Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Etsy Post

Still cleaning out my closet! Decided to try Etsy this time! It's so hot around here and no one wants to be outside, so I might as well work, work, work while I'm stuck inside the house! Much more to come!

1950's summer fishy dress

1950's dreamy

1960's skort/culottes...nope not selling the top!

A Whirling Turban..hmmm not sure this can be put on Etsy! Yes, can you believe I'm parting with it! It was big in the bust when I got it and now it's even bigger since my boobs went on vacation..I wonder if they'll ever come back?? It's also now big in the waist and it's an elastic waist! I know boohoo, right!

1950's summer set


  1. Adorable summer fishy dress/skirt. What sizes are the dresses?

  2. Great. I am now stalking your shop for the fishy dress to see if it will fit me. Way to make my work day productive!

  3. Ok Babe, my boobs are ready and waiting to get into that whirling turban! I want it!! (I promise it will go to a good home and get to go dancing)

  4. Dina dress sizes M/L.

    Mary I listed it go have a look.

    Heyday...I'll send you an email.


  5. Lovely goodies. I wish some was my size! its all so beautiful!

  6. That last dress looks very I love Lucy, I think they are all fabulous!

  7. Holy Crap! The brown satin dress - I have that EXACT same dress! No kidding. I got mine while I was in High School about 20 years ago.

  8. Very cool tell me, does yours have front pockets? The ones in my dress have been sewn shut ??


  9. Hey Mary - My dress does have the actual pockets, funny that someone would sew the pockets on your dress shut. Mine also still has the original shoulder pads sewn in. The only difference between my dress and yours is my buttons are a square copper color shiny plastic and the little squares that make the diamond type shapes all over the dress - mine just has the squares more scattered - hope that makes sense! If you are curious, let me know and I can e-mail ya a pic.