Saturday, July 31, 2010

Outside Before and Afters...

Okay, so this is it for my before and afters! I've had a lot of fun reminiscing about the things I've done around DeluxeVille. I'm kinda proud of myself now! I can't believe I've done so much work around this joint...I've been totally working my ass off around here...hahaha Now you all know what $54,000 got me...lots of work!


Everyone always asks me..."what's that building back there?" Well that building is attached to my garage and Jerry used it as a work area. Jerry was a motorcycle pinstriper and customizer so his shop was back there. By the time I bought DeluxeVille, the workshop was literally falling down from lack of care. Notice the plastic on the Dad did that to try to save it through the winter because the plan was to rip it down and rebuild it the following summer. I was planning on making it my studio space!

June 12 2010
Check out my new studio space! Slant roof, sky lights, new window and door! Thanks to my Dad because he guided me on this big project. MaryDeluxe has the best Dad ever!!! He told me it was up to me to finish the interior but he would help me build it. Interior still not finished but it's still on the list! This is also the project I discovered that I can't do roofing and I lay my shingles crooked which meant that Dad had to rip them all out and do it again...yup, roofing and MaryDeluxe= epic fail! Notice, I've also gone a weee bit plant crazy and added privacy fencing on both side because high fences make good neighbors!

My awesome Daddy Deluxe!! Thanks Daddy!

I love sitting out here at night!

One year I dug a fish pond...just because???

The ugly of my back porch! The little shed to the left was an outside entrance to the basement. It was falling down too. We took it down and put metal doors on instead. I still need to fix my porch and right now there's a car jack holding it up! I need to replace a post...hahaha I impressed the Sgt with that one :-)





The first summer I lived here, I took down the front section of trellis. Once again, WTF Jerry??? That's when I met my neighbor from across the street "Harley" I call him this because he's a Harley guy and has even taken me out for rides. Harley is in his 70's and tattooed all over...he even has a cute little butterfly on his neck which takes away from his scary man with a butterfly tattooed on his neck can be that bad! hahaha Harley and I have a great friendship, I borrow things from him like tools and he watches out for me like I'm his daughter. I can't get away with ANYTHING around here.

I had a dying tree in my front yard and about six years ago I had it cut down to the relief of my neighbors! Notice all the yucky grass...BOO! I did however plant some ivy and bulbs in the front garden but was working on bigger plans now that the tree was gone!

Grass be gone!!!



  1. You've done some amazing work!
    I LOVE how your backyard turned out,it's gorgeous!
    Aren't daddies great?
    I have one of those that has taught and still teaches me how to do things like that.
    Infact,just a month ago I moved into the house across the street from my parents,I'm loving it!

  2. CASF... Thank you!...I wouldn't be half the handy woman I am today without my awesome kick ass Dad. He has helped me, encouraged me, and taught me. He's the best and I'm a spoiled Daddies girl!


  3. Kick Ass job! As I have said before, great photos; it is a skill! I'm bettin' that most who thought you had a vision when you purchased this house believed it to be the vision of the blind or a madwoman. It is a beautiful home/oasis.
    I too love to sit in my backyard and enjoy the hard work and plan what to do next, of course usually while sippin' on a hard cider ale courtesy of George Hornsby!


  4. Your yard looks like a paradise! How wonderful! Where do you find the time...truly inspiring.

  5. You are one bad ass demoing chick! I love your before and afters. I guess I am going to have to patiently wait for the before/after of the interior of your studio. Great job, your place looks amazing. Oh yeah, your dad is pretty rad, too.

  6. Just this morning I was wondering about the outside of your have done an AWESOME job!!
    LMAO about the "post" comment ;)
    I am glad you sit and enjoy all of your hard deserve it!
    Have a great weekend!

  7. I am more than jealous. You and your house are both wonderful.x

  8. I can't get over the transformation of the whole whole house. It doesn't even look like the same place! Everything is perfect and beautiful. Three cheers to you and to your wonderful Dad!

  9. Fabulous. Your yard is so cozy and inviting. All that's missing are the drinks.

  10. you really have a green thumb, congrats and enjoy your beautiful house.

  11. Wow you really have done a fantastic job! It makes me want to buy a house more than ever!

  12. Mary really you have done an awesome job, well done hon! Real vision!

    I don't know about you but don't you prefer you bought something that needed work? The last 2 houses we've bought really needed work, which means we got them cheaper, and I prefer that than someone hasn't spent a lot of money on a place & then I'll rip it apart because it's not my thing, it makes me feel less guilty!

  13. Looks brilliant! I had a hideous overgrown and 'broken' garden when I moved in to my first home too. It takes soooooo much work to get it shipshape so well done you and your Dad. Dads rule dont they? Mine is also an absolute star :)

  14. You have accomplished alot and its a beautiful space. A little bit of paradise.

  15. Yeah! I love handy Dads! I love the before & afters. You are 1 talented little lady. You have worked your a$$ off...... & WTF Jerry?! So I'm curious...did you buy the house for $54,000 or did you pump that much into repairs/remodel?

  16. I have loved seeing the before and after photo's. I've said it before and I'll say it again. I'm so envious of your fabulous lush back yard. I so miss all the flowers and greenery here in Vegas ! I have a demolition and tiling job to be done........hint, hint

  17. This house is so lucky you found it. You are very, very talented! Your before and afters are astounding. Thanks for sharing.

  18. I am so amazed how you have managed to transform your house and garden into such a beautiful haven, I love the photo of your studio at night, I bet it's great just to sit out there and relax.

  19. This is sooooo inspirational Mary, thank you for sharing this amazing transformation!