Saturday, August 18, 2012

Running Amuck....

at the Muck Ruckus for MS!  That's where I spent my day.  No, this gal wasn't running amuck (I was a bit to intimidated) but she sure did enjoy watching everyone else running through the mud and over obstacles.  I was there as a cheerleader and official photographer for Sgt and his two cousins, Kristin and Ashley, as they ran the 5 mile event!  Both Sgt's and Kristin's and Ashley's Moms have MS, so this is a cause that really hits home with them. I was really impressed at how well they did on the course since neither Ashley, who had a baby not to long ago, or Sgt trained for this event.  The little dynamo Kristin on the other hand has been working out like a fiend for the last 6 months and was totally prepared for the crazy course!  She has been writing a blog about her new healthy lifestyle called...My Fit Decision....she's lost over 30 lbs so far and apparently discovered a love for playing in the mud! :)  I think it's a great way to spend some quality time with your family.






Way to go Ashley, Sgt, and Kristin!

I have never seen so many people enjoying themselves so much running through mud and over tough obstacles.  Perhaps this will be a new family tradition??!!

Keepin' it dirty for ya!


  1. Wow that looks awesome and it's nice it's for a good cause. My husband and I are going to do something similar called The Warrior Dash, it's next June and I've already started to train, my husband probably won't and he will do better than me I'm sure. You should do it next year.

    1. Sgt signed up to do this a week before the event! hahaha I need more notice. :) Perhaps next year?!

  2. Yeah that's pretty short, I wouldn't do it either, I would be afraid of hurting myself.

  3. Miss Mary that looks like an awesome tradition to start! Pass my thanks along to Sgt. and his kin...I have a friend who was diagnosed with MS 2 years ago, lost a friend who fought it for many years and am being tested for it myself.
    We need to find a cure!
    I've followed your blog for to see how you've grown and matured...married life suits ya ;)