Monday, September 20, 2010

Gettin Dirty with the Sgt....


Hey!!! Get your minds outta the gutter you pervs....I mean, gettin dirty in the garden with Sgt!! One of the things the Sgt and I have in common is our like for gardening. This past weekend we spent some time working in the garden at Sgt's house. I dug up and transplanted some of my over grown day lilies from the front garden at DeluxeVille and I also bought some more plants at a greenhouse auction. Yes kiddos, I managed to find an auction that was selling off end of the season plants and saved tons of money. Nows the time to get great deals on perenials and other year round plants such as trees and shrubs...check your local greenhouses!

DeluxeVille = DirtVille
I'm sure the neighbors are once again wondering what the hell I'm up to?? Actually, their guess is as good as mine as I have no idea what I'm up to either but change is a good thing! See how this works...when you run outta room at your house, just take it over and drop it off at your fella's house! If he really loves ya, he won't mind. :)

Hydrangeas, Lilacs, Blue Beard, Clematis, Ornamental Grasses, Butter Fly Bushes, Japanese Maple Tree, and some other stuff I know I'm missing!


Then we totally got busy planting...making new flower beds and adding to old ones! There's just nothing this gal loves better then getting dirty in the garden with the Sgt. Especially if it involves him taking his shirt off!!! *wink wink*



Sgt has been working on his own garden project...building a flag stone patio...and then I show up and make him expand the flower beds! Poor guy. He secretly loved it... I could tell he was smiling!


Oh look, there's something else I just brought over to the Sgt's house because I had no room at mine! Boy oh boy, soon BachelorVille will be DeluxeVille II!



  1. Fun!! I love to garden too! Don't worry about "Dirtville" *lol* I can see, it has great potential once it's completed.

  2. Sounds like you have a wonderful man there & that you are having a great time:)I'm very happy that you have found someone that loves you & treats you so well.They are a bit of a rare breed these days:)
    I think your furniture looks lovely on his verandah:D

  3. You always do amazing projects! I wish I had a love of gardening, mind you, I think it's because I know I won't be here forever, and so I don't want to start a lovely garden if I have to leave it! Does that make sense?

    So glad you're a happy lady :o)

  4. Great Johnny Cash tattoo! Such a kick ass picture of the Man in Black. High quality tattoos are too rare. Three thumbs up!
    Also a big "cheers" to you and yours!

  5. in the garden ...outta the garden....who cares as long as its with Sgt. Clooney!!
    You are wuite the hoot!
    PuhLEEEZE...More tat daughter is a tat artist!

  6. I've been following your blog for a bit - found you off Fedora Lounge. I love all the home project posts! Amazing before and afters. It's also been pretty cute reading about you and the Sgt.