Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Gliding into Spring

I have a love for old gliders and recently picked up this one at an estate auction the other weekend.  I fell in love with its bright lime green and yellow floral pattern.  I'm always excited when I find all the original cushions in fab condition (once I cleaned the mouse turds off) with these gliders. 


I put the glider over in a semi shady spot so Sgt and I can sit with a cup of tea and watch the chickens meandering around scratching for bugs. I also picked up a few old Coronet magazines.  I think I'll save reading them for a nice warm Spring day, as the weather has decided to turn a bit to chilly and windy for my liking.  My Spring garden however, is loving the colder temps!


A few of my other vintage gliders I've shown here on the blog over the years...

This is a late 1930's Bunting Glider that I found in 2003.  I paid $1 for it at and estate auction around the block from my house.  I waited all day for them to sell this glider, it was one of the last things that they sold.  It had the original cushions  with it but I'm sorry to say they weren't in the best of condition :( I do however plan on someday having the cushions re-made so at least I have pictures to go on!  I doubt I can ever get a glider like this again for a dollar at an auction....maybe for $5 but never $1.

Then there is of course my shabby chic back porch glider from 2011...
Shabby Glider 

It didn't come with all the cushions, it was just a chippy little two seater glider that needs a new paint job.  I put on a cute set of bark cloth cushions I had laying around for a little extra softness! 
Vintage chic 

So are you starting to bust out your vintage patio furniture now that Spring is here?  Show me what you got going on!  Next weekend I hope to be taking my vintage patio umbrellas out for a good Spring cleaning!




  1. Those are gorgeous! What a great deal too. I wish we had the backyard room for one of these. I could place on the front porch. Maybe I'll find one this summer.

  2. What perfect timing! We just built a new back patio and this is the perfect inspiration for my "new" patio furniture!

  3. What perfect timing! We just finished building a new deck and this is the perfect inspiration for my "new" patio furniture!

  4. I am so in insanely jealous of your gliders! And for $1- that's my kind of deal. ;) I only have that one chair glider; someday I'll get the two seater to go with it!

  5. I love gliders too, but we don't own one yet. Retro Roadhusband is always accusing me of wanting to "Granny Up the place" so I have to bide my time. Your photos are totally inspirational though. Thanks!

  6. Oh I love them so much! I have been looking for a vintage glider for ages but so far no luck! I bought the retro style set from lowes when they had them. Walmart has some super cute retro style patio furniture so if I cant find an original, I may go with one of those sets for the back patio

  7. $1. GOOD. LORD. Well, I now want a glider of my own. I love your new one! It looks perfect for curling up on with a book (or one of those Coronet issues!). I hope some good weather comes your way soon so you can get out and enjoy 'em!

  8. Very cool gliders! I recall my aunt and uncle had one but I never knew they were called gliders! Seeing this post makes me long for summer lounging!

  9. Beautiful I have one just like the one you bought for a $1 mine belonged to my mother-in-law, we went to Pa to pick it up. I've finally retired so I stripped it down and had the cushions custom made, it is beautiful. I will post pictures when my cushions come in.