Sunday, January 31, 2010

The Winner Is!!!!!!!!

Congratulations Tart Deco!!!
Please send me your address..... Marydeluxe53 at gmail dot com

Newspaper Party

Look MaryDeluxe got dressed today!! It's a freakin miracle!! I'm also going out!!! Wow, I'll try not to over do it! My kitties also had a newspaper party as I was reading the morning paper!

Sweater: H&M... leopard baby!
Wool Skirt: Vintage 50's
Boots: Circa John & David
Attitude: Perky!

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Playing Fetch

I know you have asked yourself many times...It's Saturday Night, I wonder what Miss MaryDeluxe is doing tonight?? *I know you all don't really care what I'm doing on a Saturday night...just play along, alright!* Well, I like to play a little game called "Get the Dart Bosche" with my cat, Bosche. The game consists of me sitting on my bedroom floor and throwing a little orange dart (from my dart gun) over my loft and down to the living room! Trust me, with a bottle of wine, it's an endless good time!

The first game is a complete fail! But it gives you a good idea of the set up of DeluxeVille! Plus Milo is being cute! Yes, I do call my cat a loser in this video but I do it with love and affection. I also sound like a congested chipmunk in the videos so you might want to turn the sound off...I'm just saying! Oh yeah, Bosche has no tail, she's a Manx, so don't be freaked out about that...I'm just saying!

The Gangs All Here

Hey all! Thanks for all your lovely and encouraging words in regards to my last post. Most of the time I am a very positive, happy, perky gal but man, my last 2 weeks of work have been stressful and on top of work, I'm taking a graduate course right now! What was I thinking with that one?? Add to that some good old fashioned girl hormones and bingo, you get a Blue MaryDeluxe. Wow! I think I just created my new favorite drink. I'll have a Blue MaryDeluxe please, shaken not stirred with a side of chocolate! Look, my sense of humor is back, I must be on the up swing!

I would also like to say a special thank you to my favorite buddy Mick from Everyone Goes to Mick's.... who made me smile when he sent me a picture of his very cool ..."MaryDeluxe" inspired living room! How cool is that? Pretty damn cool! I hear from many of you often that a post I make has inspired you in some amazing way and I just want to say, it makes my little heart feel good knowing that people are inspired by the things I post! You all inspire me to keep on keepin on! I truly am a very lucky gal to have so many wonderful friends with such damn good tastes! :)

Mick's Casablanca

Much love to you all!


Thursday, January 28, 2010

Blue Mary

I've got the blues and on top of that I had a rotten day. I just can't begin to tell you how tired I am. Not just physically tired but emotionally and mentally too. I'm tired of my life, I'm tired of my job, I'm tired of winter, I'm tired of people taking and taking from me and never giving anything in return. I'm so tired of being me...the giver. When is it my turn? When do I get to have someone ask me how I'm doing without it being about something they are trying to get from me. Maybe that's just my lot in life...the girl who always gets screwed over...the girl who's good but never good enough...the girl who wears her heart on her sleeve and makes it so easy for everyone to abuse her.

So, I'm sad and grumpy and this post is meant just for me....because these are things that make me happy.

Silly Kitties


Vintage shoes

Cool mail boxes

My front garden in the summer time

Bare feet and hot rods

Home made Mac&Cheese

My back garden in the summer time

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

A Night Out With George And Fran

In this letter, George and Fran must have had one hell of a night on the town! Fran's friend Tess must have had a few to many according to how Grandpa describes it. Which one of the three gals on the left do you think is Tess? I'm voting for the one in the middle! She looks like a wild one at heart! Not Fran(2nd from right) of course, she's the sensible one!

March 21, 1941

Dear Fran:

Just got up from the supper table, and boy oh boy did I eat well. Sauerkraut, pork and all the trimmings. I believe I must have eaten enough for ten men, I sure was hungry. Liz sure can cook.

How was my Fran this morning?If you got up in time to go to church this morning, my hat's off to you honey. I had a hell of a time getting out at 7, and then I had a relapse from 3 to 5. The day bed in the egg house sure comes in handy on rainy days and the day after the night before. If you get what I mean.

I bet Tess was in a hell of a shape today. Poor thing. I felt like kicking myself today, for not trying to stop her last night, but she didn't seem extra bad at the time. I was that way a couple of times, but never again. It's terrible. If you see her, tell her I still think she's O.K. But not as nice as my honey, she's sensible. And I would like to have the favor of us go out again. What ya say? By the way Fran did your Mother say any thing, about your coming in so late. And you still owe me 15 minutes from last night. My clock was fast.

You sure did look delovely last night Fran honey, and I was a bit jealous, when you made goo-goo eyes at the boys in the orchestra, but I will forgive you this time if you promise to give me all your attention the next time.

Well, I guess I had better close, and go out and turn the eggs in the incubator. I won't put anything silly in my letter this time.

P.S. Did you find your picture?

Monday, January 25, 2010

More George

What the hell grandpa?? I don't know what he did but he sure must have been in trouble. Did I ever mention that it's really hard to read his handwriting. Some of the words I'm not to sure about. Like, George mentions that Dot was hitting the Calvert...but it's hard to make out the word. Obviously he's referring to some type of booze probably a specific brand. George makes reference to loving Fran and Bernie to much...I believe Bernie is one of Fran's younger twin sisters Beatrice and Bernice. (see below)

March 18, 1941

Mon. Eve
Dear Fran:
Or perhaps I should call you Miss. Weaver, after recieving your letter this morning I had to force myself to read it. I was expecting much worse or maybe I am use to catching hell. Leaving out some parts, I thought it was a lovely letter. (nothing bothers me) at times.

Gosh what a day this was, out here along the roaring Bermudian. Right now it's down to 10 above zero and still dropping. You might get your skating lesson after all. But I would rather show you some signs of spring, which I sure wish were here. Every day we see wild geese flying north. Dot said she saw a robin on Sunday. I believe she must have been hitting the Calvert.

I sure am anxious for Wed. or maybe I should say was, I hope you don't get this Thursday. Lets go dancing for awhile Wed, then maybe I can break one of your ribs, which will just about put me in the right with you. Eh what?I hope I don't love you and Bernie to much.

By the way Honey, did you find what I was talking about, in my letter? I'll bet you did. Now I feel lower then a snake in a wagon rut. I'll try to think up a good line to hand you Wed. night to smooth things over between me and you.

If you get time honey, look at the Pall-Mall add. She reminds me of you. (don't inc. this) Well will close now and hit the hay. The boss wants to go to Lancaster tomorrow.
Love George xxxxxxxx
P.S. Don't believe a word of this letter.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Auctions Part One: Farmersville

I get a lot of emails asking me where exactly do I find my cool crap. 90% of what I've collected over the years have come from auctions and estate sales. So, I always point people to auction zip because that's the easiest place to start find interesting auctions. Most auction places will list what they have coming up for sale on this site. This website shows auctions throughout the United States but not all states use this site. You really have to become familiar with the different auction companies in your area and keep an eye on their personal websites. I'm extremely lucky and happen to live in an area that is over saturated with auction houses. Everyday of the week I could go to an auction if I wanted to. The difference between an auction house and a estate sale in my area basically comes down to location. Estate sales are held at the sellers house so location varies and everything is sold there, even the house! At an auction house, things are sold there at the same location on a regular basis. Some auctions companies make you pay a buyer's premium (a percentage additional charge) on top of what ever it is you purchase. Every place is different and very few places in my area do a buyer's premium anymore. Also in my area, everybody has the same chance of buying the same thing. All bidders have a bidding number and when the auctioneer puts your item up for sale anyone with a number can bid. There's none of this stupid get in a line and we leave five people in at a time crap. That's just stupid...who thought of that?? Competition is better idiots, you can make more money that way.

Please keep in mind as you are auction surfing that in most cases, unless it's a specialty auction, you are not going to come across all the things you are looking for at one auction. You all know from reading my blog that most times I go to an auction because there might be one thing there I want. It has taken me a really long time to get to the place I am with my collecting. Now of course you don't need to collect this way, with ebay you can find anything and have it on Tuesday. But really, how thrilling is that? Part of the passion for me is finding it myself and not paying an arm and a leg for it in the process.

The summer is when I do most of my auction hunting as I'm on vacation. One of my favorite auction houses to hit up when the weather gets warmer is Farmersville Auction. I love picking through junk and finding things other people overlook or deem not worthy enough. Not to toot my own horn or anything but I'm a very good junk picker!

As you can see from the pictures, it's a sea of very cool junk and lots of Amish and Mennonite people! To go to an auction like this, you have to see potential in crap and have a good memory because things that go together are spread all over the place....remember my junk treasure post! I found every thing in that post there and spent less then $40 for it all. I have yet to go to this auction and not find something interesting to look at. Once I went and saw a bunch of beautiful old coal stoves. Are they not the most amazing things??!!

How about an old Brooklyn Brewery keg?? You can find it in the junk piles!

Here's a bunch of crap I got many years ago from the junk piles for less then $25! The white cart I use in my classroom for my kids to store their ceramic projects on.

What else have I found on the junk piles at Farmersville you may ask?? Well over the years, I have pulled from the junk piles my 1947 Admiral tv and that very cool atomic foot stool (see Kim's post...every now and then they come up on if you don't read Kim's blog you should as she is the funniest!) you see in front of my sofa in this picture below! Notice in this picture below I didn't have my heywake coffee table yet!

Not only does Farmerville Auction have an outside junk picking pile but they also have a regular auction of the "good stuff" inside and sell furniture in the evening! They also have a food stand there and make some of the best ice cream ever! Yum!

So, where is MaryDeluxe on a Tuesday in the summer time? Why, she's at Farmersville auction picking through the junk piles! Stop over and say hi!

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Blog Loving

I have known Inky for a while now online and I will have to say that this woman has lead a most interesting life! From her old school punk rock days to her now glamorous vintage lovin life, she's seen it all. What more can I say, she's cool and I dig her...not to mention she's got great syle and is super nice to boot! Some of you are lucky like me and already have the pleasure of knowing Mrs. Inky and her blog Shrinky Inky's Fine Adventures! If you don't, go follow her...she wants to do a giveaway when she hits 100 followers and I'm betting she's got good stuff!

I'm also going to send you over to check out The Temperamental Broad blog. How cute is she?? And just like the rest of us, this little rockabilly gal is vintage obsessed too. She also needs more friends...go follow her!

Okay everyone...class dismissed! Now go play nice and tell em MaryDeluxe sent you!



I ran across this website when I was looking for some fun new vintage inspired T-shirts to wear. I also happen to love hard working independent ladies who create very cool things! So, MaryDeluxe loves Fluff and so should you! I soooo know you want a T-shirt now don't ya!!



Tuesday, January 19, 2010

March 14 1941

Grandpa is still up to his old tricks and sharing lots of stories about life on the farm!

Late Wed. Night
Dear Fran
After working about six hours today, off and on, I finally caught up on the egg supply. Gosh were they dirty. So now I have lots of time on my hands, until tomorrow night then it starts all over again.

Right now I'm suppose to be playing nurse maid to one of the cows, which is expecting the stork. If you know what that means. A farm sure does expand in early spring. Did you notice I said early Fran, right now it is snowing. I guess old man weather thought I was going out again tonight, like last Wed.

I sure did sleep like a log last night, or should I say this morning. The only trouble it wasn't long enough. And now since we have a house keeper, I don't have chance to take a short siesta. So at the present time I feel like something the cat was dragging around. I imagine you feel the same way, after all my pawing and mawing last night. But I will do it again. Next Wed. I hope it's nice, I hope Tom drives, I hope you still love me Fran, I hope it keeps up, I hope it keeps getting worse.
Am I hoping for to much? Some time I will tell you the other things I am hoping for.

Well honey I guess I had better close and go to bed, before I fall asleep in the ink bottle.

Love and kisses,
your George, I mean yours.

This is a picture of me, maybe I was 4 and my Great Uncle Ed. I was helping unload firewood. As you can see, I have my work gloves on. That's Uncle Ed's toolbox ...see how my love of men with tools started at a young age! Something tells me I was probably more trouble then helpful. I love when I read grandpa's letter's and he talks about my Great Uncle Ed. Ed was grandpa's brother and he was my most favorite Great Uncle in the whole wide world. I loved him dearly...I still do. He passed away when I was in 8th grade. I miss you Uncle Ed.

March 17, 1941

Dear Fran:

Ed's in the egg house cutting ham, Cat's pounding away on the portable, Dot's up in her room sawing wood, Geo. has the best job of all, writing to his honey. Finished my days work about six o'clock tonight, and now don't know what to do with myself. And it's such a swell evening, a full moon, nice and warm but no woman.

If it's raining or snowing on Wed. you are going to hear some swell French, and I don't mean about that "Farmer" Tom French. I'm also sharpening my teeth so beware.

Fran honey, I hope I didn't get you in dutch, by coming in there last night. But I sure was anxious to see you, as I am now. Wish I could get a hair cut every night.

Will you tell me if I did the wrong thing. If so I will come back again. If not I will come back anyway. In plain words, I enjoy your nearness, Dearest.

"Back to work" Old man stork finally arrived this morning and left a 85 pound bull calf. More veal for the "Antic Locker". We are looking for him again tomorrow, in the hog department. He sure has lots of work around here at the present time.

Well honey I'm getting hungry, so will close this, and dig something up to eat before hitting the hay. I can hear Ed out in the kitchen, munching away, so I will start an investigation. So long.

Love George

Monday, January 18, 2010

Here's Looking at You Kid

This is for Mick who tagged me over on his blog Everyone Goes to Mick's. Everyone goes should go there too.

So, apparently I'm suppose to put up a picture that represents me. Oh boy, geee wizz thanks Mick , I'm gonna really have to think about this one because the possibilities are of course limitless. How could I possibly chose just one picture that represents who I am as a person. Then I started thinking...for the most part, the people who read my blog (you all) see a one sided view of me. You see this smiling vintage loving image of me but in all reality that is only one side of me and the other side is nothing but a big goofy, dork! So, I thought why not show that side of me... the dark side!

At times....okay really it's all the time, I am known for making really strange faces to display my emotional feelings towards something. Common statements heard from my students are as follows....Miss stop looking at me like that, Miss what's wrong with your face, Miss didn't like that, look at her face...etc etc. I could so never be a card shark...everyone would know what I had in my hand just by looking at my face. So, here it is Mick....this one's for you and please notice there are no carrot sticks shoved up my nose! The side of me you never see.....

Now, I'm sure you are all asking.."what the hell happened to poor MaryDeluxe for her to make a face like that??" Am I constipated?? No! Am I practicing my Mr Yuck impersonation?? No...but the resemblence is uncanny don't ya think. I mean except for the green part. So what then MaryDeluxe??

Well first off this picture is from like 5 years ago and at the time I was living with my favorite ex-bf! He and I were like the bestest of friends and we did so many fun projects together (look how much fun I'm's written all over my face!)....and as you can see, I got my coveralls on and I'm sitting on the hood of what was my 53 Ford and damn if I didn't just bust up the new front windsheild that we almost had completely put in. Do you know how hard it is to put a windsheild in a car...this was the second attempt and the second broken windsheild. Broken window+ pissed off MaryDeluxe = Mary Yuck Face. But the picture is priceless!!! So, there you go Mick....... Goofy MaryDeluxe woman of 1,000 faces!

Who wants to play my game??? Duck, Duck, Duck....Goose! I tag...

Monica a Collector of the Kitsch @ Black Olives on My Fingertips
The Inkster @ ShrinkyInky's Fine Adventure
The Sassy Little Mama, Art Deco Dame@ Pretty Little Things
Miss CherryBubbles @ Past Life Vintage Living in a Modern World
MissB @Living in the Past

January 18, 1964

Happy 46th Wedding Anniversary to my Aunt Georgia and Uncle Joe!!

Miss Georgia Ann DeVine daughter of Mr. and Mrs. George C DeVine New Oxford and Joseph Conrad Becker son of Mr. Mr. and Mrs. Joseph C Becker New Oxford were married Saturday at 10am at Immaculate Conception Church New Oxford.

Rev. Arnoldin performed the double ring ceremony and was celebrant for the nuptial Mass. Miss Josita Bevenor New Oxford cousin of the bride was soloist. Miss Maria Noel New Oxford was the organist.

The bride was given in marriage by her father. (Grandpa!!!) Miss Mary Frances DeVine (my Mommy!!!) sister of the bride and Miss Mary Frances Krichten McSherrystown were bridesmaids. John Becker New Oxford brother of the Bridegroom was best man. Ushers were Dennis H Eltz McSherrystown and Douglas Long Hanover.

About 150 guests attended a reception at the church Social hall. The couple will reside at 36 Nth St. McSherrystown.

Mrs. Becker is a graduate of Delone Catholic High School McSherrystown and is employed by Blough-Wagner Mfg Co. Inc. She is a student at Peg Horn's School of Cosmetology. Mr. Becker is a graduate of New Oxford High School and served in the US Army in Germany. He is employed by Schultz Chevrolet Inc.

That's my mommy aka the blond bombshell on the left but Aunt Georia is quite the blond bombshell herself! Way to go Uncle Joe!

My Mom has told me stories about what great dancers Uncle Joe and Aunt Georgie use to be! She said they looked amazing together out there on the dance floor! Apparently Uncle Joe was pretty smooth on the dance floor! I've seen them a few times dancing at family weddings over the years and it's very obvious that they've had a lot of fun dancing together. I wonder if that's how they met? I'll have to ask about that one. Don't you just LOVE the jacket my aunt is wearing in that top picture!!! I wonder if she still has it and her dress?

*All pictures provided by my sassy cousin Sheri....daughter of the above! Oh and more thingy...if you look at the post of my grandfather holding the hands of 2 little kids, The little one on the right is Aunt Georgie!

Sunday, January 17, 2010

More Love Letters From 1941

In this letter George talks about a not so pleasant moment with Fran. What did you do Grandpa?? I guess Grandpa didn't think it was very unpleasant at all. I can just imagine Grandma telling the priest about her most unpleasant moment with Grandpa the next day in confession. I wonder how many Hail Mary's she got for that one?? Good excuse though Grandpa....a fella and a gal can't go around all the time praying...classic! Something tells me that if Fran's Mother knew about the not so pleasant moment, she would worry more when Fran goes out with George!

February 26, 1941

Dearest Fran

Received your letter yesterday, which sure was a surprise, and this is the first chance I have had to answer it. I was going to write last night but I worked until 12:30 disinfecting chicken fountains for the peeps, then I had to get up early this morning and help load hogs, with the boss. A swell job before breakfast, you should try it some time. I believe you would eat better.

Fran, I am glad to hear that your Mother doesn't worry when you are with me. It makes a man feel good to know that. I know that my Mother thinks a lot of you because she is never up when I get home, as long as she knows that I am going out with you, everything is ok. As far as our not so pleasant moment that you call it Fran, it looked alright to me at the time, because I sure do love you Fran, and I believe that you feel the same about me, at least I hope so. A fellow and girl can't go around all the time praying, after all we are only human. But i guess we can find other things to do, to keep us occupied, when we are together. And I want us to be together for a long, long time.

Things out here on the farm are moving along rather nicely, we are beginning to see some sure signs of spring. Five of the hogs are getting ready to have pigs, and incidentally we had twin lambs today. Mother and children are doing ok. That's three lambs out of two sheep, not bad. Six more sheep to go. Well honey I have lots more to tell you, but will wait until I see you. It seems that Friday will never get here. Good nite Fran.
Love George

My Grandpa the cad! Thanks for not praying all the time Grandpa!

Fran worked as a telephone switch board operator for the local telephone company in New Oxford. I believe that one or two of her sisters also worked there too. I will have to check on that more? I do love how once again George gets inappropriate and asks for the job with her as long as he could work with one hand! I'm also not sure what he means by his P.S. comment?

March 4, 1941

Dear Fran : -

Please excuse me for not writing at an earlier date, but this is the first chance I have had to let you know, that I am still thinking of the most beautiful, most precious, one and only, piece of humanity in the United States, including Canada, all points, N.E.S. and W. Hi honey.

Boy oh boy, what a weekend, snow shoveling from 6:30 Sat morning until 5 Sat night. I don't care if I never see snow again. There wasn't a bit of snow in the fields, it all seemed to drift out on to the road.

Coming home Sat morning I tried to drive around one of the drifts and skid into a ditch, so there I was at 2 in the morning, a mile from home and without a shovel. The next time I will listen to Mother. So I left the car sit, and walked home, boy my ears are still thawing.

It took the neighbors, a tractor and about 3 hours of shoveling to get the car out the next morning. After that we had to open the rest of the road.

The neighbors sure had a swell time kidding me. But I told them the date I had the night before was worth it so that shut them up.

How about seeing you again Friday? Or do you work that night? If so, write and let me know what night suits you best. They're all the same to me.

How's everything in N.O./ including yourself? And how did you make out with the night operator? if I can work the same hours as you do, I'll take the job. Providing I can do the work with one hand.

Well honey I guess I had better close and hit the hay. it's 12:30. If you can't make this out, blame it on the shoveling. so long Fran.


P.S. a few pills, for your strange illness

Happy Birthday DeluxeVille!

Can you believe it? Welcome to DeluxeVille turned one on January 5th and I totally missed it! See, this is why I don't have children. I could just imagine the places I would accidentally leave them...."Hey, lady there's a baby on the roof of your car!" I would totally be Joan Crawford for sure..."WIRE HANGERS!! How dare you bring wire hangers into my vintage house." you've forced me to beat you with them. Okay, I'm so just joking about this...I have yet to lose a student on a field trip and I try really hard not to slap them around. But maybe that's because those are other people's children??? hehehehe

Anyway, back to my point of this whole post...Happy Birthday DeluxeVille!! I would also like to take a moment to thank you all for reading, commenting, making me laugh, and in general making me feel less alone in this vintage obsession of mine. It's just really nice to know there are so many other vintage whack jobs out there in the world just like me! I heart you all!

To reward you for all your love and devotion, DeluxeVille is having a giveaway! Yes, I said giveaway!!! So, it's my pleasure to present the DeluxeVille Birthday Giveaway 2010!

Yes, that's's ALL for one lucky lover of DeluxeVille! A perfect kit for any vintage loving 50's gal!
This all vintage giveaway includes.....
  • purse
  • coin purse
  • eye glasses
  • eye glasses case
  • chiffon scarf
  • clip on earrings
  • sparkle hat with rhinestones
  • secrets of hair styling....I would tell you more about it but it's a secret! shhhhhhh
To enter for the giveaway all you have to do is leave me a comment telling me what was your most favorite DeluxeVille post from the last year! Maybe it was the time I set off my parents security system and the police came? Or perhaps it was one of my many ER visits from last year?? hehehehe With all my extremely amazing adventures, the possibilities are endless!


Thursday, January 14, 2010

Hot Rod Days

I got a hot rod Ford
and a two dollar bill

And I know a spot right over the hill

There's soda pop and the dancin' free

But if you wanna have fun come along with me

Dear Ex-boyfriend, I never told you this but I use to drive the car around all the time when you were at work! :)
Your best gal...

Monday, January 11, 2010

A Woman's Ruin

A woman's ruin is....
Falling in love with houses that I can never have. I also have a bad habit of falling in love with men I can't have. (Call me Antonio...bring your tools!!) I 've also discovered that it's way easier to get over not getting the man verses the house! :) (see Antonio, I can live without you but could I borrow your tools??) Here's the house I've fallen in love with recently.... and of course there's this guy at the gym but I don't think he knows I exist...hmmm I wonder if he's got power tools???

Sunday, January 10, 2010

February 24, 1941

I think George laid it on a little thick in this letter. But really, who could blame him! Watch out Frances! It sounds like my grandfather had a hard time keeping his hands to himself. swell girl. George's one and only best girl in the wide, wide world.

Dearest Frances

Once more I sit at home, all by myself, in a dark, dark, mood wishing my Fran were here to put me back in the pink. Gosh how I do miss you Hon.

Dad and Jim came up tonight, and after supper they went to look at tractors, taking Mother along, and dropping her off at Bermudian for a lesson in knitting, or what ever it is she is doing. So here I sit, with hundreds of beautiful young hens out in the chicken house and not a hand anywhere for me to hold. By the way Fran, how is your hand? I am awfully sorry I acted so beastly last night, and I won't do it again. (Till the next time) Which will be Friday. If I am not over there by 7:15 I will see you in church, so leave room in your pew for me.

Well this morning at breakfast I asked Mother what she thought of my honey, she just gave me one of her sly smiles, and said she wasn't ready to make a statement, but that it was all right if I brought you around again, I believe she thinks you are swell, only she won't tell me. One of the pups you were holding last night, asked me this morning who the swell girl was, and if you were going to be around very much, I said what do you think I'm praying for. Rain?

How did the church dinner go today? If I would have had time I could have gone for some oysters, but as it is I don't believe I will get there at all, such is life on a farm, you get about one night off a week, and then when you go to see your one and only best girl in the wide, wide world she sends you home in 3 1/2 hours. I believe I will strike for longer hours. Would you mind?

Well it's time to turn the lights off the chickens, and start scraping eggs, 4 baskets to wade through, so I will close, and remain, with all my love

February 10, 1941

In 1941 my grandfather George lived on a farm with his brother Edward and 2 sisters Catherine and Dorthy( my sassy aunt Dot ). None of them were farmers so I'm not really sure why they decided to go in that direction. From the letters he writes to Frances, I believe he was trying his hand at chicken farming. Some where along the way this venture must have failed for him. When ever George refers to "the girls" in his letters, he is talking about Aunt Dot and Aunt Catherine.

Aunt Dot, George, Grt Grandmother, Grt Grandfather, Uncle Ed, Aunt Catherine

Sunday Night

Dear Fran:-

Just finished checking on the incubator for the last time and before going to bed, to toss and turn, thought this would be a pretty good time to dash off a few lines to my dear Fran, a swell girl.

This morning after coming home from church, and eating a quick breakfast, I dashed down to the incubator room to check up, as usual, and much to my surprise, there were a few chicks hatched out, so I guess it won't be long now, tomorrow is the 21st day, and I expect to be the proud father of 1500 chicks. I will bring you a cigar Saturday. That was one of the reasons why I left church so quick this morning, and I also knew if I did see you Fran, I would want a date, which I can't have now until Sat. the 15, only six more days, but each one like a week. I sure will enjoy seeing you again, and I'm hoping that works the other way.

When Mother came up from York today, she said that she expected to see Frances here, I think that she is getting anxious to meet you Fran, and I know that both Mother and Dad will like you as much as the rest of the family. Swell people at times.

The girls, also wanted to know when I am going to bring you to dinner. So we can get together and pick a date, for a Sunday if it's okay with you.
I have lots to tell you, but I will keep it until Saturday when I'll see you about eight or a little after. I want to go to church first.

Goodnight and lots of


January 25, 1941

In 1941 my Grandfather and Grandmother began dating. During that time, he wrote her numerous love letters. For some reason, I have all the love letters. I had promised my family members that I would copy the letters so that everyone would be able to read them. I started doing that on a blog back in the summer and once I went back to work...well, lets just say I got really busy. I'm going to try again...and not be a big lame O this time. I'm also going to put them on my main blog for all to enjoy! Now on to the cast of characters....

Character#1 My grandfather middle back row!

Character #2 My Grandmother last one on the left.

The first letter in my stack is dated January 25, 1941. I'm assuming George had just recently met Frances. I'm guessing that they probably met at church. George at the time lived on a farm in East Berlin, PA and Frances lived in the town of New Oxford which was about 15 miles away. And so began a DeVine Romance!

Dear Frances,

I believe at one time I told you that I did not like to write letters. Well you can start calling me a liar. Because here I sit, trying to think up some excuse for writing to you. The only thing I can find to blame it on is the snow, (10 inches of it) which will keep me from seeing you for a few days. But I have some wonderful memories, which will hold me for awhile.

Things sure are a mess out here in the sticks, with all the roads and lanes drifted shut. I suppo
se we will be shoveling the mile and 3/4 into town tomorrow morning at day break, so the farmers can get their milk out, and bring feed in for their stock. Lots of hard work, but you get something out of it that you can't buy for all the money in the world.

How is everything in New Oxford? I was looking for you Sunday, but you kept your word and went to late mass so I was disappointed once more. Such is life. But I am looking forward to the time when I can be in some ones company whom I enjoy very much, meaning F.M.W. What does the "M" stand for?

You sure did make a hit with my sisters, the other night at the church meeting. When they came up here Saturday, they told me all about the wonderful speech you delivered. I wish I had been there, but I can't bake cookies.

If you can make this letter out, and would like another, let me know. Hoping to see you soon, I remain, with love,
George C DeVine

A big thank you to my cousin who sent me a disc of old family pictures and also the research she did of the family history. I will try to not be a big lame o this time.