Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Metal Craft by Steve Cambronne

Love this guys work! It's fun, colorful and retrotastic. Have a look @ his website... Steve Cambronne....

Wouldn't this one look great on a front porch!

He makes wall clocks too!

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Spring Cleaning

This is one of Mary Deluxe's dirty little secrets. The unfinished studio room at DeluxeVille that holds all the things I can't fit in my house but can't bring myself to ever get rid of. I spent some time this weekend cleaning it up a bit...trust me this is the after pictures...I'm to embarrassed to show the before pictures. I have even more junk to throw away in my garage, in fact, I'm surprised I can even fit my other car in there!

I've been dying to get my tiki bar moved into my house but sadly I just don't have room for it in there! I've been thinking a lot lately about selling my house for a cute little ranch and I think I'm ready to do that. I'm definitely keeping my eyes open for something with potential.

My plan was always to use this space as my art studio to work in but I never got around to finishing it and so it just became a storage space for my wayward things.

Friday, March 26, 2010

For The Handy MCM Folks

I found this great website called Curbly which has put together an awesome book called....Make It! Mid-Century Modern . Perfect for any MCM diy-er out there. There's 12 individual diy projects and each article includes background on the original designers. Each project includes a materials list and step-by-step instructions with pictures. You can order a PDF version for $9 or they will send you one for $18.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

New Trashy Diva Dresses

I love Trashy Diva dresses! I went to check out their website and discovered she has some new dresses in the works! Pre-order for May. I love, love, love the new prints! I think Trashy Diva dresses are very well made and also offer a wide range of sizes. Worth every penny in my book.

Perfect dresses for the Spring and Summer seasons!

Me rockin my Trashy Diva!

Okay, Trashy Divas out there....show me yours!

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Slumber Party

Slumber Party:
a house party at which young teenage girls, dressed in nightclothes, spend much of the night in talk, eating, games, etc.

Slumber Party Games:

Light as a feather:
Lay a person down and they have to be really relaxed...
there are 3-4 people on each side of the one laying down and one person whose job it is to massage
the temples of the person laying down and tell them a story.
The person laying down must be completely relaxed and focusing on the story.

The other people all put 2 fingers under the one laying down, once the story is done
everyone except the person laying down starts chanting "Light as a feather stiff as a Board"
slowly with all the fingers still under the person on the floor the person will start floating/rising.
Do not stop chanting until they are up in the air and you must keep your fingers there in case
they fall.

This has never worked at any slumber party I was ever at....though there was much talk about it occurring at other people's slumber parties.

Truth or Dare:

A game in which each player in turn must either truthfully answer a question, or perform a dare.

Prank Calls:
Which include calling random boys you have crushes on and hanging up! This probably doesn't work the same as it did then .... with all the caller id people have today...it really takes the fun and mystery out of a good prank phone call!


Rice Crispy Treats
Snack Food..Pop corn, chips, pretzels...etc
Ice cream

Liquor! (for those older slumber parties)


Sleeping bag and pajamas

Various makeup items for glamour sessions

cute boys phone numbers.

This random Mary Deluxe flashback moment provided by my newest Goodwill find......... A $6.75 pair of Nick and Nora Pajamas with tags still on! Pink flamingos, MCM house, and chartreuse green...how can you not love em! Slumber Party @ DeluxeVille!! No Boys ALLOWED...unless you drive a hot rod and want to take me out parking! *wink wink*

Monday, March 22, 2010

Missing Time

For some unknown reason, there is a period of about 5 months in which I am missing letters that George sent to Fran. It simply stops over the summer and picks up again in November of 1941. It leaves me to wonder, did these letters get lost over the years? Did George not send letters to Fran? I find it hard to believe that George stopped writing Fran....My best guess is that they simply got lost over the years??

So, I give you....November 11 1941...wait till you read what George is up to now! It's not a very fun letter and I could just imagine how my grandmother felt when she read it! Oh grandpa...you got some explaining to do!

November 11, 1941


Instead of coming down Thursday night, and getting in a fight, again, with you, which seems to be our favorite pastime, that and crummy tap rooms, I decided to write instead.

I told you at one time if I ever felt different about you, or wanted to break us off, I would tell you. That's what I'm trying to do now, but you know how good I am at explaining things. So instead of messing things up like I usually do, I'll let you draw your own conclusion.

I guess I owe you more of an explanation, but what's the use of dragging things out. I don't believe it would make much sense to you anyhow. So lets forget about each other, and let bygones be bygones. We both made mistakes. So lets call our affair a mistake.


See gals....Men were just as dumb and confusing then, as they are now! And just to put your fears to rest...George "The Cad" DeVine did change his mind and Fran got her man!

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Metal Lawn Chairs Project

I finally finished my metal lawn chairs project (go here to see the ugly before pictures), that I started last summer, this weekend! Yay! Nothing like having a very unusual 70 degree Spring weekend to get me motivated again. I finally got that rocking chair painted and put back together...I then removed my hey-wake set off the front porch and put these on it. Yup, I've had hey-wake on my front porch for years and nobody ever wanted to steal it? I am now on the lookout for a metal glider to match my chairs. They pop up every now and again...I found one at an action last fall but couldn't make it there because I was working. I am patient and I know eventually, I'll run across a matching glider.

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Welcome Back Spring!

Oh how I missed you! Today I plan on gardening, taking a trip to the recycle/compost facility with my yard waste, and a ride with the top down to celebrate the first day of Spring!

I've got lots of work to do out there! Moving plants, trimming back, fixing the fish pond, and planning! But it's all worth it once Summer rolls around and I get this!

That is so much better then this from a month ago!

Congratulations to Moxie Tonic......who won the cheongsam dress! I will put it in the mail next week for ya!

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Spot Magazine 1941

Learn to Bowl with the Hollywood Stars!
(click on pictures to view print)

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

1941...More from George!!

Sorry it's been a while since I've posted any Grandpa George love letters. For new readers, I have love letters that my grandfather George wrote to my grandmother Fran in 1941 before they married....if you are interested it starts here.

June 14, 1941
(Day after Wed)

Hi you sweet woman:-

Finally finished work a few minutes ago, and before going to bed thought I would write to my honey. I believe I promised to write some time last night. And seeing as how I don't like to go back on my word here she is.

Got home safe and sound last night at 2:30, and it seems that I wasn't in bed more then a couple of hours (3) before I was getting up again. At the present time my fanny sure is dragging. The family was up again today. I don't want you to feel bad about it, because it's my own fault, and what's more I sure do enjoy it. I was ready to see you again tonight but then I thought no I had better not. I will never see enough of you Fran honey.

Tomorrow I will be cleansing chickens and by the time you get this, I will be in Harrisburg selling them to the towns suckers, at least I hope so. Haven't heard anything from the draft board as yet, so maybe they don't want me after all.

Well honey it's 10:30 and I think I had better start for the attic as this is one night I want my good old bed. Sure wish I had a bed woman waiting for me.

Good night dumpling.
Guess who?

George's sweet woman...with their first 2 little dumplings...my aunt and uncle.

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Free To A Good Home....

My friend, the fabulous Ms. Jaede sent me a very lovely cheongsam dress in the mail the other week and much to my displeasure, it doesn't fit me. I would really like to find this dress a good home! If it's your size and you like it, leave a comment. If there's more then one of you who wants it, I will do a random name draw for it...lets say on MARCH 18!

Dress Size: Waist:32, Bust: 36, Hip 38

Ps. Even though Milo looks very cute pictured with the dress, he is not included in this freebie!

Friday, March 12, 2010

Dear Anonymous

This is the stupid comment I got from you.......

You so obsessed with material posessions. And then you're always throwing a fit if you don't get what you want (evil Heywood Wakefield dealer posts?). Kind of sad.
The world isn't going to end because you couldn't afford to get this gay scooter. Be glad that you're alive and breathing.

Actually, I should be flattered because this is the first time anyone has told me I was materialistic! Usually I get thrifty bitch or coupon clipping cheapo! Also Anon, I could afford the scooter but another materialistic person bought it before me! Darn my luck. Oh that evil scooter collector! Ooopps there I go throwing a fit again. Who do I think I am anyway?? Oh I know, a gal who has a job, money in the bank, pays her taxes and lives within her means! Wow, you are so right, that is kind of a sad thing isn't it? I should try to be more like you...a jealous troll on the internet who leaves stupid anonymous, judgmental, snarky comments on other people's blogs! Wow, now that's not sad at all is it! To show you my thankfulness for being alive and breathing, I am sending you a very special MaryDeluxe middle finger greeting! Yay for freedom of expression and working middle fingers.... now please stop reading my blog and go fuck off!


Thursday, March 11, 2010

Auctions Part II Hess Auctions

Hess auction..the auction house in an old barn!

A while back I talked about one of my favorite places to go for good junk pickin! Here's another favorite auction that I go to for pickin junk! Hess auctions which is actually very close to my house....it's funny, there's about 4 auction houses within 30 min of my house. Do I not live in the best place ever! Anyway, what I LOVE about Hess auctions are their wagon box lots. I LOVE box lots and they have some of the best around. A box lot is basically this, you look through a box with things in it and you bid on the box when it comes up for auction. Hess will get tricky with their box lots because what they do is make you bid for first choice on boxes. So, out of 20 box lots highest bidder gets first pick. Sometimes I lose out on a box this way as I like to only bid when boxes get down to like a dollar or so. Cheap bitch I be!

Wagon box lots!!! Look at all those hidden treasures! People checking out the boxes before the auction begins. You have to be really good at remembering what box has what you want in it. It also helps to be tall...since I am short, I have to get a little shovey to get a place in the front. You also have to be careful as some dealers will get sneaky and take out things they want and put it in a box that no one would bid on...the old switcharoo! This auction house is very high tech... they even use a tractor to back the wagons into place for bidding. Remember, I live out here in Amish Country.

I bought this box lot below for $10,I really wanted those glasses... I didn't know if they would be all there and unbroken...

When I got home I was happy to find they were in great shape!!!

Here are some other gems I've found in box lots......

These things I found inside on tray lots...Hess auction also sells things inside too! I really need to clone myself or find an auction buddy.

Now, guess where I'm gonna be bright and early Sat. morning.....I'm like the mail carrier.....neither rain, nor snow, nor sleet will keep me from checkin out wagon box lots!

Dear Keds....

What the hell happened to ALL your cute wedge shoes???? Where the hell did all my favorite kedettes go?? You mean I have to go to Zappos now to buy your cute shoes at crazy prices?? Bring back the wedges!!!

Monday, March 8, 2010

Ms. Desi De Lu Lu

I would like to introduce you to my favorite bus stop goddess ...... Ms. Desi De Lu Lu...... who I've known online for years though officially have never met in person. She has probably been there for all of my major bus accidents these last three years and has always helped me find my way back to the bus stop. Without her I would be $1100 dollars poorer! hahahaha But that's a bus story for a different day!

Here are two of my favorite lines that Ms Desi has typed to me over the years....

  • Being a bus stop goddess means having lots of choices about bus routes!
  • A bus stop goddess is never second fiddle in a man's life. PERIOD!
So, I thought it would be fun to ask Ms Desi to step up to the plate and write her thoughts about being a Bus Stop Goddess. And here is what she had to say.....


I believe there comes a time in every girls life when they ponder why they are waiting and waiting for the bus, desperately hoping that it appears in the next five to ten minutes, after all they have places to be and things to do! Who wants to be late? Not me!

You know what I mean, you wake up late, make a dash to to the bathroom nearly stepping on your cat in the way and throw any old clothes on to just make it out the door in time to see the bus turning the corner down your street...heading in the direction you want to go..but you missed it!

You get mad at yourself and wonder when, when it is going to happen for you, when is the day YOU will catch the bus, on time. Or, worse yet, in a desperate rush you get on the wrong bus! What a waste of time that was! (even though you learned to never ever get on that wrong bus again).

Well sometimes the bus driver isn't on your schedule yet, or maybe they had to find a new bus driver for the route. Whatever the reason, you just missed the bus. But that doesn't mean another bus driver wont be along shortly, or in due time.

I've gotten on board a few wrong buses in my time, in my haste I didn't see the sign that the bus was headed in the wrong direction! UGH! But that is ok, I pulled the string and dinged the bell, and got off as soon as I realized it was the wrong bus. There was a long period of time waiting for that dang right bus! In fact, I thought the bus would never show up! It made me mad, sad and I asked myself why I couldn't just get to the right bus stop to get that right bus right NOW! But it didn't work out that way.

So I decided that I wasn't gonna worry about that dang bus anymore.. I decided it was too much of a hassle, worry and just plain waste of time to be fretting about that bus.

The next morning I made a to do list. It only consisted of one item. That's right. Just one little sentence that consisted of six words. What I wrote was this:


See, I had decided I couldn't do anything about that bus showing up on time, but I could do something about managing how I spent my time waiting for MY right bus. I got so busy doing things to spend the time waiting for that bus that I nearly missed the bus while I was busily and happily occupied sitting at the bus stop.

Lucky for me, the bus driver that day knew what he was looking for and when he spotted me through his windshield, happily sitting on that bench, looking cute and content, he knew I was the right passenger for HIS bus, and it turns out he was driving the right bus after all.

It took me two failed bus trips before I became a permanent passenger on the right bus, but it was worth the wait.

So for all you ladies who are still waiting for the RIGHT bus try starting your day tomorrow with the right checklist.

Wake up, look cute, love yourself.
(Bus Stop Goddess)

See why I love this gal!! Above is a picture of Ms Desi and her bus!! I'm happy you finally found a good bus route Mrs. Desi!!! And thank you for sharing your wisdom with us all! Love ya Ms Desi!!!


Sunday, March 7, 2010

A Vintage Workout

Okay everyone, if you live in the northern hemisphere, swim suit season, VLV, and backyard BBQ's are just around the corner and I wanna know, how are all you gals out there getting ready for it?? Any secret tricks up your sleeves you wish to share?? What gets you ready for poolside??

I workout daily all year due to my stressful job. Hitting the gym on a daily basis to me is my salvation. I could have the worst day ever and once I'm at the gym and running or doing an elliptical machine, everything goes away. I am zen! I feel empowered again and strong. I am lucky because I enjoy exercise and like to switch up what I do so I don't get bored. Right now my current obsession is the Precor 100i .... This is the torture device that is currently kicking my ass at the gym! This machine is a combination of elliptical/stepper/running....you name it and it will do it! I spend about 45 min making friends with it and then move on to the StairMaster.

Yes, the StairMaster with the steps that descend over and over again. Another killer machine that firms up your legs and ass like no other. I think this machine doesn't get the respect it deserves... if you want to get a good workout try doing this machine for 30 min....I am currently only up to 15 min...I'm telling you it's a killer.

I alternate days with running on the treadmill ... another great exercise for legs. I usually spend an hour on the treadmill. I run 2 - 2 1/2 miles and then alternate walk/runs. Today I had a personal best and ran 3 1/2 miles straight before I began my walk!!! I totally kicked ass!! I'm planning on being ready for my 5k run!! I have to say.... after I was done with my 5 miles on the treadmill today, I felt AMAZING. Exercise = best drug ever!!

Really??? What the hell is this?? Is she knitting??? If I'm not sweating, I'm not exercising!

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Bus Stop Goddess

A few years back when I ended my six year relationship, my gal Desi De Lu Lu and I got to chatting about Bus Stop Goddesses. See, men are like buses, there's lots of em out there and if you stand at the bus stop long enough, eventually a bus is gonna come along and pick you up. Now, any gal can stand at a bus stop and get on any dang bus that comes along but the bus stop goddess is smart about the bus she chooses to embark on.

A bus stop goddess always has correct change, knows the route she's taking, and isn't afraid to ding the bell when she wants to get off the bus. There are many reasons as to why one might want to ding the bell... the bus took an unexpected detour, the bus stopped to pick up another rider, or perhaps the bus just got a flat tire and you didn't want to have to be the one to change it. What ever the reason, the bus stop goddess isn't afraid to get off the bus even if the bus is in the middle of nowhere. She knows it's better to walk along by herself for awhile to the next bus stop then to put up with a bus going in the wrong direction. Oh, did I mention the bus stop goddess always wears comfortable shoes because she expects to do a little walking from time to time!

How to choose a good bus and other important bus notes:
  • Avoid buses with no windows. These buses aren't able to see anything but themselves. When you're riding on the bus, part of the fun is being able to enjoy the views together.
  • Sometimes a gal just wants to have a little fun and do a little bus hopping. I encourage exploring the different buses and their bus routes. Sometimes you didn't realize you had a certain destination in mind until a bus shows you the possibilities.
  • However, if you're the kinda gal with a specific destination in mind and know exactly how you want to get there, research ALL the buses and their routes first before you get on. You might have to stand at the bus stop a little longer then other gals but eventually your bus will come. Be ready with exact change and your map to keep your bus on route!
  • Sometimes a gal for what ever reason pulls the string and dings the bell to get off the bus. Hey, it happens. Make sure you gather all your stuff and just get off the bus. No matter how bumpy the bus ride became, don't ever ask for a refund, don't spray paint the outside of the bus, or throw rocks at it as it drives away. Also, when you finally make it back to the bus stop, don't talk bad about the bus and it's route to all the other bus riders. Bus stop goddesses know that sometimes bus routes don't work out with a certain bus and we always take the high road and keep our thoughts to ourselves no matter how bad the ride was.
  • Sometimes for what ever reason a bus you once rode on will drive by you at the bus stop and beep at you. NEVER, I repeat, NEVER, get back on that bus! No matter how sparkly new it might look or what ever new and improved bus route it has to offer you now. Bus stop goddesses know false advertising and a cheap Maaco paint job when they see it.
  • Sometimes a gal gets a little bored riding on the bus and needs to do some exploring or perhaps a little shopping. A good bus will stop and leave her off for awhile but comes back for her when she's done. This is a very rare type of bus but one of the best to ride on. This bus knows it's got a solid bus route and is mechanically sound enough in itself to allow it's bus rider to explore their own interests from time to time without the bus. But a gal must remember to always be back at her bus stop on time so she can get back on her bus.
  • Avoid flashy buses with lots of bells and whistles. New buses don't always mean better. Sometimes the best buses are the ones that are driven often but are well maintained and dependable.
  • If the bus breaks down and expects you to be the one to fix it and get it back on the road again...GET OFF THE BUS! Buses should be able to fix themselves and should never expect a gal to do it for them.

  • For Gosh sakes gals, please keep your panties on! If you find your panties are falling down all on their own at any given moment....PLEASE get new panties that fit! That is not the type of attention a bus stop goddess wants to attract on a new bus!
  • NEVER GET ON A BUS IF THERE'S ANOTHER RIDER ON IT ALREADY! That's not a very reliable bus and has no idea what it's bus route is. This type of bus is driving in circles and will ALWAYS take you in the wrong direction. What gal needs unwanted bus drama.

Above anything else, a bus stop goddess always knows what she's worth and how she deserves to be treated. She knows how to take care of herself and explores her own world as she's waiting at the bus stop for the next bus. Bus stop goddesses never hitchhike or try to steal rides on other people's buses!

Happy riding gals! I'll see ya at the bus stop!