Sunday, February 1, 2009

Shopping Sunday....

I don't shop regularly and I'm always very thrifty so, I'm just going to blame my sudden shopping spree on pms. That and Anne Taylor outlet store was having a huge sale and they have an awesome petite section. I haven't bought anything not from the thrift store in a very long time. So I splurged but everything was on sale. Happy Birthday to me! I also had the winning bid on this awesome atomic purse on Ebay. Ebay, that's another place I don't buy from very often. I hate buying something that I can't actually see and touch or try on first. Here's crossing my fingers that this purse is as cool as it looks!

I have been in love with the Hootenanny Hellcat purse by Revamp Productions for years but I have a problem wanting to part with the $330 dollars.

I'm hoping that the little atomic purse will help subdue my wants and be a good substitute!I just have to find a cute emblem to hang on the purse.


  1. I am enjoying you blog so much that I awarded you on my own. Keep up the great posts!

    I've my eye on those bags as well. I swear I can hear my credit card yell "ouch" at me whenever I get seriously tempted. Your atomic purse is too cute,should cut the craving big time.

  2. ok just my opinion but I prefer your ebay purchase a gazillion times over the 330 buck number (I still cant believe that purse costs that much and am shrinking when I convert it to aussie dollars). I know both purse are new, but personally give me vintage any day. Am I sounding snobby? I just don't get the same thrill from something new or repro that doesnt come with a history or story. BTW couldn't agree more with ruby, I just found your blog and am loving your posts.

  3. Ruby...Those bags are insanely cool and they just added a clutch bag called the Deluxe that is so obviously screaming my name! And thank you for that fabulous award!

    Phen...You are not sounding snobby at all, or maybe you are and I'm just snobby too! lol I'm glad you're both enjoying reading my posts!

  4. hello kitten i just found your blog and i just love it !! i am so happy to find another vintage kitten...yes totally ebay addicted...hmmmmmm is there help for us...hee hee...i love the purse...swing by my place