Sunday, September 1, 2013

What I'm Collecting Now: Feedsack Quilts


I've never been much of a quilt collector.  I think simply because I could never afford the price when they would come up at the local PA auctions I would attend.  I would often sit by and watch as the Mennonite and Amish women fought it out for antique quilts and vintage linens.  They had good taste and deep pockets.  Though I was never able to purchase a vintage quilt at that time, I've always enjoyed seeing the designs and fabric used in making them.   Feedsack patchwork quilts have always been my favorite.  I love the random cotton fabrics used and the crazy stitched designs. I also happen to love a well worn and broken in quilt.  Why you may ask?  See above and times those two by a bunch more beasties.  I like using my vintage treasures and I prefer them to not be perfect.  It takes some of the guilt out of any accidental destruction that might some how occur with daily living.  Yes, that's right....imperfect means, no quilt guilt for me!


I happened across an auction the other month and was finally able to snag a few quilts at really good prices. Don't get me wrong, there was still competition for them when they came up, but the prices didn't go that high.  I discovered later from talking with some of my friends in the "dealer scene", that quilts just don't have the demand that they use to have. They're just not hot right now around here!  Well now, I guess this means it's the time for me to start my awesome feed sack quilt collection! Five out of six cats agree that this is a most excellent idea.  The dogs don't care, they'll lay on anything!

The quilt below, I fell in love with because of the most fab fabric on it's backside.  Oh did I happen to mention I also love a quilt with not one but two awesome sides.  Please don't give me a boring backside, Momma likes some fun colorful fabric junk in her trunk!  Like pretty seafoam green and pink!

I will definitely be keeping my eyes open for more vintage quilts in my future! Now's a great time to start picking them up for fairly decent prices. 

Happy Collecting.



  1. Those are fantastic. I would love to collect them but my husband gets weird about certain used items. Good luck in your new collection.

  2. Beautiful! The flower sack ones are my favorite, too. A friend just got a family quilt. The front is flour sack cloth and the back is some sort of cotton sack for seed or soil additive. Coolest thing I've seen in a long tome!

  3. WOW! We have only one in the closet. It was from a garage sale and there was an elderly woman who said her mother made it! It was only $5 and not perfect but I love it, she was pointing out some of the patches to me, one was old kitchen curtains, an old dress. Yours is lovely! (Monica)

  4. yeah! someone who likes worn-in quilts too. my oldest find was a quilt that someone put heavy white fabric over. I took off the heavy white fabric and had myself a very cheap, old, and beautiful quilt.

  5. Beautiful! Quilts are literally pieces of history, art, and are true heirlooms! My aunt, who is no longer with us, was an amazing quilter. My mother has lots of her quilts, throws, and pillows. My aunt was also a member of a quilting bee. I am always amazed when I gaze upon and study all the little pieces peppered together with her delicate, intricate stitches. Even though my auntie is gone, I feel so connected to her whenever I am sleeping at my parents' house, shrouded in her quilt that adorns the bed in my old bedroom/now guest room.