Thursday, July 14, 2011

Around The Simple Acre

The weather: After spending a few days in 90+ degree, hot, and humid weather, we finally got some rain storms that rolled through and cooled things down. It turned into such a beautiful evening last night that we spent it outside working and playing in the garden.

Dinner on the patio
I made some yummy baked ziti and we sat out under the umbrella and chowed down. With watermelon for dessert!

Under the Umbrella
Under the umbrella. I now have, thanks to Sgt and his auction eyes, two matching 1950's turquoise patio umbrellas. One needs a table for support but the other one as a spike and can be placed into the ground. One is over the patio table and the other one is giving a bit of shade to the fish pond.

The fish pond. When I lived at DeluxeVille, I had three adult fish in my little backyard pond. When I moved at the beginning of June, I brought all my pond stuff with me as we planned on digging a pond here at The Simple Acre. I discovered as I was moving my fish that I had baby fish too. I found five of them as a emptied out the pond! I get baby gold fish every year....because I have whores for goldfish....but only one or two ever survive. When I went back to do some gardening last weekend at the old place, I found 4 more babies swimming in the old pond. Now we have 9 baby goldfish with our 3 adults. I see some serious inbreeding happening in the future! If you live any where near me and have a pond, expect some free goldfish in a few years! I can however, not vouch for their intelligence.

The New Pond Resident
A new resident of the fish pond. I brought my two frogs with me when I moved and as soon as they got here, they hopped off to join the mass of frogs who inhabit the neighbors pool. I was kinda bummed that after everything we've been through together, they just up and leave me like that. Oh well, their loss, because now I got a new little frog to kiss! Who cares about the bazillion frogs in a pool and the breeding potential...I'm with this little frog...having a pond all to yourself is so much better. Eventually, if you croak loud enough another frog will come. If too many frogs come...well, I hear they taste like chicken.

Rocking out! I am not building the rock wall around the pond for a few reasons. 1. rocks are heavy. 2. Sgt is picky about how his rocks are placed. Yup, Sgt has Rock OCD. Who knew??? Seriously, the guy loves building rock walls and apparently there's a method about it that I know, I could never get right. 3. I don't have to do it. Seriously, if someone says, hey, I'll do that....well then please do!

The pond and patio. With of course a plastic pink flamingo for the added kitsch factor!

Sunny II
My favorite flowers are blooming. Sun flowers! When I plant flowers, I always feel an internal conflict about them when they bloom. Should I pick them so I can bring them in the house or not?? It's not often that I pick them. :)

Happy Thursday!


  1. The oasis and '50s umbrellas are great!

  2. Everything looks so beautiful ! You will need a bigger pond if the fish keep breeding like that. So many babies. I only ever got one a year in my pond in Oz. I wonder if sun flowers would grow here ?? We certainly have plenty of sun. I will look into that.

  3. Also in Italy we have changes in climate, but where i live, but luckily she's fine, because they are between the sea and the mountains. These days, however, was so much wind that threw leaves everywhere ...... Your pond makes me envy, in the future I'd like to create one in a corner of my garden with rocks and reeds.... But ...... you already have sunflowers blooming! wow, I remember as a child that I gathered the seeds to give to hamsters ....


  4. Isn't baked ziti just the ultimate comfort food - puts me straight back into my Mom's kitchen. And I'm pretty sure we had that exact same umbrella, fringe and all. What a great oasis you've created for you & your fella.

  5. I am impressed with your beautiful yard. I would be out there all the time.

  6. Beautiful! We didn't get the rain, but enjoyed the weather in the garden last night also. And someday I may take you up on that offer of fish... now we're in the "drawing on the back of a napkin" stage, LOL.

  7. The backyard looks sooo lovely! I'd be so happy to have something like that someday. Oh godd... ziti.. must.. not.. give in..

  8. Thanks everyone for your comments about the garden oasis the Sgt and I have been working on! Five years from now we figure it will be something quite spectacular and I look forward to seeing it progress over the next few years!

    Hahaha Susie sounds like you're moving right along on that pond! By the time you have it built I'll have plenty of fish to send your way!