Sunday, February 28, 2010

Happy Birthday Mom!

My Mom's birthday was yesterday...Happy Birthday Mom! I enjoyed spending the day shopping with you!

For my Mom....who reads my blog! Love you Mom!

The 40's....

My Mom was George and Fran's 3rd child. Fran's sister holding my Mom..

Mom, I know you will hate this but I always know it's you in old pictures because of your glasses. I also know you secretly hate all my cat eyeglasses because you hated wearing yours when you were a teen....if only you knew how cool us gals all think you looked in your glasses!

Onto the 70's..... because that's when you had me...your favorite daughter....shhh lets not tell Michele..our secret!

Remember that old 70's Nova and how you got so pissed off at those stupid seat belts because we would always get tripped up on them when climbing in the back seat that you took a pair of scissors and cut them out?? Hell, who needs seat belts and safety when you have "The Mom Arm" that would automatically go across your chest when ever there would be an unexpected need to apply the breaks. This must be a genetic thing as I also am predisposed to having "The Mom Arm" and I'm not even a Mom!

Here's yours truly, my brother, my Mom, and "that kid". I was a flower girl in my aunt's wedding. I liked the part about being the flower girl and carrying the basket of flowers but I didn't care much for "that kid". Remember how you MADE me hold his hand even though I didn't want to Mom?

See look...there's you MAKING me hold "that kid's" hand! I'm still traumatized over this Mom.

The 2000's

Me photographing...Mom, Sister in Law, Brother, Stepfather. Another wedding but no strange boy's hand to hold for me.... A happy day!

Happy Birthday Mom!

Saturday, February 27, 2010

Rat Rod Vespa 1962 VBB

I've been wanting a vintage Vespa for like forever and a day but they are really hard to find. I've been hoping to run across one at an auction but so far it hasn't happened. I did however recently run across this amazing one on Ebay.... Rat Rod Vespa 1962 VBB - Stripes by Lenny So Cal Speedy.... I've never seen one like this before... Mary Deluxe likes! Well done Steve in Vegas....a fine job you did do! I could just imagine the talk I would cause riding around on this hot little scooter......."Look Flossy, there goes that strange little redheaded vintage girl again on her motorcycle!" hehehehehe

Friday, February 26, 2010

# 8 .....Bake Bread

I am so counting this for my list of things to do in my 38th year! I made bread...almost the old fashioned way. Lets face it, just like the house wife of the 50's, I gave in to a gadget that would make my life easier in the kitchen. May I present to you my Welbilt bread machine, that I found cheap at auction the other week, and have affectionately nicknamed R2. I've been dying to clean R2 up and give him a go and what better day to do that then a snow day. So, off we go!

I think this is a fairly old bread machine from 1990 but top of the line for then. Nothing but the best junk for me! It's in super good condition and even came with recipe books. No complaints from me. How cute is this bread machine.... look at R2's loaf gettin toasty!

OMG...I'm so domesticated now, I can't stand myself! Oh boy did my house smell good today. Aside from the whole electricity thing and my need for it, I could almost be Amish!

I don't care what anyone says, I'm counting this as home made bread! After all, I did put all the ingredients in R2 in the correct order, hence allowing the bread to knead and rise correctly. Next I'm gonna get really complex and try sour dough bread. Sour dough is a very high maintenance bread and I look forward to trying to conquer it. Mmmmmm, I can just taste the sour dough grilled cheese sandwich right now.

Blog Lovin

One for my fellas! Don't let the blog name fool ya, there's lots more then just engineer boots over on the Vintage Engineer Boots Blog. This guy knows his stuff fellas.... expect to get an education while you're there! Me, I'm diggin the decor!

Thanks for sharing with us...I look forward to more drool worthy posts. I leave you with John " Mr Engineer Boots" playing his Gretsch G6130 Roundup. Thanks John!

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Places Mary Deluxe Shops

Zap Home! Which is right down the block from Mammalicious & Smilin Gal Vintage. See, another good reason to plan a trip to Lancaster, PA! Zap Home is a shop that specializes in mid century vintage decor....but I'm told they will bringing in more vintage clothing....this is also the place I snagged my vintage cheongsam. Zap Home also has an area of vinyl records so you can send your boyfriend over there while you look at girlie things like...vintage bakelite purses and jewelry.

Lamp shades to die for!

Mary Deluxe loves nothing more then Hey-wake and kitschy lamps!

Across the street is Zap & Co.....which is full of vintage clothing and has been around for like forever and a day! I use to shop there when I was in high school (when I was a bad ass!) Zap Home opened as a sister store to Zap & Co.....

So, who wants to come shopping with Mary Deluxe?? I'll plan a day this summer .....start saving your money now... so you can do some serious damage!

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Places Mary Deluxe Shops

If you ever get the chance to visit Lancaster, Pa not only do you have to go see the Amish, which is what Lancaster is known for, but you also must come downtown and stop in for a visit at Mommalicious & Smilin Gal Vintage on the 300 block of North Queen Street. Originally these two shop owners had separate stores but they decided to go into business together in 2007 and created one amazing shop full of all their wonderful things! This is the shop I found my fabulous 1940's suit at. The pictures only show a small sampling of the fab things they have. They also feature funky, quirky jewelry by My Aunt Debbie. Mommalicious & Smilin Gal Vintage is an eclectic mix of vintage home furnishings & accessories, vintage clothing & fashion accessories, oddities, and quirky stuff!

Monday, February 22, 2010

Love Letters

I've decided that the man who sends me sweet, romantic, saucy letters in the mail, will be the man who wins my heart! Yes, I do mean win too.... because nothing worthwhile in life is ever easy and the next man I give my heart to is really gonna have to work to win it. I will probably have to wait awhile till this man comes along, but that's okay with me because when he does, I plan on making him the luckiest man in the world!

Now more from my Grandpa George!

April 22, 1941

Dear Fran:

A few minutes before bedtime, so thought I would take a few minutes and let my honey know what i am thinking about most, and practically all day. Sure do miss you Fran, sweet.

Was up at Franklintown for a few minutes, (and a few beers) but it didn't seem right, not being with you. In fact that's the way it seems to be most of the time, when I'm away from you.

Told the girls you are going to come, or rather let me bring you over here next Sunday, and they said swell. So that's settled. I only hope it will be as nice as yesterday. We had quite the congregation yesterday, and I felt lost not having you to talk to, and to gaze upon. Everyone was disappointed, because they didn't get to meet my Fran. They seem to know more about us or rather you, then what I do, at least they think so.

Well honey I'm getting sleepy so will say good night, (only it wasn't so good) See you Wed.


Fran and her fellow George

April 30, 1941


Dear Fran:

Just back from the barbers and not the one in N.O. I didn't think it was much use going over there because I believe you told me you were going to be off Tues. so I went to York Springs. All of them would make good butchers.

How's my honey, these last couple of days? I hope you felt okay Mon. because I sure was swell, and I mean my conscious too. I hope you and yours were the same.

I am sitting out here in the kitchen writing this and Ed is on the oppositte side of the table reading the Sat. Ev. Post. I wish it were my Fran. By the way hon they have your pictures in again and I sure think this one looks like you. "page 16"

The girls sure have the house all torn to hell and back. They are having the living and dining rooms papered and painted, and have all the furniture piled on the front porch and the rest of the junk on the floor in the summer kitchen. Some mess.

Had a very easy day to day, went around to all my ckicks cust. to see how things were progressing and got no complaints so far. It makes a fellow feel good to have a sweet girl like you to love, and bussiness is fair. (notice I put the bussiness last).

Well honey I must hit the hay, so will say good night.

Love George

Ps. Wish you were upstairs in the hay and I don't mean at your home.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

My Rockin Daddy

My Daddy's having a birthday today....can you tell by the pictures that I'm a Daddy's girl?? I love my Daddy!

Things my Dad has taught me:
Be a hard worker
How to roller skate and ride a bike
If someone doesn't like you...screw em...don't need em anyway
When you fall off the motorcycle get right back on it again
If you swallow tobacco juice it makes you sick
How to change a carburetor, set the timing, change a tire, mix cement, frame a building and then build it, shoot a gun, to fish, unclog a sewer line....what the hell Dad did you think I was a boy?? :)

Thank you Dad for:
pushing me all those times on the swing set
making my refrigerator fit into the refrigerator spot
all those times you helped me move
fixing all my cars all those times I crashed into things or blew something up
giving me the confidence and support to buy my house
taking me to auctions
being my Dad!


your spoiled daughter

Ps.....I know I'm your favorite kid....don't worry I won't tell Billy!

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Outfit Post

Petite curves ahead...proceed with caution!

To make myself feel better after my horrid morning, I went downtown to do a little vintage shopping. I will post later about the two shops I stopped at. I found an amazing vintage 1940's suit that fits like a dream and this killer vintage Asian bombshell dress! I didn't even try it on at the shop, I measured it with a tape measure, said what the hell and bought it. I came home put it on and feel in love. The vintage double parasol I found at Goodwill and it makes a great prop! I love the fact that it has a tiny parasol on top of a bigger parasol.

Vintage dress & parasol


New vintage suit

We all need to just stop obsessing over our bodies and appreciate what we have! I'm a petite, curvy girl.... and I'm okay with that! Dress yourself well no matter what size or shape you are and love what ya got...cause gal, ya got a lot!



Dear Mother Fucking Asshole,

Just a quick note to let you know I found your cat. Yes, that cat, the one that you threw out because you couldn't find it in yourself to be a responsible adult and take it to an animal shelter. Well, guess what you mother fucking asshole, I got the pleasure of finding your little unwanted human creature frozen in my fish pond this morning. Did you hear a woman crying?? Because that was me. Crying for something that I didn't get the chance to save. Crying because no creature should go through life unloved and then die that way. I hope you rot in hell you fucking asshole.

A Mary Deluxe middle finger salute to you, you fucking asshole.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Sweet Potato Fries

Damn, I love sweet potato fries!

Something you might not know about me is that I'm a Pescetarian....I eat no mammals or birds! I haven't had a burger in over 20 years! HA! But man, do I LOVE seafood! YUMMO ! I could never give up shrimp, crab, fish, and clams! I also try to avoid soy because of my thyroid ....this of course is nearly impossible to do as soy is in EVERYTHING! I feel extremely bad for people who have soy allergies. Recently, I've been having a love affair with sweet much tastier then regular old potatos and much better for you. Tonight I had sweet potato fries , baked in my oven with garlic powder, salt and pepper. I like my fries crispy too!

Notice my cool new drinking glasses? Nope they're not vintage, I got them at the grocery store for $1 each! I thought they were fun!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Things To Do...

You all know I celebrated my 38th birthday last week!!! YAY Birthday!! I've been doing a lot of thinking about things I want to do this 38th year on this amazing planet. I've decided I'd make a list of at least 10 random things to accomplish this year. I've also decided to lower my expectations to things I would actually be able to do! I'm usually such a grand, big thinker...but not this year...this year I'm thinking small.

1. Learn to knit/crochet...I've been wanting to for a long time, this year is my year!

2. Run a 5k...notice I didn't say marathon...see small...I hate running but I do it to stay in shape...I want to run a small 5k because that will be like a marathon to me!

3. Take a boxing class ....yeah, I want to learn how to throw a students think I'm crazy and to old but they said they would come watch me if I ever had a match...I'm really just trying to make them fear me. :)

4. Look into adoption...My biological clock started ticking when I hit 34 and well, it hasn't stopped yet. But the problem is I'm single and I'm also running out of time. So, I've been thinking about what my options are and at this point in my life adopting might be the best route for me. I could just imagine as a teacher the talk if
I decided to visit a sperm bank or a drunken sailor on leave (hehehe) and became an unwed mother. Oh the immorality!

5. Go on another fun vintage inspired good trip.... I'm really wanting to go to Niagara Falls and stop at the tiki Ho Jo's in Lake George New York!

6. Drink more water every might think that's an easy one but I'm a teacher! I can't just go to the bathroom when ever I want! I'm gonna have to some how figure out when I can go pee more then once during my day.

7. Tile my gosh darn kitchen backsplash! ...I really need to get my ass in gear on this one...SLACKER I am.

8. Learn to bake bread the old fashioned way....after that maybe I'll move on to my own pasta....there I am being a big thinker again.

9. Start dating again....sometime this year I will get back out there..but right now I'm gonna stay on the sofa for a while longer. I'm just not ready yet...I'm to afraid to be hurt again yet. I'll just stay on my sofa behind my brick wall for a little while longer, thanks... but sometime this year, I promise.

10. Remember everyday that I am lucky to be here and not to worry about the little things I can't control.

Presents For Moi!!!

Lookie, Lookie what I found waiting for me on my front door step when I got home from my long ass day today! Why, it's a box full of good ole Texas sunshine! Just what this gloomy puss needed. Thanks Mick! Why there's just nothing this gal loves more then presents!!!! Please feel free to spoil me all you want lovely readers! hahaha... What? I can dream.. can't I?

There's my cool, one of a kind record bowl I won, a Deluxe Motel postcard, A pink flamingo, and CHOCOLATE!!!!! What more could a gal ask for! Thanks again Mick for sending me some Texas sunshine. Oh! I almost forgot...I loved your postcards too. Very vintage kitsch!


Monday, February 15, 2010

Rumble in the Hey-wake

Here's what happens when you leave the door's new so we must go investigate what it is! Mommy must have gotten this just for us?? She sure is swell...we must thank her later by remembering to hack up a nice slimy hair ball for her to step in!

Let's get ready to rumble!
On the top shelf we have the pudgy queen bee herself.... Bosche "I'm not fat, I'm a Manx"
On the bottom shelf we have the new kid on the block .....Milo "The Monster"


Ooooo an upper right paw from the little monster!

Awwww... Love tap paws!

Followed by a...I'm going to eat your face if ya don't f'in leave me alone soon!

And the winner is....Oh who cares, we've already moved on to the boots....

Saturday, February 13, 2010

A Hey-wake Story

filled hey-wake!

The Story..

Last April I went off to this auction in the hopes of winning some Hey-wake. Unfortunately, I came away empty handed for Hey-wake but did get the very cool 1937 Sensation pinball game. Remember this is also the auction that I met my ex-fella at. I don't think I've ever mentioned this before, but he actually went to that auction just to get the chance to meet me. He was a DeluxeVille reader and took the time to figure out where I was gonna be and showed up there. It's not as creepy as it sounds....I have seen this guy most of my life at different bars and such...but I'd never talked to this day I went over to talk to him. I remember when that pinball game came up for auction and he said to me,"you really need that for your game room!" So of course I had to buy it! After I bought it, he said "hmmmm I was just kidding...what are you gonna do with that??"

Well dear ex-fella, here's what I did with it....I sold it and used the hundred bucks I made from it to buy my new Hey-wake china cabinet today! Which btw only cost me $90!! :) :) :)

So the moral of this hey-wake story is....

You might not get what you really want at the moment you really want it but if you're patient and smart, you can get what you want in the end!

The moral of my ex-fella story is...

hehehehe I might need some help with that one! : ) Somebody give me one please! hmmm, I know, I know....

Buy the damn pinball game no matter what someone else might think!



New Hey-wake

Yup....I did!!!!

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Dude Really, Where IS My Car???

Today is my birthday and mother nature gave me a blizzard for my birthday! Thank you mother nature. Yup, that's over 3 feet of snow out there!! Happy Birthday Mary Deluxe, now get your big girl pants on and get out there and shovel!

My front garden?? I'm 5'3" and that snow pile is as big as me!

Yay..I shoveled to the back of my garage!!! Notice, it's still snowing!!

The street where I live....we don't have front yards anymore or sidewalks for that matter!

I still haven't gotten remotely close to my car yet...I don't know when I'll get there? Just looking at it makes me tired. I will ALWAYS remember my birthday of 2010! Thanks for the well wishes! All I want for my birthday is Spring!