Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Vintage Wedding Cake Inspiration

Since Sgt and I are both DIY'ers, we've decided to make our own wedding cake. Okay really, I came up with the idea and Sgt being the strong silent type, just nodded his head and gave in. Smart man...see why I'm marrying him! I just figure since we plan on building a life together why not start out with the simple task of building a yummy fresh strawberry cake together. When I told him we would be making a fresh strawberry cake, his head perked up, his eyes got big, and he left out a whooping "OKAY"!!!

My plan is to do a very simple cake with a vintage cake topper. I love the pictures below and this is the direction I plan to go in. I love the swirls of the frosting and the simple designs used. I'm not a big fan of smooth cakes. They just seem to perfect to me, I like my cake to have some character!



I'm also loving all the inspiration from the Sweet and Saucy Shop/ Sweet and Saucy Supply. I love the simplicity and color combination of the cakes pictured below. Not only can you order vintage inspired supplies for all your favorite baked goods, but you can also buy some baked goods that are sure to become your favorites! Don't forget to checkout the Sweet and Saucy blog for more inspiration.


Now go eat some cake!


  1. Those cakes are so pretty! I'm hosting a baby shower soon and was needing some vintage cake decoration inspiration! This is perfect too! I really love the last cake's piping technique, it gives such a pretty texture!

  2. Yum, a fresh strawberry cake sounds amazing. You'll have to post photos of your experiments. Have you found a topper already? I collect vintage wedding toppers so I'm interested to see what you find.

  3. Yum, I shouldn't have read this in the morning because I want cake for breakfast! Good thing I have none. LOL

    I love the idea of you baking your own wedding cake! Those are some great inspirations. What fun!

  4. That sounds delicious--the last picture is quite pretty. I'll be curious to see the final design as well as any experiments along the way. Totally random, but a cute vintage Japanese-style design with strawberries may be very sweet.

  5. WHat a great idea, so much money is wasted on this stuff! Your fresh strawberry cake sounds delicious, can't wait to see it, we will see it won't we?!!

  6. You made me so hungry for cake! There is a place near where I live that makes the most delicious bundt cakes (they are called "Nothing Bundt Cakes" and do wedding ones with flowers in the center of the bundt. Very quaint and like I said DELICIOUS!

  7. having a little catch up with reading your blog - everything is happening for you! I am so pleased! The wedding dress is stunning and I am so looking forward to wedding pics! Love the cake idea and all the bargains you have found of late.
    Good luck with the big move. Exciting!

  8. These cakes are gorgeous! And I love that you're going to make your own cake. I know it will be beautiful and delicious! My Mom made our wedding cake - a coconut number that traveled hundreds of miles in the car, on her lap to keep it safe. :) I added a vintage cake topper, flowers and some plastic deer and kapow! wedding cake!