Thursday, February 17, 2011

Carved Hawaiian Tiki Shoes Deal of the Day II


I know some of you gals LOVE your wooden carved shoes from a "certain shoe company" out there and if you've been reading my blog for a long time you will know that I shared all about Crafts of Hawaii's website back in July of 2009 as my secret deal of the day! Crafts of Hawaii happens to sell on their website similar shoes to that other "shoe company" for much cheaper. That's way this is MaryDeluxe's secret deal of the day part II! Go check out the sale they are having on their Rockabilly Collection of Tiki Shoes and my, my, my what a deal!




  1. oooh how the heck did I miss this the first time round? Or had I not got round to blogging yet? Dammit i have no money but I'm still going to have a peek!

  2. Oh my Im a true sucker for leopard print and a tiki heel?? I NEED those.

  3. Fabulous - I knew about Crafts Hawaii but thought they only made certain designs, like the tikis, exclusively for Lucky Lou.

    I still can't have any though :( I really wish they'd bring out a version with an all-fabric rather than leather-backed vamp, then us vegans could have fabulous carved shoes too.

  4. Oh my goodness these are fabulous! Thank you so much for this link! I've been drooling over the Lucky Lou's but they never have them in my size!

  5. Oooof drooling. Can't get enough of these shoes!