Monday, July 25, 2011

Pool Crashers

Here's a story of our next door neighbor,
who moved outta Vegas some time last year.
They left their trashy daughter in charge,
of their house in Jerzee.

Here's what happened to the house next door,
when nothing was taken care of but the pool.
The weeds grow tall and brotha that ain't all,
other people are swimin in your pool.




What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas.
What happens at home when you're in Vegas,
and your irresponsible daughter is no where to be found,
you'll never know about.


You just never know what idiots might crash your pool on a hot 105 degree day! As you can see, I'm protecting one of the * idiot's identities....the other idiot has no idea what has taken place on this day. I have no idea how these pictures got into my camera or who these people are? I was knitting blankets for orphaned hamsters that day and was no where near the neighbor's pool. :) I plead the 5th.



  1. But what does the police !!!!! :))))

    I'm very schocked by this pool attack by juvenile delinquents !!! ohhh i'm so shocking !!! And if i was in the area, i will probably don't do the same ;p

    Ha ha ha !!!
    Great to see that you have fun in your new area :)

    (Big Mama Introspection)

  2. hahaha ! As I was writing this blog post, I was thinking that this is exactly something that crazy law breaking Big Mama would be doing! She's such a rebel like that! Could it be her crashing my neighbors pool??

  3. ~ l l l o o v v v e e i i t t t t ! ! ! ~

    POOL CRASHING = one of my favorite summertime activities as we have several hotels ripe for the pickin' here in Art City, my Southwestern tourist' lovin' town...just drive up, take off yer pants / skirt in the car, grab ya towel, stroll like ya own it, and dive on IN, bay bay!

  4. hahaha I would have done the same thing, when the cat is away....

  5. A unattended backyard swimming pool is community property, unless someone pees in it.

  6. :o) Fun in the sun if so much fun but even more so when I little sin is involved!