Tuesday, July 27, 2010

I Sit on Tables

Wearing 1950's house dresses... I would make a bad wife.



Dress: 1950's Top Mode Frock wrap house dress
Shoes: Keds
State of Mind: Sensational
Destination: Off to auction
A Moment: I just discovered Temperamental Broad has my missing boobs! Apparently they are on vacation at her house. Please send boobs home ASAP.... xoxo :-)


  1. Boobs are overrated..........................not sayin' they're bad, just overrated.


  2. thank you for the recent photo posts! your house is so beautiful! as are you in your awesome wrap dress :)

  3. Thanks Baroness!

    hahaha TofE...Well, I kinda need them to fill out my vintage dresses but I guess, all I have to say is...as long as my guy is happy with em, well then that's all that really matters...if he's not, well then he better not let the door hit him in the ass on the way out! :)

    Bandita...Thank you for the nice comment and for dropping by!


  4. Love the house dress, you look too cute and you also look very happy!

    Also I do like the way you have tiling inset in the wood floor, I don't know if that's common over there but I've never seen it before I love it!

  5. Your dress is lovely, you look so cute perched on your table!
    Boobs sometimes are more hassle than they're worth, the amount of times I have had to let a dress go because my bosom wouldn't squish into it, it's very frustrating!

  6. Love the dress and the pics! Way to rock your Top Mode Frock! ;)

  7. STS...those are just self adhesive floor tiles I laid down on the wood floor to create an area for my table. I've bored of them now and I'm thinking about taking them up soon??

    Thanks Stefanie...I practising my bad house wife skills by sitting on the table...been there with boobies like that..now they disappeared :(

    Miss Cherry...Thanks Gal! ;)