Wednesday, September 30, 2009

October Estate Sale Fun

I have found some very good estate sales to go to in October! Check out what I have my little eye on now!

Are they not the dreamest lamps you've ever seen?? I'm guessing Continental Art Company lamps.

I also hit on the mother load of heywake furniture! Running across an estate sale with this much heywake in the house is extremely rare. Here's a peek at some of it.

I swear there were excellent conditioned pieces of heywake furniture all over the house hidden with junk piled up on it!

Here's another auction coming up in October that has a killer heywake bedroom set!

It's a happening month for heywake furniture....I bet the evil heywake dealer will be there and all I will get to do is drool on myself a little! hehehehe

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Because some of you have asked...

lazy day in my freddies....

I am wearing...
Freddies of Pinewood dungarees...Great dungarees but I recommend ordering for your hip size versus waist size. These jeans are tighter in the hips but huge on my waist. I have heard this complaint often from many of us hourglass shaped gals!

Keds....I love my keds and they're having an awesome sale right now so go check it out!

Vintage 50's sweater...From my favorite gal, Vintage Joann's Shop! It also came with the matching black skirt.

Monday, September 28, 2009

Goodbye Mamacita

Goodbye Mamacita...Good luck with your new forever home....I will miss you :(
I swear to God, I am never doing this foster thing again! *sniff sniff*

I am now left with poor little Mr Hissy Pants! Who is right now hiding some where in my basement afraid of everything. I don't know why he's this way?? He has known me since he was born but still runs away and hisses at me? He's such a cute little devil though!

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Drum Roll Please...........

...and the winner of DeluxeVille's 100 follower atomic 50's clock radio giveaway is.........


Okay girl send me an email with your info!

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Hello Lovely Readers

Just a quick hello to let everyone know the 1950's giveaway contest is now closed! I will draw a name tonight and let you all know the big WINNER tomorrow!

Also, if you are on facebook with me... I totally got hacked and I have no idea what is going on with my account as I can no longer gain access. Please don't open or follow any link to something I sent you as it is not me! Will the real MaryDeluxe please stand up, please stand up!

The real MaryDeluxe hopes you all have a swell weekend!

Monday, September 21, 2009

Antonio Ballatore My New Crush

I haven't been watching much TV lately so, I completely missed the new season of design star. Well, to be very honest I haven't watched a season of design star since the first season. I thought the whole show was rather lame and the designers never did anything really interesting in my book. Last night I happened to be flipping channels and saw this guy, Antonio Ballatore on HGTV and thought...Hubba, Hubba... where have you been all my life Mr Design Star. I wasn't expecting a guy like him to show up on HGTV. There's just nothing MaryDeluxe loves better then a sexy man with a pencil behind his ear holding a big drill and screwing something into place! *wink wink* I'm so naughty!

And I totally dig his design style! Might even have to steal that back splash idea for my kitchen!

So gals, what do you think? Would you let Antonio come over and fix up your place?? Me personally, just might have to drive my car through the wall so he would be stuck here a real long time! And in case the whole crush thing doesn't work out with Antonio, I will also keep the back up crush that I have had for years on Neil Fallon of Clutch. Yes, as weird as it may be, this little vintage, rockabilly girl has always had a huge thing for the band Clutch and the vocals of Neil Fallon?

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Goodbye Mr Runty

Well, Mr Runty went off to his new home tonight....I am left with one buddy boy to find a home for. I think he will be the hardest to place as he is extremely shy and prone to hiss when scared. Who is gonna want a kitten like that? I must work on trying to socialize him better. I hope Mr. Runty makes me proud! Good luck Mr Runty, you little charmer you!! I will now go cry salty tears into my pillow....

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Vintage Barkcloth

Oh how I love vintage barkcloth! Spending some time today making curtains.

I am also enjoying seeing all my lurkers come out to say hello! Hello everyone! Thanks for all your lovely comments and for stopping by!

Saturday Auction Finds

Not only did I run across the very cool atomic radio in my giveaway but I also found a few other things.

A 50's Skotch Kooler with the Skotch Ice cans.

For Monica at Black Olives On My Fingertips....Vintage stir sticks!

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Open House

I like houses. I like to drive by houses and look at them. I might have even driven by your house, taken a picture or two and drooled over your little gem. I like to visit open houses. I like houses of the mid century variety. Today, I went to this open house and drooled all over it. This house will be sold at an Estate Sale coming up on Sept. 26th. I think the real estate action guy was impressed with my use of the word WOW! The place had some great original style to it with a mix of hmmmm I don't get it??

WOW look at that light! I don't get the Asian style doors to the coat closet???

WOW look at that original kitchen with gun metal/ metal cabinets...I don't get the floors???

WOW check out that glass mirrored built in and wood floors...what's up with that fancy light fixture?? Not very MCM.

WOW an original pink bathroom...what's up with that wall paper?

WOW cool shower doors...the bath room made me dizzy...who wall papers the ceiling??

The master bed room bath.

basement rec room

WOW cute porch but what's up with the style of architecture for the porch roof?? Where are my straight lines??

A DeluxeVille Give Away

The moment you have all been waiting for...okay maybe just the moment I've been waiting for?? Other then just being super busy and stressed with the beginning of the new school year (yup, they've got us teachers jumping through flaming hoops again!) I have been really stumped about what might be a good give away item for my 100 followers... in the time it took me to figure it out, I am up to 111....I'm a slacker. I just wanted something that would work for both the fellas and the dolls, it had to be vintage, and super atomic cool! And today at auction, I found it peeking out of a cardboard box. I love this little 50's clock radio and it screamed buy me and give me away! So, who could argue with a cute atomic radio like that. I brought it home, cleaned it up, plugged it in and I'm happy to report it works great. It's color is light beige so it will go with any decor. I happen to already have a similar GE clock radio in pink and love mine so I'm sure who ever wins will love theirs too!

A late 1950's G E clock radio!

Here's How to Enter:
The contest is open to *all fans* of Welcome to DeluxeVille! So, if you're a fan of DeluxeVille and want to be entered in the 50's clock radio giveaway:

  • leave me a comment below and I will enter you in the drawing
  • if you leave a comment and also link me in your blog, I will put your name in twice! Make sure you tell me you are linking me in your blog when you leave your comment so I can put your name in the drawing twice and don't miss you!
My Atomic Fella will be drawing the winner on September 26, 2009.... see how I put all the pressure on him!

*All Fans means: whether you have a blog or not, are follower 5 or 119, never comment but like to lurk, and you can live anywhere)

Monday, September 7, 2009

R & K Originals Girl

I've been hearing lots of buzz about vintage Swirl dresses recently. Apparently Swirl dresses are the must have vintage dress to own! They are cotton, comfortable and easy to wear. The perfect thing for a busy housewife to wear while doing chores. Now, don't get me wrong, I also love seeing a cute Swirl dress from time to time, but my heart belongs to R & K Originals dresses. An R&K dress was what the busy housewives put on after the chores were done and they needed to step outside of the home. Yup, that's right, you heard it here first...I'm a R&K Originals gal! There's just something about how an R&K dress is made to compliment the female body! I have owned a few wonderful R&K dresses in my time and loved them all! Here's a recent late 1940's R&K dress that I ran across over the weekend and couldn't resist buying even though I thought it might be to big on me. I was right, it's to big on me but I'm debating on having it altered to fit! It's just a basic dress that happens to look AMAZING on!

Here's a little snippet about R&K from the Vintage Fashion Guild.....


'For the girl who knows clothes' R & K Originals was a New York
clothing company situated on Broadway that sold fashionable and well-made but affordable and moderately priced clothes. They were established in 1932 by the R & K Dress Corporation of New York. The label is still active today.

I'm guessing the fabric to maybe be sharkskin? The fabric definitely has a sheen to it and I do believe sharkskin was around and being used in the late 1940's.

So, you've heard it here first....if you don't already own a few R&K dresses, go find some! They are well made, amazing dresses in all kinds of won't be disappointed.

Friday, September 4, 2009


Guess what I got today! Finally!!! I got my counter tops installed! Now I just have to figure out what to do about the back splash?? I was going to tile but I'm debating about doing a metal stainless back splash similar to what I put up to cover the crappy tile that was there before! I kinda liked it.

You can see in the picture above, I mocked up the old metal back splash that had been covering my tile before I did demo. It would be easy and cheap to just throw up a metal back splash for now until I get time to tile? I have so much work to do to get my kitchen back to functional and clean!

Thursday, September 3, 2009

East Coast MCM Homes

Frank Weise MCM Home

Who knew there were so many extremely cool MCM homes located in the Philadelphia region. "The Fella" sent me a very fab link to the website Modern Homes Philadelphia that documents a lot of the MCM homes designed by the famous architects of that era. There's even a very significant Frank Weise home for sale.... just under $750,000!

Check out the Modern Home Time Line of when some of these houses were built around the Philadelphia region. Some amazing pictures of some very amazing houses! Oh my, here's a list of ones that are for sale... there's even a Frank Loyd Wright house for rent!