Friday, December 18, 2009

I Gave In......

So I gave in and put out a few Kitschmas things. Milo was on it like the evil kitten that he is. I wonder if things will last 7 days till Christmas. Did I tell you that he has learned to flush the toilet? What cat does that? Apparently my evil kitten does! He flushed it twice this morning while I was getting ready for work. I've been wondering how he's been doing it and this morning I caught him in the act. He actually puts his front paws on the handle and pushes down. What a weirdo! But I have to admit, at least he flushes... which is better then my ex boyfriend I lived with for 6 years... hahahaha Eeewwwwwww!!

Evil kitten head checking out the palm kitschmas tree! Do you see the destruction in his little beady kitty eyes.

I think I have just enough Kitschmas to make Miss Mary feel a little merry or maybe that's just the eggnog kicking in!

Happy Holidays DeluxeVille Readers!



  1. Milo is not the only cat that can flush

    Merry Christmas!

  2. Haha Milo can flush the toilet thats fatastic! My cat felix used to turn on lamps! the kind with the pull string haha id come home and there would be 1 or 2 on lol. At one point I was laying in bed and the light came on, and I yelled "FELIX NOCK IT OFF!" and I swear not 2 seconds later *click* the lamp went off and Felix jumpe dup on the bed... haha

    Happy Holidays to you too!

  3. I love your little Kitschmas touches! Kitties are too smart and yes, he looks like he's plotting something in that picture! lol

    Circle 7-2099

  4. I can never get tired of looking at pics of you home! Just perfect!

  5. talented/evil kitty! hahah
    your place looks great!

  6. Milo is a talented boy !! Not too sure if that's a good thing though.........
    I love your palm

  7. Can i come and live with you in your perfect house please???

    Hehe what a funny kittie, i can't believe he knows how to flush the toilet! xx

  8. Thanks for stopping by everyone!

    OMG!!! That video is so funny! That's what I have to look forward to!

    Mick..hahaha I almost peed my pants reading your comment! :)

  9. yes.. i love your house! your one of my fav blogs.

  10. My two cats would knock those Christmas balls off on the floor, and bat them around until they broke them.

  11. I absolutely love that table lamp in your living room! So pretty!

  12. WOW. perfect house. I'm glad to see there are others out there like myself. Visit my blog sometime Mary, I need retro friends :)

  13. I have a lot of those same Christmas bulbs! My grandmother gave them to me a few years ago; they were the ones she had on her tree! Still in good shape, and it's great to see others have the same ones!! Classic treasures!