Sunday, February 13, 2011

A Birthday Weekend Bash!

Unlike so many people out there, I absolutely LOVE having a birthday! Flowers, cake, good food, family, presents, and another years worth of accomplishments! Birthdays are the best days ever in my book. Actually, I like to celebrate for the whole week and I also celebrate my half birthday in July. Yup, I love having a birthday!

Thursday: My Birthday!

The birthday flowers the Sgt sent me on my birthday. Notice the lemon in the vase...he says it's because one of the things he loves most about me is that I like to think positive about things...I make lemonade out of lemons!

Friday: A day off and dinner with the Sgt!

Sgt took me to my favorite restaurant too...John J Jeffries... organic, local food restaurant! These are the roses that Sgt had waiting for me at the restaurant table when we arrived. Sneaky stinker...I never realized they were mine until the server mentioned how much he liked my flowers...then I did a double take and noticed no one else had flowers at their table. Plus he made me a card and a pair of salsa eyes (an inside joke between us) ...yup the guy is romantic and crafty! Oh, he also gave me a charm bracelet that he plans on filling with charms when we share special occasions. *Swoon*

Saturday: More flowers and a yummy dinner with my Dad and Step-Mom!


Sunday: I'm tired by now, but we mustered up the strength for a brunch with my Mom and Step-Father!

Sgt and I also spent some time working on projects around DeluxeVille this weekend. It's nice to have strong fella around to move things for me! :-) It's weird to see a for sale sign swinging in the breeze in front of my house. Weird but exciting!

Hahahahaha...he makes me laugh so much.... reason #3,655 why I love this man!

MaryDeluxe had the Best Birthday Ever!
Thanks Family!
Thanks Sgt!