Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Auction Finds for $25

That was my auction budget $25 and here's what I got...

4- 1942 men's pinup magazines (for the Sgt), another 50's radio (3rd one I found at auction now and some of you remember the first giveaway I had for 100 followers, I gave away the exact same radio), A 50's USA white bud vase, 50's heron planter, a ceramic teapot, and a bunch of western belt buckles.

I also got my Sgt a nice set of drinking glasses because I'm tired of drinking out of coffee mugs and mason jars when I visit. It's the least I can do for the poor fella....in the original box and never opened...well until me :) Can't beat that!

Bonus: I sat beside a woman at auction who thought I was the most adorable thing and loved my dress...she said..." Oh my you're vintage!" ...hahaha ...then we had a lively discussion about vintage material!


  1. great haul, I really must start attending more auctions, after all I work for myself so can give myself the time!

  2. ohhh lovely! catching up after a bit away - well done on loosing weight. I can guess you are getting good exercise right now. wink wink. heh heh heh!

  3. the girlie mags are such a score (no pun intended har har. ok yes it was.) I have never found/owned actual 50s or older girlie mags, only repro so I am quite jealous

  4. The girlie mags are from 1942...

    Film Fun magazine was in publication from 1915- 1942. I checked on ebay and there are some listed but at $50 bucks a pop to expensive for my wallet!

    Carnival, Show, and Look where also magazines that were around in the 40's and I'm sure you can find copies on Ebay!


  5. Wow. Fantastic finds!! I love that radio.
    -Andi x

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