Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Kitten Adventures Part I

One of the adventures I've been having recently has been of the kitten variety. A few weeks back, I witnessed a very small kitten run across our back garden. This was enough to make Sgt decide to set out our "have a heart" trap (or perhaps he did it to stop my whining?) to see if we could catch a kitten. After a few days, we caught a tiny little kitten with a very big purr (who has already been adopted!!!!), but it wasn't the kitten we originally saw, so the trap went back out to the yard. Over the past few weeks we have slowly caught four tiny little 3-4 month old kittens that some "not so nice person" decided to dump off in our backyard in the middle of Winter.  Which brings us to...a very cute adoptable kitten named Mason!

Mason is a handsome, little, Seal Point Siamese boy who was caught about seven days ago with his brother Max.  He's about 4 months old.  I'm currently working on his socialization skills as he is suffering from trauma and is very scared.  I am working with Gateway Regional Rescue to help get him adopted to a good kitty loving home.  The adoption will be done through Gateway and the adoption fee, which includes shots and neutering, is $100.  Right now, I think his best placement would be in a quiet home without dogs or children.  I think another cat would be great for him as he is very connected to his brother.  I would love to find a home that would want both him and his brother but that might be difficult to find?  If you are interested or know someone in the local NJ/PA/NY and possibly VA area who might be interested in adopting this sweet but shy little guy, please send me an email at... Marydeluxe53@ gmail dot com.




Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Happy Holidaze!

I am still here and all is well.
Oh the adventures I have been having!
May you all have a safe and Happy Holiday Season!