Monday, July 12, 2010

I Smell Hey-wake...

...By now, you all know of the LOVE affair I have with Hey-wake furniture and the NON-LOVE affair I have with that "other" Hey-wake buyer. I have always found it amusing that I have gotten the most negative emails and comments in regards to my posts where I talk about that "other" Hey-wake person... whom I respectfully have nick named "EHD" or "The Evil Hey-wake Dealer". So, before anyone out there reading this gets their panties into a twist, please remember my blog warning and proceed with caution:

Dear DeluxeVille Readers,

Please be advised that many times along the way in my blog, I will write a bit tongue-and-cheek. This is not always appropriate content for all my readers. Sometimes, in my quest for self happiness, I will write or share information that might offend a few people, many people, or maybe just bus drivers! So, I would just like to take a moment to apologize to ALL the bus drivers, hey-wake dealers, non-materialistic people, non-fur wearers, vintage elitists, non vintage elitists, my Mom, my Dad, various family members, ex-boyfriends (you know who you are), all the little people, and anybody else that might have experienced a "bad feeling" about anything I may have written in this here blog. This is my warning, if I've offended you in the past, I will continue to do my best to offend you in the future!

The owner of this here joint,
Miss MaryDeluxe

Sculptura line

Okay then, lets proceed with me giving you "bad feelings" shall we! Can I just say, it's getting harder and harder to find Hey-wake at auctions! I mean sure, it's out there alright but it doesn't come up as often as it used to. I guess really, that can be said for a lot of things out there. Anyway, when I see Hey-wake at auction I get excited about it! I get even more excited when I find Hey-wake and the auction didn't know it was Hey-wake and I get pieces for $35! Yes it's happened, see here!

In all honesty, I never pay a lot for my pieces of Hey-wake. Heck, I never paid gobs of money for anything I've collected over the years! People seem to have that big misconception about me. So, let me clear the air right now, I'm thrifty and I'm patient. I pick things up here and there, piece by piece...that's why it's called collecting. I think this outlook is hard for people now a days as we seem to live in a society that lacks self discipline and would rather have instant gratification. Isn't that why people shop at Ikea, Room and Board, Ebay and so on...instant gratification...and it's easy?

I already own this piece...

Don't forget that I've been collecting for a long time...long before it became "popular" and back then, most dealers could have cared less about "mid-century" pieces...they were more concerned with "primitives". This was also way before the internet and if you were a dealer, in order to "make" money back in the day, you had to set up at flea markets, have a stand, or enough connections to know people who would buy certain things from you. Unlike today, not everyone was a dealer. Some of you folks reading this, that's been around for awhile and got sucked into the vintage hole many years ago like me, know exactly what I'm talking about! When the ability to resell things to a wider audience came about (the internet), of course there began to be more demand for things and competition at auctions/thrift stores/flea markets grew. That's why I like live auctions with bidding's an even playing field...who's ever willing to spend the most money, wins.

A king size bed...rare find...

How are we doing with those "bad feelings?" Have I pissed you off yet? Well then, let me just keep on trying! Okay back to the whole reason for this post...Up coming Hey-wake auction! Yummy Hey-wake for your viewing pleasure! All these pieces of Hey-wake at one auction...this is very rare indeed!

here's what I want! Are they not lovely! I just need one!!!!

I have this piece...

Love the chairs...but I'd rather have a wishbone table

got this one too.


coffee table!

Off to auction I will go....will I actually buy anything...probably not, but I'll sure have fun watching!

I went to auction and kissed all the Hey-wake goodbye! Like I said above, I just watched, it was fun! Here's what things went for:
Dining set: table chairs/china hutch/sideboard $675.00
Bedroom set: bed/dresser/dresser w/mirror/bedside tables $875.00
wishbone stand/coffee table/corner table $180 a piece
That's super cheap for complete hey-wake sets! But still to much $$$ for me. Do I even need to tell you who bought everything?? HA Probably'll be coming to ebay soon, so you all will have a chance to buy it too!


  1. Truth be told, I did not notice anything that should/would incite anger or offend. I think that people today are often too easily offended. Beautiful furniture, good luck hunting!


  2. Good luck at the auction. I hope you will find an affordable treasure.

    I agree with the above poster that people are too easily offended these days. When someone says something that bothers me I just try to remember all the times that I have opened my own mouth and the words came out in a way I didn't intend and I usually realize that the other person probably didn't intend to offend me in the first place - just the words came out in a way that I interpreted as being offencive. On the other hand some people are just abrasive.

    Anyway I think your blog is lovely. I've been reading it for quite some time. I'm not easily offended. I love your sense of humor and your creativity in your writing.

    Michelle in Canada

  3. TouchofEvil...what?? Not offended...let me try harder!!!

    Michelle...Thank you for reading and your comment!

    What can I say...I offend people with the things I write's all part of my charm! :)For some strange reason, it's always the Hey-wake posts that sets people off out there??


  4. Gosh! That dealer is like a bad itch!

    Man alive, those bedside tables are superb. I'm sorry that things went so high but next time.

  5. I NEEEED that king size headboard! Its amazing and king size headboards are so hard to find.

  6. Wait, wait, waitttttt...sometimes you write tongue-and-cheek? Are you sure? Cuz I thought for sure you were just really mean & out to get an innocent "dealer of shattered dreams" man.

    EHD = fail.

    I don't like the sound of him either....people can send me twisted pantie emails now too!

  7. It very sad how people have lost their sense of humour.
    Your blog is always an education, my knowledge of mid century furniture is very limited. In the UK about 5-10 years ago it was pretty easy to get vintage furinture as most people knew someone who had an old piece and when Ikea mania hit the UK they were giving it away. I just walked past a charity last week and they had a low standing mid century cupboard, for the price of a pair of leather shoes, wish I had bought it.

  8. Atomic Mama..I know, very hard to find!

    Corn fed girl....I say that I'm tongue in cheek but really I'm just a bitch! :) haha

    Anon...I write a measly little blog on the internet...and people get so upset sometimes about what I's like go get a life or something!