Thursday, August 9, 2012


It's that time of the year again!!

 Happy 101 Birthday 
Aunt Dot!!! 

auntdot 1915  

The DeVines 

My sassy 99 year old aunt dot & me! 

Here's hoping you ate a big piece of cake today!!!
~Love me.


  1. wow i hope to be as lucky to live so long and be loved so well

  2. Congrats to your Aunt Dot! It's great to see people living long full lives.

  3. Amazing! So many changes in the world in her lifetime! Ahhh bless!

  4. Another birthday for Aunt Dot, fabulous !!! Hope she had a wonderful day. Hugs to you Aunt Dot xxx

  5. Oh! your aunt! I remember you posted a year ago, WOW! 101! congratulations to her!

  6. Actually she had my Dad make her a steak on the grill, I belive she said potato salad and dessert was strawberries and whipped cream.I think Helen was taking her for an ice cream cone today.And when I called to say Happy Birthday, in the course of conversation she told me I had better keep an eye on her when Kraig and I come up to visit ( we stopped in on Sunday) because she thinks he is cute and might just have to steal him...

  7. That's so wonderful! You have good genes!