Friday, February 11, 2011

Where's Milo?

Just a picture post of all the crazy amounts of staging work I've been doing around here to get DeluxeVille ready for the real estate market. I found a great real estate agent who understands the vintage look ...and let me just tell you all, I have a great story to share about a really bad real estate agent encounter... but that will have to wait for another day! Onto many times can you find my little beastie Milo??










  1. Sorry to see the color gone, but I suppose one has to do it...*sigh*

    Can't wait to hear the bad agent story. I am such a real estate junkie! LOL

  2. Looks stunning - your house will be snapped up!

  3. Still looks absolutely fantastic! You've sure been busy preparing.

    Can I steal your kitchen and plop it in our condo? Oh, that wouldn't work? Drat. ;)

  4. You're incredible!! It looks fab with or with the turquoise! And, I would love to hear this story!!

  5. I LOVE the colour of your kitchen tiles! It must be hard to remove every trace of your life and personality from your home so you can sell it.

  6. SIGH! that kitchen ^_^ Best staging I have ever seen. I might have to move just so I can buy it. But I would have to ask you to paint it back ;)

  7. You really do have a very beautiful house... I'm sure it will get snapped up right away!

  8. your house is still so gorgeous! i know it will sell quickly :)

  9. I see Milo in each picture!

    Can you find him!?


  10. I wish, I wish, I wish! *sigh* So adorable...

  11. ah shame but a necessary evil! Having said that it doesn't look as bland as I thought it would but then you still have fabulous stuff in there!

  12. I can only find Milo in 3, maybe 4 pics! I see him in the two obvious ones, the very bottom one on the grey chair, and I think the 6th photo down is that his tail on the red chair? But can't find the rest! You'll have to circle him in them :O)) Sgt is good, he can see him!

    Even with the turquoise gone and it a little less vintage it looks great! Love those grey/pink atomic curtains, I have ones real similar! I have to post pics soon, like I said before you are my biggest decorating inspiration :O)

    I hope it sells soon and you and Sgt. can be together <3

  13. ok ..... i fess up ... i only see milo in a few pics. i was just messin'.

  14. Oh Sgt. you're a stinker! :O) Haha, no wonder she loves you!

    Heehee, I was loooooking and looking for Milo too! :OP

  15. Hahahaha Sgt is a stinker! hahahaha As long as he promises to never pull the covers over my head...I guess I'll keep him! Hmmm I should probably put that in the wedding vows!

    Yup the colors have changed and I've really scaled back on the vintage decor...hopefully it's enough for a quick sell!


  16. Hahaha Mary! Yup, maybe it should be in the vows, heehee... But no worries, when you get to be an old married couple like me and Hubby you will have farting contests, hahahaha! (we were 22 and 23 when we got married back in 1993, so it's going on 18 yrs married, almost 20 together!)

    ack... I am OLD!!!! :OP