Sunday, August 2, 2015

What I Got For $51

I LOVE checking out a good estate auction.  I especially LOVE a good box lot auction!  Some of my most favorite vintage things have come out of the bottom of a cardboard box.  Some times I even find a treasure in my box that will pay for my whole auction bill and then some! 

 photo 3E2F16BC-BF71-4D20-B25B-9353704E88F6_zpsyddi78jj.jpg

I went to an auction recently that had 350 miscellaneously stuffed boxes!  I usually give myself a budget to stay in and once I hit it, I stop bidding.  Giving myself a budget really helps me focus only on bidding on things I really want and not just ALL the cool vintage stuff!  My budget this time was $50 and as you have read by my title, I overspent by $1!  But I'll forgive myself for that dollar because I brought my own water and snack to the auction!  So lets see what I got for $51!

 photo AA0123EF-237C-4E1E-9529-05630B69C517_zpsmyttm14o.jpg

I bought one box full of old games for $2.   I really, really wanted the Simon Game!  When I was a kid I wanted one of these games sooooo bad (I think I was attracted to the colors!) but never got one, until now! It's never to late people!

 photo IMG_1130_zpsos0ubd3p.jpg 

 photo IMG_1136_1_zpsygohjn9g.jpg

I spent $12 on a box full of all kinds of stuff!  I bought it for the small patio umbrellas with the clamps on them.  There were three total.  It also had a picnic jug, window screens, artwork of cats with big eyes, a Griswold grinder, Victorian utensils, 5 Mattel children records, a box of nails and a plant hanger! 

 photo IMG_1131_zpsvmi3l8g8.jpg

The umbrella that made me buy a $12 box lot!  Love those colors! I so think that $12 was worth it for that fabulous umbrella.

 photo 5F088C7D-9A10-4CC9-9559-088F87B010E4_zpszjmnhvfp.jpg

I bought a box of glass and china things for $1.  It had the Anchor Hocking striped pitcher in it.  I found the new old stock Anchor Hocking drinking glasses in the house on a table to be sold individually.   The glasses were my big spend of the day.  I really wanted to keep the set together so, I bought the glasses for $35....ouch there goes my budget!

 photo F0FA6F02-32EA-4C81-AF1E-B9F469EC0C21_zpsnyjcgen8.jpg

And the last thing I bought was a box of textiles for $1!  It also had towels in it that I plan on donating to a local animal shelter. 

 photo 3F5A5A9F-8320-4386-93B4-5A1E953940A8_zps4rbdefhp.jpg

If you've been paying attention, you might be wondering what I bought with my other $1 in the $51 I spent.  Well the first thing I bought was a 1950's portable grille that I don't have a picture of!  So there ya go, everything I bought for $51. 

There was a few things there that I wish I would have had the money or the need to buy, but I just couldn't justify the purchase at this point in my life.  One of them was this very cool western child's toy box/hassock. Sweet huh?!

 photo 4285A845-78A2-4331-B2C6-F7194CB6BCB7_zpsahfoirnh.jpg 

Yeeehaw!  Oh well, easy come, easy go!!

See ya soon,


  1. cool stuff...I am loving that multi colored umbrella...have been looking for one like that for years with no luck :)

  2. What a fun box of games! I had that Blockhead game (and probably some of the others) when I was little...Everything looks amazing! Well worth going $1 over budget! The glasses wee a must, too!

    1. Yeah, the glasses I just couldn't pass up! I hate breaking up a set!

  3. I can not see breaking up the set either ! We would have got them also! LOVE that umbrella ! We have two a blue and turquoise!