Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Kitchen Countertops

Tomorrow the guys are coming to measure for my new kitchen counter tops! How excited am I? Very! I've been wanting new counter tops for years and years. I got some quotes last year from two different places and they both came in with quotes close to $2000. To pricey for my thrifty ways. The other month I decided to call a wood working business that I use to work with many years ago. They came out and gave me a quote for $750-$850. Now that's a deal I just couldn't refuse. My new counter tops will be this..............

with a cool metal trim......but I'm still thinking about what I want to do for my back splash???

Subway tiles perhaps??

And can I just tell you how much I LOVE Big Chill appliances! My next house will have one of these fridges and a matching dish washer too!

How cute is this kitchen from Country Living magazine!


  1. i ALMOST got that countertop, but i felt like the blue in it didn't really match. ah well! i can't wait to see your new and improved kitchen!
    my backsplash i am stealing from someone on flickr who actually has your countertop print. mine is going to be black 4 x 4s with bullnose 6 x 4 top and white grout!

  2. OOh can't wait to see the new kitchen. All the splashbacks look great it's so hard to chose but am loving those subway tiles the most i think. When I finally get a place with a proper kitchen I would love one of those retro type fridges. Happy decorating!

  3. I love the pattern for your new countertops.

    I like the second set of tiles best along with the subway tiles.

    ps. cant wait to see pics your finished kitchen!

  4. Is it ok to give you feedback on the splashback? With such a busy pattern on the atomic boomerang formica I would go for a less is more approach on your splashback- I would keep it to a larger size square porcelain tile- and do a solid colour scheme in that blue, charcoal or even black with a smattering of the colours in the formica in groupings. Just my humble non design trained opinion ;)
    ps we would kill to be able to get that formica/ laminate here!!!!
    Your kitchen should look darling- lucky you!

  5. I have that as my background on twitter,heehee.

  6. Feedback on the splash is great....I love hearing what you all think!

    They came and made templates of my counter tops! I'm holding off having them put in till I am finished with work!

  7. Where did you find that counter top? I really dig it.