Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Gliding into Spring

I have a love for old gliders and recently picked up this one at an estate auction the other weekend.  I fell in love with its bright lime green and yellow floral pattern.  I'm always excited when I find all the original cushions in fab condition (once I cleaned the mouse turds off) with these gliders. 


I put the glider over in a semi shady spot so Sgt and I can sit with a cup of tea and watch the chickens meandering around scratching for bugs. I also picked up a few old Coronet magazines.  I think I'll save reading them for a nice warm Spring day, as the weather has decided to turn a bit to chilly and windy for my liking.  My Spring garden however, is loving the colder temps!


A few of my other vintage gliders I've shown here on the blog over the years...

This is a late 1930's Bunting Glider that I found in 2003.  I paid $1 for it at and estate auction around the block from my house.  I waited all day for them to sell this glider, it was one of the last things that they sold.  It had the original cushions  with it but I'm sorry to say they weren't in the best of condition :( I do however plan on someday having the cushions re-made so at least I have pictures to go on!  I doubt I can ever get a glider like this again for a dollar at an auction....maybe for $5 but never $1.

Then there is of course my shabby chic back porch glider from 2011...
Shabby Glider 

It didn't come with all the cushions, it was just a chippy little two seater glider that needs a new paint job.  I put on a cute set of bark cloth cushions I had laying around for a little extra softness! 
Vintage chic 

So are you starting to bust out your vintage patio furniture now that Spring is here?  Show me what you got going on!  Next weekend I hope to be taking my vintage patio umbrellas out for a good Spring cleaning!



Sunday, April 14, 2013

A Year of Chickens

It's been one year since Sgt and I got our first batch of laying chickens with three accidental roosters thrown in!  It's been a fun year and I have to say we've had no major problems with our flock as of this point.  It's been lots of fun raising them and not as much of a time investment as you might think.  There's of course routine maintenance but you have that with any animal.  In my opinion, the benefits of having chickens totally out weighs any maintenance involved in keeping them.




Before you start sending me hate email...yes, we harvested the three roosters.  They were mean, nasty assholes.  It's not necessary to have roosters with your hens...so they needed to go.  We debated about whether we should find someone to give them to or to just go ahead and slaughter them ourselves.  We decided since Sgt does eat chicken...(I don't eat meat, I haven't in over 20 years)...that we would harvest them and put em in the freezer.   Yes, I helped.  Sgt said it was the best chicken he's ever eaten....I took his word for it :). I do however eat eggs and nothing compares to a fresh egg omelet first thing in the morning.  


Keeping chickens, a most eggcellent experience!