B66E21259_zpsi1iayyav.jpg 
The vintage bungalow front porch got spiffy this Summer.  I found the glider and chair at an auction this Spring and just had to have it for the country house!  

 photo 9292718B-64E2-42A9-992E-6077EDD1EB97_zpstuswdotq.jpg 
On the other side of the front porch you can find the 1930's porch swing I picked up on a junkyard outing I went on with the fella.  He was looking for car parts, I wasn't even looking but I can spot good junk anywhere....I said hello front porch and he said awesome!  He picked out the paint color, I painted it and he hung it up.  The perfect team!

 photo AE0108ED-098E-40B0-9AEF-09DB63C1A6FE_zpswjgz2m8o.jpg 
The country house cottage got new cedar shingles this Summer and new flower beds!  

  photo 96BC9FE3-7D14-48BF-B218-E79A1BA7472C_zpsczahzktq.jpg 
I also scored big at my favorite local greenhouse's parking lot sale!

 photo DF341E3E-FF3C-4027-9560-D049B8B37899_zpssgpghrma.jpg 
The 4 pond fish that I purchased last Summer had tons of babies this Spring and Capt'n Gus enjoys watching them.  

 photo E89DDDAF-DD4E-466F-A35B-806827EAE716_zps2vu3pkps.jpg 
~Country house succulents~

 photo B9C64D62-B1A8-4C04-9924-39D3D2B74061_zpswxkdq7li.jpg 
Lots of good music has been listened to this Summer when I visit the cottage!  I have now added looking for old records at flea markets and thrift shops to my list of things I keep an eye out for.

Lots more Summer fun yet to come!
See ya soon!