Saturday, October 2, 2010

Lamps & Lawn Chairs.... Oh My!

My newest auction scores! I think I just needed an auction fix, a little me time, and a new hair color...

A Continental Art Co. Lamp

2 more J.R. Bunting metal lawn chairs....that sorta match the metal glider and rocker over at BachelorVille... I love J.R. Bunting lawn furniture. Oh and a Mexican blanket.

A pair of ceramic bedside lamps...that I think go really well with my other lamp.

I haven't been going to the amount of auctions I could be going to because I've been really trying to simplify things around DeluxeVille. Plus, woowza auctions aren't so cheap to go to anymore! I really should start collecting other things besides mid-century because as soon as the auctioneer throws out the words... "retro", "50's", or "50's style" bidding goes nuts! Gone are the days when nobody wanted kitschy lamps...well except for me anyway! Plus, lamps like these are getting harder and harder to find....I usually only run across lamps like this once or twice a year.


  1. Ahhh Wow i just love your lamps they are truely beautiful you don't see anything like that in England. But its the same here with the cost of retro now especialy on Ebay the prices have sadly just gone through the roof. Enjoy your lamps. Dee ;-)

  2. Wow ,stunning finds!I love that 1st lamp in particular ,oh & i just love your flamingoes:)Sadly like Delia said it's hard to find things like that here.I'm in Australia not the UK but it still applies,& if you do manage to find them they are usually obscenely expensive:(

  3. Love love love them all, especially the 1st lamp WOW! I have a friend who imports from the US and he has fabulous lamps but by the time he's brought them in, they are super expensive, so I can get them, I just can't afford them! Well done on your finds!

  4. Ah, those lamps are gorgeous!If I came across lamps that beautiful, I'd have a difficult time passing them up.

    P.S.Many congratulationss on your engagement!!

  5. I love the lamp in the first picture as well the the Flamingo(tray?). I'm such a nut for all things Flamingo!
    I remember my grandparents having those exact chairs. I sat on one when I was real young that had been sitting in the sun all day.Never did that again!

  6. Be still my heart! That first lamp is DEVINE!

  7. Oh that Continental lamp is amazing, I love it!!!!! Looks great with the flamingos and pond, matches perfectly!! Love the chairs and other lamps too!