Sunday, August 12, 2012

Good Things Come in Suitcases

Here's the only thing I picked up from that Farm auction I mentioned the other weekend.  It all came in a tiny suitcase.  The vintage clothing at this auction, as I stated before, was nothing outstanding.  Dusty everyday items from a working class farm family.  Nothing mind blowing that was worth the oodles of money people were spending on them.  I know that vintage clothes are getting harder to find, but still in my opinion, a ratty old black 40's basic crepe dress is not worth over $40 if that.  This post is not meant to be a rant about vintage clothing prices, or about people whom have no idea about vintage clothing condition and prices.  I won't bore you with my thoughts on that subject!  This is a post about what I found in the suitcase!





1940's Suit, jacket/skirt
1950's Suit, jacket/skirt
1950's skirt
4 pair of 1950's shorts
2 pair of 1950's cigarette pants
2 funky dresses from 1960's
2 1950's cashmere sweaters
1 Petticoat slip
4 1950's Summer blouses
1 pair of PJ's from 1940's
Miscellaneous belts and stockings
Plus I got the suitcase but it's missing the handle.

Conditions of clothing range from poor to excellent condition.  Most are in good condition. 

So, here's my question to all the vintage clothing lovers out there, how much would you have paid for this tiny suitcase full of vintage clothing???? 



  1. If it all fit me, the most I would have paid is $100. Are you going to keep any of them for yourself?

  2. I don't know how much I would have paid for the suitcase (not knowing beforehand what size all the items were) but I love these pieces. The stripes and button details and the suits! Do any of these fit you or are they all to sell?

  3. OOOoo, glad we have got to see inside that suitcase! I have to say that I'm so incredibly picky about things that I probably would never buy a 'job lot' as it were. I have to fall in love with an item, but even then, I'm bound by financial limitations so when I buy vintage dresses my ceiling is usually £40-£50 (60-80 US$), and it would have to be something I would wear lots for me to spend that. Plus, I haven't had much luck buying things just to sell them on, so I would probably leave the suitcase unless it was super-cheap, like $10 or something!!

    Curious to find out how much you paid now??

    Miss P xx

  4. I'd say 50 max. They look pretty nice, but I don't go crazy, either.

  5. I'd say $50 as well...especially not knowing really what you're going to get and what kind of shape they're in. I'd say you lucked out though, these are AWESOME pieces!

  6. Oh - I love surprises. Finding things inside a box or suitcase makes them all the better somehow. What a great find! You probably have a value of $200 in there, but I am always looking for a deal, so I wouldn't have paid that much. I just lost out on a great skirt on ebay because I balked at the buy it now price. Sigh...

  7. Wow- you hit the mother load of vintage shorts! I know how much I would pay (and how much you paid) is probably a lot less than what some people would try to get for them online. :)