Saturday, October 8, 2011

Blog Loving


I know what you're all thinking, where the hell has MaryDeluxe been this Summer?? Right? Okay maybe not my Mother as she has my phone number and checks up on me on a regular basis....I'm just mainly talking about the rest of Y'all out there in internet-land! Well, I've been just a busy little buzzing bee over here in my new state of New Jerzee! I'm still trying to get boxes unpacked!! GAK! Moving is such a big deal for people who have way to much stuff...ya know. But a good thing is the Sgt and I had a big ol' yard sale in front of the Belvidere Library last week and got rid of a lot of crap-o-la....we also made some nice *cha-ching* chunk of change...which I will happily say, some of that chunk of change was used to fill my belly with yummy Thia food tonight! Sgt also used a bit of the cash to finally fix the dripping shower in the bathroom...such a handy guy that Sgt and I learned a few new curse words to boot! Now onto business!

New Blog Alert!

Here's a fab new blog for you guys to check out! If you enjoy collecting vintage as much as I do, you'll have to drop over and check out My Life as a Collectorator! Now here's a gal after my own collecting heart!

A New View of My Buffet
Chartreuse pottery.

CollectoratorToo writes.... I am a Collectorator....It is not a disease but an obsessive state of mind. Technically, I am Collectorator Number 2 as there is a Number 1 Collectorator out there... Visit, and you will see the collection of CollectoratorOne who is the one that inspired me (or is that infected me?).

Wondering what a Collectorator is? It is a person who decorates with collectibles! I should probably change that to obsessively decorates with collectibles. We like to call it Collectorating for short. Oh and decorating yourself with collectibles counts as Collectorating as well.

I cannot take credit for coming up with the Collectoration terminology. Credit goes to Knifezilla, the one that tries to keep CollectoratorOne's obsessive collecting "somewhat" in check.

So if you are a Collectorator, we are here to be your support group! We understand, condone, and fully encourage the obsession! Enjoy our Collectorations and be sure to share your own Collectoration with us as well!

A Portion of My Box Purses!
Part of her box purse collection! *Drool*

CollectoratorToo is in the process of packing up her things in hopes of moving into a bigger house in the near future. She's taking pictures and talking about her collections as she goes... which is fun to watch... but I feel her pain over having to pack everything away as she waits...I really do. I also know what it's like to part with things along the way. As much as it hurts, it does feel really good to declutter!

Until next time Dear DeluxeVille Readers....Keep calm and carry on!


  1. glad you're getting all set up in your new state and mmmm Thai food.

  2. Thanks for the shout out! As much as I am not liking the waiting to move part I am really enjoying packing and reliving how I became a collectorator. Admittedly, I am not doing so good yet at the decluttering part, unless putting it in a box counts! Thanks again, I am looking forward to exploring DeluxeVille!

  3. I love those blogs! Thanks for introducing me to them :) I would like to see more of your favorite blog picks in the future too!

  4. OMG, I have to check this out! Thanks for posting... that pottery is killing me!! :-)

  5. hey... i learned those words from YOU! hahahaha!

    and who took that awesome pic of you at the shore..? oh wait, silly me ... it WAS ME! I guess I can get lucky once in awhile with a camera in my hands....


  6. OMG I totally want everything in that first photo of hers with the awesome chartreuse pottery! Wow!

    Sounds like you've been keeping busy, hope we'll hear more from you this Fall! ;)

  7. I'll be checking that blog out right now, she has my taste for sure! Good luck with the decluttering and unpacking!