Sunday, January 30, 2011

Sunday Kind of Love

I am such a lucky girl that I get to share my life with him.....





Friday, January 21, 2011

A Sad Day In My Vintage World...

I learned early this morning on facebook that my favorite vintage shop, the one I've been going to since I was in high school in the late 80's caught fire last night and was completely destroyed. The owner Steve Murray was also badly burned and transported to a burn hospital were he is listed in critical but stable condition. Today is such a sad day. When I was in high school, this was one of the places that sparked my love for vintage. Actually, Steve had 3 very cool alternative shops happening on the 300 block of N. Queen St. in Lancaster city. I loved all three. In my early 20's, I rented my first apartment in the city from Steve and spent some time working for him in his shops. You would be completely AMAZED at the things he had, it was like a vintage wonderland and I'm completely devastated to know that everything he has collected and worked for all these years is now all gone. You can read more about the story here at the local news channel website...but do you really want to look at vintage going up in flames?? My prayers go out to Steve and his family.


Monday, January 17, 2011

Bad Listings

As you all know from reading, I've been spending a lot of time these past two weekends preparing my house for the real estate market. I've been painting, filling in cracks, decluttering, and all around prepping my house to look it's best! To make myself feel better, I did a little research on the internet to see if I could find a blog that showed bad MLSs, (multiple listing services) ....ya know, there's a blog out there for everything. I came across a blog called Hooked on Houses that does hilarious and sometimes frightening posts on bad MLSs. There's even a whole blog called, Bad MLS Photos that's all about bad MLS photos! Geeezzz After viewing some of these, I realized I've got nothing to worry about.


See beige isn't so bad! I'll post new pictures when I finally get everything staged the way I want it. As Sgt says, it's gonna look nice no matter what you do because you have that design ability. See, reason # 5,557 as to why I'm keeping him :)

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Blog Lovin


Hey DeluxeVille readers, here's a new blog for you to go check out...... By gum, by golly! written by the cute, lovely, crafty, retro lovin Miss Tasha.


If you happen to be a crafty knitter, you will love Miss Tasha's colorful sweater posts. I'm also loving her decor! So, drop over and say Hi, I'm sure she would love making new friends of the crafty, vintage loving variety. Tell her MaryDeluxe sent you! :)

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Upcoming Auctions

Some awesome auctions coming up around my area this month and I spied with my little eyes a few things I would love to snag up! Unfortunately, I've been living on a tight budget and seriously, I don't need any of these things. But, it's always fun to look right! Plus, I buy vintage from auctions, so I'm recycling and saving the environment at the same time I'm getting my auction fix. :-)


A Hawaiian set of DeLee figures...I've always wanted this set but they are hard to find and go for $$$.


This Hey-wake china hutch , I only need the top to match the piece I already have. I can just picture all my pretty china in there!


Of course this killer set of lamps....yup still got my lamp addiction!

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Another Cat Story

If you've been reading my blog for the last year or so, you are already aware that I am known around my block as an animal lover. I especially seem to always be getting poor, sad, lonely cats shoved off on me. Most of the time I end up getting lucky and finding places for them, but it's not always the case...remember Milo. If you don't remember how I became the proud owner of Mr toilet flushing, hissy pants, Milo, read about it here...Vintage Kitten

As I arrived home from work today, I look on my front porch and spied a box covered with a sweat shirt and thought what the hell is that?? I walked over to the box and saw it was a pet carrier. I crouched down to see a furry orange face looking out at me. OMG my poor cat Bosche had gotten out this morning when I left and my neighbor must have found her! Poor thing must be freezing, so I hurriedly opened my front door to which I found all three of my furry faces waiting for me and demanding to be feed. WTH! Impostor cat! I lifted up the sweat shirt and found a note from my crazy neighbor who lives 5 doors down from me....found this cat in Linda's yard next it yours? Leaving it on front porch for you, good luck, let me know how it turns please return my cat carrier. Nice right? Have you found a cat, just put it on MaryDeluxe's front porch, she'll take care of it. If you don't believe me, read here....Jasper, Asshole. All the neighbors do this crap. I'm lucky I only have three cats! I took imposter cat out to the garage to have a look at him and to keep my cats from having "another cat in the house" seizure. Wow, as soon as I opened the cat carrier it was obvious this guy was a house cat! He weighed at least 20 lbs and he came out swinging. Boy, Dozer sure was pissed off! He came at he hissing, growling and in general all puffed up. Then he would stop and rub up against my leg for a moment, then remember he hated me and started his tough guy act again. But who was he kidding, he had no front claws. I started laughing and it just made him madder. He chased me around the garage. Ginger cats sure do have attitudes. I left him with some cat food and decided to knock on some neighbor's doors to see if anyone was missing a big fat dozer of a cat. I didn't have to walk far because the third house I stopped at said they had a cat but he wasn't missing. I said well this cat is orange and HUGE. The woman said, OMG that's my cat! She didn't even know he was missing because she works at night and sleeps during the day. He must have snuck out when she came in the door that morning at 5 am. I went and got the dozer and brought him home, which made a 3 year old very excited to find that his cat was out and about having adventures! Tom where have you been, he says??

The big guy Tom who looks a lot like.... my big girl...

Big Mama
Bosche, who also has a bit of a temper...just ask the Sgt's dogs...she keeps them in line!

Thank God, I still only have three cats! Trust me, I was doing the "Yay, I didn't get stuck with another cat" dance as I walked back to my house! It's bad enough I have three cats laying on me in bed at night, I couldn't even imagine having Tom the 20 lb tub of lard somewhere on me too.

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Milo Thinks Beige Is Boring


First off, I'd like to say that none of my things are for sale. Hahahaha but thank you all for stepping up and wanting to snag things up! I am simply packing them away not selling them. The only thing for sell will be my house :). As far as painting goes....sorry folks, I've already started. Yes, it's sad to see DeluxeVille go (a few tears today) but it's okay because I'm ready to let go. Repainting for me is my letting go. I want anyone to be able to walk into my house and see themselves here. I want them to make this space theirs, a blank canvas so to speak, to create their own DeluxeVille and not just try to live in mine. Selling a house in this market can be hard and I'd rather have people walk in to my house and say..WOW, look at those ceilings and not Yuck, look at the turquoise! People usually aren't appalled by the color beige. : )


Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Taking the Deluxe Outta DeluxeVille

Room with a View
January is my go month. The month I start un-doing everything I've done to create a space that I've loved living in over the last 8 years. January is the month where my little house stops belonging just to me, but now belongs to the hungry home hunters on the prowl. And really, what do hungry home hunters want?? I doubt they want 1955! They want Pottery Barn 2011! What does MaryDeluxe want? She just wants to sell her house, get decent money for it, and go be with the Sgt! So, this gal knows she needs to pack up all the Deluxe-O-Rama crap and bring on the beige walls! It's not about DeluxeVille anymore it's all about PotteryBarnVille and that's what the buyer wants. I've been dreading this nasty little month of January. January the beginning of my future but the erasing of my past. Who knew a month could be so exciting but melancholy too? It's okay though...because as God as my witness, I'll have turquoise walls a hot guy in my bed that I will get to call husband.





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