Saturday, June 15, 2013

One More for the Collection

Oops I did it again!
Yes, I scored another vintage patio umbrella. 
This one I found at an estate auction in one of the closets in the house. The auctioneer didn't even know it was there but I spotted it right away and immediately almost peed my pants.  I had to ask him to include it in the auction so I could buy it. 



Hand crank ones are hard to find.


I wonder if people drive past my house and say...."look there's the crazy umbrella lady with all the old turquoise patio umbrellas"....that would be cool!



  1. Replies
    1. Thank always, a work in progress but that's what I love about gardening, always changing!

  2. Oh, how fantastic. I have been searching for one with no luck :( Maybe I should go shopping in your neck of the woods ;)

    1. Ok, but we're gonna have to drive into PA for all the really good deals! :)

  3. Love the umbrella!! My uncle had one like that years ago on his deck. I loved the sound it make when he cranked it open! Anyway, what a great find!! It looks wonderful with your lovely set up outside!

  4. They are so gorgeous! Much prettier than the ones I have, which are mostly old ones from pub beer gardens!

  5. Oooh! I didn't even know I wanted a patio umbrella until I saw these! They are just lovely. Love your blog by the way - so much great stuff to look at here.

  6. you can never have too many! we only have one so far!

  7. Love it! I'm happy I finally found one, let alone 3 or 4, LOL!

  8. I just love your collection...I have been trying to find one for over a year and no luck...yet. Looks great!