Thursday, October 14, 2010

DeluxeVille Loves Dori


October is breast cancer awareness month so I would like to take a moment and send my DeluxeVille Readers over to Dori's blog, I Am Not My Breast Cancer. Please send her some love and read her incredible blog about her recent diagnoses of breast cancer in June, her double mastectomy in July, and the journey that she is currently taking to kick breast cancer's ass! And to put it in even better perspective for you, Dori is only 27. So, breast cancer can happen at any age, it isn't picky. Also, if you feel so inclined, take a moment to make a donation to her breast cancer fund. I just did!! All donations are going directly to help her in her fight!

Go Dori, kick cancer's ass girl!


Think of Dori's journey the next time you feel to tired to move or something feels to hard to do...then get off your ass and do it!


  1. I will check her blog out. My Grandma had it, and a mastectomy when I was little so we think about it a lot.

  2. Thanks so much for additional awareness and positive thoughts! It is with the support of others and my stubborn ass attitude that I can kick cancers ass. I have my 4th chemo on Tuesday. lots of love~Dori

  3. Hey Beautifull Dori, Big Mama send you her best vibes !