Monday, September 27, 2010

Swamp Girl

I've been feeling like a swamp girl lately. Perhaps it's because I've been soooooo busy with work and trying to keep up with my daily life too?? I just need a change! I'm BORED with myself! What's a girl to do I ask?? A new hair color? A new hair cut?? New clothes?? All of the above?? I've been thinking about a new hair color for awhile. It's been really light red for some might just be time to try something new?? What do you do when you get stuck in a rut and get bored with yourself???

This is how I felt this morning but then again I also got rained on! Artwork by graphic novel artist: Christopher Bonnette. Check out more of the angry swamp Gill-Girls here: BlueShirtsBrown

Umm okay how creepy, cute is this?? I'm so being a swamp girl for halloween!!! You can make your own and be a swamp girl too...Swamp Girl Costume.


  1. mmm, i am oh too familiar with this feeling. I sometimes change my hair color but mostly i get a tattoo ;)

  2. I love it....okay new hair color and a new tattoo to cover up the one I hate! Great idea Inky!


  3. Awww i sometimes feel like that to, although i wouldn't change my hair colour, I have a wish list that im always trying to work off, so i get that out sit down with a glass of babycham in the evening and think right girl you got to focus and i chose something from it. It helps me ;-)) Good luck Dee ;-))

  4. Definitely a new hair colour & buying a new dress or some other vintage item,that always helps me.Also going somewhere new,even if it's just a day trip for some sightseeing and lunch or a coffee.Go & discover some lovely little corner of the world with your new man:)

  5. Do it! I'm kind of stuck in a rut myself- definitely going to get a new haircut soon, maybe color it auburn for fall. Usually discovering some new/old music gets me going, but I already tried that...

  6. Ah yes I understand this feeling so well! I actually just make more effort with myself and wear something different, like dress up a little bit more than usual on a day to day basis. Hope you get out of your funk soon!

  7. I just changed my hair color! Been blonde so long and got tired of all the work, was thinking of red but decided to go brunette, Hubby really wanted that,really dark, not quite black, it was a shock at first but I love it, works with my pale skin and blue eyes and is more natural!

    you do look stunning as a redhead, but I think also any color would look great on you too!
    That's what I do, and shopping is good, lol! Play with new outfits, or remixing.

    Ya, it's normal, we all get like that, I have recently too, well, all us girls at least ~ I don't think guys give a crap, lol!

    Hope you are feeling better soon! :O)

  8. I think there might be swampgirlitis goin around folks!

    A new tattoo, hair color, outfit, and music sounds like a ticket to me get me unbored with myself! :)