Sunday, September 13, 2009

Saturday Auction Finds

Not only did I run across the very cool atomic radio in my giveaway but I also found a few other things.

A 50's Skotch Kooler with the Skotch Ice cans.

For Monica at Black Olives On My Fingertips....Vintage stir sticks!


  1. Now I need the other sizes for the REST of my stirrers!!!!! My parents had the cooler, I wonder if its still in the attic and I have a bunch of those ice packs, and I used them and a couple exploded all over my lunch and I had to throw them away and the lunch :(

  2. Oooh you have a Skotch Kooler! I am green with envy! The Hubban' and I found a Great Skotch Grill at a thrift store last year and we LOVE it. It will never EVER see coals, of course, but it occupies a spot of honor in our dining room.