Tuesday, February 1, 2011



I know you guys have been waiting for another underwear post and since I've been behaving myself so well these last few months, I figure my Mother's heart could probably take the shock again, so here you go! Actually, the real reason I've taken some "look I'm in my underwear" pictures is to document my progress for a "biggest loser" competition I joined at work! Now I know some of you will say, "What?? Are you crazy, you look fine" and just so you all know, I think I look pretty swell, not bad for an almost 39 year old broad! Yes, seriously, I'm almost 39. I also think I've done a most excellent job at maintaining my weight loss all these years, (yes, I was overweight) but I really felt like I needed something to help me stay motivated and on a healthy track this winter. I don't know about you but this gal always gets a little blue in the Winter, eats more and exercises less. I think this is common for a lot of people in the colder climates, but this year, I really want to avoid the winter blahs and decided to join in the competition with some of my other co-workers.


My biggest goal for the competition is simply just to tone up more. I've always loved exercising but have never been a big fan of weights. I'm really going to focus more on making sure I get a weight workout in three times a week along with my cardio. I hit up the gym with the Sgt this past Sunday (which was a lot of fun) and he gave me a bunch of weight exercises to get me on my way to a toner me! Lucky me, I have my own personal trainer!

Some of my other personal goals for the competition include:
  • take a daily vitamin
  • stop drinking diet soda and drink more water
  • track my daily food intake
  • exercise 4-5 times a week
  • Break outta the 120's....I feel good about the number 115!


I completely accept the fact that I won't be winning all the loot in the "biggest loser" competition at work.... there are some teacher who have a lot of weight to lose. They all look at me like I'm crazy! But that's okay cause I'm gonna impress them with my kick ass slow and steady pace! ; ) I also know that I have petite curves on a well proportioned hour glass body and never will be a stick skinny girl, which is absolutely fine by me. I think it's important to stay healthy and fit not only for yourself but also for your significant other in your life. When you're taking care of yourself, you tend to feel and look better and that makes your relationship better! I'm really happy that I get to share healthy eating and exercising with my significant other....I really don't know if I would have started dating Sgt if he was a fast food, beer chugging, sheet cake, dozen donuts eating kinda guy. But that's okay cause I know he wouldn't be with me if that's the kinda gal I was either!


My Stats: Recorded on January 22, 2011
My weight as of this morning is 122.4! I'm feeling quite excellent about this btw!
Height: 5'3"

I also suffer with hypothyroidism and take synthroid daily to help manage my levels. I've been working really hard to keep after my thyroid. What a pain in the ass that little thyroid is and he can wreck havoc on your metabolism! Screw you thyroid, I'm losing another 10 lbs whether you like it or not!

Anyone else out there on a healthier you in the new year quest?? After all, bathing suit season and VLV is right around the corner....anyone care to join me in feeling the burn??

Cheers to a healthier me and a healthier you too!



  1. Bow chika wow-wow!! You're super foxy, but I do understand the desire to get toned. I have a similar goal for my 5'6" 125 pound frame and people look at me like I'm full of crap when I say that I need to go to the gym.

  2. Yup, I know some people will roll their eyes about my want of a healthier, slimmer, toner me because they think I look fine. That's okay, I do look fine but the reason I look the way I do in the first place is because I've worked my ass off to get here. I've come a long way and I'm not done yet!


  3. I have been throwing myself back into weight watchers after a very indulgent holiday season and down 7 pounds since 1/3/11. I need to start writing it it again!

    You look great, btw. Are you and the Sarge going to hit VLV?

  4. I am right there with you! Please post more info on what you do at the gym. Its an inspiration to me, as I think of you every time I get on the stair stepper. I think..."Any day now I will look like MaryDeluxe!". In reality, I could never be 122! ha ha ha. No way, no how!

  5. Woo! Congrats to you!
    With a body like that I would do it too!
    I have been on a lose weight process myself and it is frustrating because of the neck surgery I had a while back prevents me from going all out.
    However I am slowly making progess and I am almost 40..... ack!

  6. Congrats! You look amazing!
    I can relate to your post, I'm a small woman, both my height and and I don't weight much. But I still want to get toned and more fit. For me its about starting a healthier lifestyle and eat good food.
    I plan to sport a bikini at VLV so I'm working hard on that haha :D

  7. I understand the desire to look toned - I'm quite slim but I know my core muscles are weak, so I tend to look like I have a potbelly unless I'm sucking it in! I don't want to lose weight, I just want to...jiggle less. You're looking pretty fab yourself!

  8. You look fantastic! I wish I had the same motivation to get toned as well

  9. I am new to blogging and have never left a comment for anyone before, but I have to chime and say that you are AWESOME and so inspirational. I am cheering you on!!

  10. Damn girl!!! you are looking fabulous! keep up the bad ass work!

  11. You are doing great. I think maintaining is the hardest for most people.

    You might want to check out the 'no s diet'. I am not a spammer, just it has been working well for me and it makes sense without really being a diet just common sense. Some people use it for maintanence and it seems to work well.

    What kinds of winter activities take place in your neck of the woods? Here in Alberta, Canada we can ski (downhill or xcountry) or skate.

    I definitely agree with doing some weightlifting. And don't be afraid to use heavier weights. There is a Canadian woman who has a website to encourage female weight lifters: stumptuous(dot)com You might be interested in having a read through her website.

    Good luck.


  12. This will sound weird, but your figure is just like mine, but with bigger boobs,(and probably a smaller butt) and i'm 16.

    you're stunning, and you should be so proud of yourself!

  13. @ Kim...Way to go girl! No VLV for us....I'd love to see the bands but I'm not really down with the "trendy" hot mess rockabilly crowds.

    @Dollie....the count down is on for VLV, work it girl! Btw, you've already come a long way yourself haven't you? A post is in order about it!

    @CAFstar.... Wow that can be really discouraging having to over come an injury. I have never had to over come anything but periods of my own laziness. I say, take small steps and if you can't exercise right now like you want, watch your diet really closely. Remember baby steps!

    @Tifa DeLeone.... Another good reason to get healthy VLV...if I was a VLV attender I would use that as a big motivator during the bluw winter months too. Have fun rockin the bikini!!

    @Miss Emmi...hahaha jiggle less...yup I hate when my arms are still waving goodbye long after my hand has stopped! hahaha

    @Pandora...Thank You!

    @DWR..It's a proud moment for me that you decided tp pop your comment cherry over here at DeluxeVille. I hope it was good for you! :)

    @Twilla...Thanks Girl!

    @M.... I will just say that actually maintaining my weight all these years and not gaining it back has been easy for me. I changed my whole lifestyle many years ago it wasn't just a diet for me. I watch what I eat, portion sizes, and exercise because it's just part of who I am. I do overindulge from time to time but I always get back on the wagon.

    @Annie...Thank you and nope, I got a big ole badunkadunk back there :) hahaha

    Thank you for your comments!


  14. pfffft badunkadunk? yes. curvy and proportionate? yes

    big? nope.

    I <3 this gal because of who she is on the inside (more and more each day actually), I'm just pleasantly happy that she comes wrapped in such a sweet package, too! How lucky can a guy get?

  15. Check out that comment from the SGT! :D aw yeaaahh.
    You two are cute! Congrats on rocking your life! It's what it's there for.

    I also have to say.. I look at all these old pics you have of yourself at different times and I still think the same thing at first: She is so cute! And by cute I mean beautiful. Always wonderful to do what it takes to make you feel like your best you though!

  16. I just stumbled upon your blog and I don't even know how but I don't care. I love it!!! Too cute!
    Love your style, as I'm into pinup/retro myself. My reward for reaching my weight loss goal by July is professional pinup photography.

    Do you know any good websites where I could shop for retro home decor?

    I'm now your newest follower!!


  17. You look fantastic! Good luck on the toning up :)