Saturday, October 2, 2010

Thank You Readers!

For all the well wishes on the Sgt and my engagement!
You guys rock!
Something else that rocks....
My new hair color!

new color

What the crap that your natural hair color??
Why yes, yes it is!
MaryDeluxe is down with the brown!

Off to auction to try to win some new lamp children!


  1. Yes indeed, The future Mrs. is right on target: A big THANKS to all her MD followers who wished her and I the best. I'll tell yeah .... I'm one lucky guy to wake up, stumble past the coffee percolator and rest my morning eyes on a new pic of this slick gal-o-mine.

    Can it get better..? Why, yes, when I see her next to me in the morning.
    Love the brown baby, but I gotta see it for real! ; )


  2. Your hair looks great! Good luck with the lamps!!

  3. Hair color looks great! Good luck at the auction, I expect pics of the new lamp!

  4. You look gorgeous!:)You are one beautiful gal:)
    Hey Sgt:)Nice to meet you.Your so lucky to have found each other.I hope every day for the rest of your lives is the best day of your lives.

  5. Hair looks lovely hon, one day I might be brave enough to go back to brown, was it strange?

    Hey Sgt! Good to meet you, so happy that you have found each other and hope you have a happy healthy life together :o)

  6. You look gorgeous!! The brown is really pretty on you! Aw, Sarge is so sweet :O)

    It was hard for me at first to go from blonde to brunette, almost black, I almost chickened out and wanted to bleach it back, but then got used to it and love the change now!

  7. I'm a little late, but congratulations!! Best wishes to you and your Sgt!

    You look great with brown hair, but I swear you're just glowing all over ;)

  8. Love the new, er, original, hair color! Ya look fabulous! :)

    Congrats to you and your Sgt.!!

  9. Yay, congrats! Curious, what's he's a SGT in? Military or LEO? Can't wait to see what you cook up for the elopement!