Thursday, July 29, 2010

More Before and After

Since I found my old pictures and I'm having so much fun reminiscing, I've decided to share some more before and afters. Today: The Bathroom.

We've already established the fact that Jerry loved a dark wood and used it every where! The bathroom is of course no exception as the pictures will show! Unfortunately, I don't have original before pictures of the bathroom because as I recall it was one of the first places I started painting the wood! Since you know what the kitchen looked like, I'm sure you'll have no problem picturing everything that I painted white, as dark stained wood. Please take notice also to how dark the floor is!

Yes, I painted the medicine cabinet and wash stand white!

Yes, Jerry encased the bath tub in dark stained wood??? Which of course I painted white! I lived with it this way for a few years and then the tub started leaking and I knew it was time for demo!

Before bathroom YUCK!!!
Yes, Jerry put dark stained wood on the ceiling above the bath tub?? WTF Jerry???This is an exciting day for me here..DEMO day!!

bathroom drywall
Dry wall and plumbing provided by my then boyfriend and faithful side kick Art. Looking back at all the "projects" I dragged him into and made him do with me, I realize...he must have really loved me or perhaps he just liked me bossing him around?? Either way, it was a win-win for me!

After...bath tub surround 1
4 days, 4 trips to Lowes, and $600 dollars later... a new tub surround!! I would also like to point out that this is the first time I tiled!! I kick ass if I do say so myself. :) I think Art and I had a fight that night about who got to take a shower first.... I won :)

A year later...after I saved more money, I did the floor!!

July 10
Another exciting day...goodbye ugly floor...DEMO day! I remember Art had no idea I was gonna do this and he came home from work to find the floor missing. Once again, I will insert...he must have really loved me?? The poor guy. I can't tell you how many times he would come home to find me destroying something and then he would just start laughing his ass off at me. Then I would say...what aren't you gonna help me?? I wonder how he lasted in a relationship with me for 6 years?? I can't believe he didn't kill me??

bathroom redo
$400 bucks later and so much better!!!


The visit
And because it's only fair....Art my faithful side kick!
Girls, he's single and handy! I can hook you up!
And just so you all know, it wasn't always about me...I helped Art with his projects too...
Like for instance...I reupholstered the interior of his 53 Ford for him...because I rock like that! And yes, Art and I are still good friends...even though we aren't together anymore.

Interior of 53 Ford


  1. I have an "Art" too, Mike. We were together for 5 1/2 years and he turns out to be one of my best buds. He and my husband became friends and he even stood up in our wedding. Not too many people understand how we can be friends still (especially some of his eventual girlfriends) but I never understood why people would just throw away invested time in another person (unless it was a horrible break-up). Each to his own, I guess.

  2. You absolutely rock, Doll!!
    I have a bathroom that could use a little tiling...moreso a kitchen redo....I don't think The Mister would appreciate me having Art here but I am sure he wouldn't mind if you paid me a visit since it would let him off the hook for my 50's kitchen wanna-re-do!!

  3. Tart Deco... He was the first man I ever loved so unconditionally and completely. We shared our lives and were best friends. We had good times and really bad times. I held him up when he made the decision to take is Dad off life support and together we held his father's hand as he passed. We never had a piece of paper that said we were married but we might as well had been anyway. Some where along the way we stopped growing as a couple and I feel out of relationship love with him. I had to end it. I will always love him but will never be in love with him again. And yes, the girls he has dated have had problems with me and if he ever decided to not be my friend anymore because of one of them...I would understand. I can only hope that the man I end up with someday will understand why I'm still friends with "Art".

  4. Honey Bee....I've been thinking what me next career idea should be and maybe I'll just be a handy woman??

  5. Tile work is not the easiest of diy projects so I must give you two thumbs up for a kick arse job. I really like it!
    There are many who do not believe that when a relationship ends the two parties can remain on good terms. Just because the romance leaves does not mean the friendship takes off with it. Unfortunately, although I do understand, most of the ladies I have dated after, tend to have a difficult time with those who came before. Ironically, many of those who were jealous of my friendship hopped in to the same boat when that relationship ended.


  6. TouchofEvil...He is really the only ex that I consider a real friend. Sometimes it's not possible to remain friends with an ex..but I always figure there probably wasn't a very good friendship established in the first place then.

    I do understand when you first start dating someone how uncomfortable it is to find out that the other person is still friends with an ex. You're learning to trust that person...usually things calm down in a few months when trust is established. I like to be as open about my life as I can with someone I am getting to know and have no problems introducing any guy I'm with to Art just like I would do with any of my other friends. Because after all he is just that...a friend. But for some people it never calms down and they just can't understand that there's a friendship without anything else attached to it... all they see is the relationship history??


  7. I love your bathroom, it does make giggle the amount of dark wood Jerry used, even above the shower?!

    At the beginning of our relationship I used to have a problem with some of my other half's exes who were still friends with him. But my trust grew as the relationship developed and now it doesn't bother me at all. But some women I know, hmm they're kinda crazy and absolutely DETEST their bf's exes, even after being with them for years!

  8. Boo to Jerry, YAY to Art!

    I get that you can still be friends, I've had lots of really close male friends in my life who I've never had a relationship with and their girlfriends still have a problem with me, so I can sympathise, those woman aren't good enough for Art!

    And wow on the bathroom, great on the tiling, I think I've said before I love tiling too and took to it easily, that and laminate floor laying - don't know if you have laminate floor over there, it's like fake wood that slots together, I've even had people ask if I'll do theirs which I did! And when I had a handyman, he said you lay it cos you're so good at it and I'll be your assistant he he!

    I did think about doing it for a bit of cash but it's blooming hard work on your knees on hard wood!

    Anyway long reply, but great job, keep the before and after pic coming I love em!

  9. Stefanie..I recently had a problem in regards to the Sgt's "other" relationships recently myself. We just friended each other on facebook which of course gave me the opportunity to look at what he's been doing the last year...bad idea..because I got to see all the relationships and ex's he's been dating he's never lied to me about anything, he told me he was dating a lot of different woman so I was prepared. What bothered me was seeing how his status would change every 3 months or so...Sgt is in a relationship with so and so...Sgt is single...Sgt is in a relationship with a new so and so...Sgt is single. My first thought was...hey, I thought I was special but wait, what if I'm just like any old so and so. Then we had a moment about it. hahaha But then we talked and had another type of moment.

    I learned you're not guaranteed anything from anyone but yourself and even if I do end up being just another old so and so to him, I'll still survive! Once I got back my Bus Stop Goddess mentality, I was okay again!


  10. STM...Yay to Art my faithful side kick! He and I are like batman and robin...I'm batman of course!

    Yup we have laminate flooring here to but I've never attempted installing it. Sounds like it would be quite tough on the old knees!


  11. I love your bathroom and you are seriously handy! I would hire you. :)

  12. The bathroom looks amazing, specially the tile floor, and that truck.... you are a really talented gal.

  13. I loved the white and the detailing above the bathtub, but the after pics are amazing! Car is have such great taste!