Wednesday, November 17, 2010

A Belated Birthday Wish

Happy Belated Birthday to my big brother who turned the "BIG 40" on Monday!

Me and my big brother! Santa apparently came to town!

I was a very sloppy eater but at the same time extremely glamorous with my cool sun glasses and hands on hips pinup pose! I see my big brother was working the patriotic angle. Check out my sweet ride...with a banana seat! I'm so freakin retro, I can't stand myself!


  1. My little sister had that exact same play table and chairs! So many memories of sitting at that table as my brother and I drew pictures of what we thought Graceland looked like. I loved Elvis then, too.

  2. Hey! My oldest brother was 40 on Monday as well. Separated at birth?

  3. We had that same table and chairs but in green and orange - ah the 70's!

  4. OMG my cousin had those chairs and OH how I loved them and wanted them to be MINE. Funny, I have never seen those at thrift stores, pretty and red. LOL