Friday, January 30, 2009

A vintage clothing adventure part one....

What a week! I'm so glad to be done with it. Now on to the weekend and much needed relaxation time. I have plans to do absolutely nothing tonight but cuddle up in bed and watch tv. I am still trying to get over this cold that's been hanging on for two weeks now.

Tomorrow, now that's another story. I'm planning on checking out an estate sale that has vintage dresses listed as something that is being sold. I'm not a fan of Estate sales in winter because it's cold out and you basically are standing outside freezing as they auction stuff off. It's very rare that there are estate sales in the winter and this one is listed as only lasting 2 hours. Plus, there are no picture to show what kind of vintage dresses are being sold. So, vintage dresses could mean anything from 1900's-1980's. It's a real hit or miss kinda thing. The one thing that is nice about not listing pictures is that less people will attend. Unlike me, if they can't see what they're driving an hour for they won't bother driving just to look! Not me! I'll drive an hour just for a look because you just never know and the surprise is half the fun...I love a good surprise and the unexpected!

A five years ago, I went to an estate sale that had listed they were selling vintage clothes. No pictures just a listing in the paper. So off I went to have a look see. OMG what a selection of clothes from late 30's-80's! It was a little old ladies whole life in clothes!! I bought everything for $230 bucks. To my surprise a lot of the clothes fit me. I also sold some on ebay. I still have some yet to go through. Here are some of what I found! No drooling on your keyboard! Remember all these great clothes came from one estate sale and was sold to me as a complete lot! I would also like to point out how RARE it is to come across a find like this...if certain dealers would have shown up that day, I would have never gotten all this for what I paid. I was very lucky!
A 1940's western gabardine pant shirt set. This was tiny so I sold this on ebay.
A cute 1940's rayon dress with jacket...I've worn this a few times.
A 1940's rayon dress with beaded pockets and keyhole/peekaboo collar ..In my collection.

A 1950's party dress to big...sold on Ebay...

1940's rayon dress....sold on ebay 1950's sheer day dress.....sold on ebay

1940's crepe my collection and I'm waiting to get small enough to wear it! I did finally get it zipped up but I like to breath when wearing my dresses!

I love this 1940's robe and wear it often in summer! I also love this 50's red wiggle skirt and summer blouse.

Check out this 50's Mermaid skirt (the waist was tiny) and 50's suit....both sold on ebay.

A cute 40's dress that's still in my closet and my favorite 40's wool over shirt!

This isn't even half of what was there! Some items were beyond repair and not worth saving. Some styles I wasn't into such as 70's and 80's. There's more but I'll save that for part 2!


  1. I'm sorry, I'm drooling all over the keyboard........hehe.............What a fabulous collection. I especially love the black crepe with the bow, looking forward to seeing you in that, and the 50's black party dress. I'm excited to see what you found today.

  2. Glad to hear these types of finds are rare in the states- here in Australia they are next to impossible. Twice in the last 20 years however we came across two deceased estate shops- one was a shoe store with 100s of shoes from 1930-1970s- with heaps of killer 40s wedges and the second a haberdash store selling fabric, sewing accessories,lingerie etc all from the 40s and 50s. It is very rare here though!

  3. Jaede...I found big fat nothing today at auction! hahaha That happens sometimes.

    Phenolicfanatic...It's rare for me to run across an estate sale with that much amazing vintage clothing but it might not be as rare in other areas of the states, I don't really know? Wow...NOS wedges from the 40' that must have been pretty exciting!

  4. Sorry to hear that Mary, there's always the next one !!