Thursday, September 3, 2009

East Coast MCM Homes

Frank Weise MCM Home

Who knew there were so many extremely cool MCM homes located in the Philadelphia region. "The Fella" sent me a very fab link to the website Modern Homes Philadelphia that documents a lot of the MCM homes designed by the famous architects of that era. There's even a very significant Frank Weise home for sale.... just under $750,000!

Check out the Modern Home Time Line of when some of these houses were built around the Philadelphia region. Some amazing pictures of some very amazing houses! Oh my, here's a list of ones that are for sale... there's even a Frank Loyd Wright house for rent!


  1. Wow, thanks your fella for the link! I was just thinking that I don't know many of the MCM homes in this area, though there was a great cache of them over where I used to get my hair cut, near the Blue Comet. Will have to check out some of these places for sure. Flowers and links- you've got a good fella there for sure :-)

  2. I'm drooling... Those houses are really awesome.

  3. Amazing about the cool local houses...I will let the fella know you thank him for the cool link...thanks fella! Keep em coming huh!

  4. One of the most beautiful decoration i've ever seen! good job!