Monday, May 18, 2009

Things to sell...

I have about three weeks of work left, YAY!!! I am starting to clean out my closet again and I'm planning on selling off a variety of things. I haven't decided yet on how I'm going to do that...Esty or Ebay??? I know a lot of you sell on both.... which do you prefer to use? Why??? Here's a little sneak peak of what I'll be selling off.....

Late 50's Turquoise dress and jacket....Love the color!

A favorite 40's suit of mine...

Late 40's sexy secretary wiggle dress...Amazing details!

1953 Rose Marie Reid Swim suit..... the structure/support in this suit is AMAZING...

A cute 60's suit. Rhinestone buttons and bow!

A cute 50's Gabardine skirt! Button and accordian pleat details at the bottom!

If you're interested, I'll let you know when and where!


  1. I wouold love to know where you sell your items! I saw some beatiful coats awhile back I would die to have. I am retrogirl1941 on fedora lounge. Btw are you going to the reading air show?


  2. Hi Samantha! From time to time, I weed out things I don't want and I sell over on ebay. But I've been thinking about opening an Etsy account.

    I would like to try to get to the air show this year....last year it was so hot I didn't make it but I did have an awesome dinner with Zemke at Lilly's on Main.

  3. ETSY!!!They're MUCH cheaper fee wise and will host your listing for 4 months!I hate Ebay so much now I won't list on there anymore unless its something I can't sell on Etsy (like non vintage which I rarely sell anyway).

  4. I agree!! Open an Etsy account! The fees on Ebay are ridiculous!

  5. I've only sold on Etsy, but it seems soooo much more friendly than ebay. And I've heard the same sentiments as the two above echoed from other sellers.

    What are the sizes of these gorgeous clothes? I really need to add some vintage pizazz to my pizazz-less wardrobe!

  6. i sell exclusively on ETSY now..
    ebays fees were a joke, and I dont like the new rules in favor of the buyer only.

    I use etsy, and I love it.
    its SO much more user friendly too.

  7. I do not sell anything just yet on eithier site buy from a buyer standpoint I prefer to buy off etsy its so much more personal also. All of these items are amazing I cant believe you are parting with any of them especially that 1940s suits.

  8. Sell them on Etsy. Opening a store is quick and easy and you can leave them up for 4 months and only pay $0.20 each to do so. MUCH cheaper than Ebay. Plus Etsy is getting to be known as the place where you can buy vintage clothing so I think you would be able to reach a better audience who are looking for high quality period pieces at a fair price.

  9. I've heard a lot of great things about etsy over ebay, but can't say from experience. I know that I much prefer shopping on etsy though. Love the outfits!

  10. What lovely items, I wish you oodles of luck in selling them.

    While I've sold on eBay (very occasional, the fees there really kill you), I've only bought on etsy (so far). I'd say that from a customer's standpoint I've preferred etsy. Sellers there seem to be customer-focused and attentive to details (and answering messages in a timely manner).

    Hope that everything goes well with whatever option you go for.

    Hugs & happy wishes,
    ♥ Jessica

  11. Wherever you decide to list them, definitely let us know. If any of these are in my size, you'll have a buyer in me!