Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Happy Birthday Little Vincent

My how you've grown.... 

  And what a big mouth you have!!! 


The power has been on for the last week and things are back to normal around here for us.  We of course are very lucky as there are still local people here without power.  In all the hoopla of the hurricane, I forgot to celebrate little Vinnie Bean's first birthday!  I just love this little guy to pieces, he is one awesome little ball of trouble. He is also much adored by or puppies and loves to spend a lazy Sunday afternoon in front of the fire with Chetty.  Life just wouldn't be the same without my little guy in it to keep me laughing, cuddle with me at night, and knock things off my counter!

 Have you hugged your cat today?


Thursday, November 1, 2012

Still Here So Screw You Sandy!

People I ain't shitting you, if you live anywhere in the state of New Jersey, NYC and Eastern Pennsylvania near New Jersey....you officially got fucked over by Hurricane Sandy.


I am only writing to you now because our neighbor was kind enough to give us a heads up that the local Tractor Supply store got in 100 precious generators and we decided to break the piggy bank open and rush over to get one. We got lucky and where able to snag one! Once the word spread they went really fast!!! I will just say this, people are nuts when they start to panic and that's what they are starting to do, PANIC! There's lots of people out there who will not be surviving the Zombie Apocalypse when it happens because.....they panic!  We on the other hand will be able to shoot the zombies in the head as we run to pick up firewood to stay warm!  I find it fairly interesting that we won't have power for perhaps 14 more days, but the internet people have their lines all repaired and up and running??  Weird huh JCP&L???   But hey, there's lots of free firewood now to pick up along the side of the road. 

We snagged a generator!! As you can see people are picking up free roadside fire wood!
Sgt getting free firewood, take note to the sagging power line!

Trees are gone everywhere so is power 
Can't go down this road....see the really BIG tree across the road in front of the blue car.  

I won't even begin to tell you how hard it is to get gas right now....you really can't around here yet (and I live in west New Jersey) as gas stations run on electricity :( If you do chance on a gas station that is running the wait is 1/2 mile long and the gas goes fast. As I stated above, everyone is in the OMG panic mode. 

We are very lucky as nothing was destroyed on our property!  We also have heat and water from our rain barrels.  All I have to say is, bring on the zombies!