Friday, June 10, 2011

The Tale of The Lock-Ness-Labrador

It was a hot, humid, hazy day. Our heroine thought it would be a perfect day for a dip in the local lake. But this wasn't just any local tranquil lake that MaryDeluxe picked for a quick afternoon swim. Oh no, this was the lake that happened to be the home of the Lock-Ness-Labrador.

What was that?? Did you hear a splash???


Did you see something over there in the water??? I thought I saw something???


Poor MaryDeluxe....unaware of the creature that lurks behind her!!!!
Dun...Dun dun...Dun dun...Dun dun dun.....

Lock-ness-labrador head

Attack of the Lock-Ness-Labrador!!!! Oh NOOooooooooo!!! Run MaryDeluxe run!!!!


MaryDeluxe tried to charm the lake beast into letting her live but this lake beast wanted none of her promises of jars filled with peanut butter biscuits.

being attacked by the Lock-ness-labrador

Down went poor MaryDeluxe into the waiting jaws of the Lock-Ness-Labrador. Poor, poor MaryDeluxe.


Edit....scenes to graphic to display!!
Yum!!! said the Lock-Ness-Monster, she made a perfect afternoon snack!


So now you know.....Beware of the Lock-Ness-Labrador or you too could end up like poor MaryDeluxe!




  1. This is the cutest story!! By the way your swimsuit is adorable.

  2. Wow swimming in a lake haven't done that in years, since I used to go to Switzerland a lot, looks fabulous.

    Ah that monster looks like a pushover ;o)

  3. tehee! I will be on the lookout for that ferocious beast he may attack when least expect it. Loving the swimsuit, so cute! I need something like that for the summer; if we actually have hot weather this year of course!

  4. And there was Mary Deluxe looking oh so fine in her vintage suit! xo

  5. was a fun day! The suit I found at Goodwill couple years ago...a perfect lake suit.


  6. Oh no! I can't look! (Somehow, I think the heroine escaped. Whew!)

  7. Aww, I want a poochie so bad! I love my kitties, but something tells me I won't be swimming with them any time soon. Ha!
    Oh, and ps: I only now have created my blog, but I've been reading yours for several weeks, and I just want you to know I enjoy it so much! You're cute as pie and you always make me laugh!

  8. Somehow I missed that NJ was your new location! Crazy! Ahh, the things us ladies do for love, huh? :) We're hoping the visa will be processed by September or October, until then it's a waiting game!

    Lucky xo