Sunday, February 8, 2009

A vintage clothing adventure part two

This is my part 2 from my vintage clothing adventure I had a few years back. Like I said previously, I got a ton of clothes at a cheap price. I have kept some, sold some, and still have some to go through yet. I tend to sell things when I need a little extra money or when summer is here and I'm not working.

This beautiful 50's prom gown needs a good dry cleaning but is absolutely stunning. I will probably get this up on ebay this spring. I mean really, what am I gonna do with a dress like this?? Plus it's to big on me!

A pair of late 40's 50's dungarees!

A very cute 50's peasant top and 50's green corduroy skirt with front pockets.

Lots of coats!

Did I say lots of coats??? There were lots of coats and jackets. A very cool 50's High School Jacket that I sometimes wear...rain coats...a guys gab jacket.. and more dresses...boleros...sweaters...shirts.... lots of belts for someone with a tiny back studio space looked like this for a while.


  1. I would give my left arm to have half of that.

    I love love love love those dungarees. :) :)

  2. Love the prom dress, of course I have no reason to have it either other than it's pretty. The dungarees and the peasant top yum !!!

  3. Those jeans were supper sweet! To bad they didn't fit me. :(...

    But still I got many a good piece from that auction so I won't complain!

  4. Ohhh, you got a lot of goodies!

    Do you mind if I add you to my favorite blogs?

  5. Little Rascal...You can certainly add me to your blog! The more the merrier!